Easy Silver Guide | Billions of silver | Black Desert Online

Easy Silver Guide | Billions of silver | Black Desert Online

What is up guys, it’s Kira here back with
another one. Today I’m going to be doing a clickbaity and
yet super relevant video that should help most of you to essentially make ridiculous
amounts of silver with absolutely zero effort and very minimal risk. Playing the market for profit! As you may or may not be aware, with the introduction
of the Central marketplace it has made being an auction house trader actually a valid way
of making money which has never before been possible in the game. So what do I mean by auction house trader? This is the simplest and most basic rule of
money management and supply vs demand ever, the basic principle of buy low and sell high. Of course for a lot of people in the know,
they will already be doing this to at least some degree, albeit maybe not for profit but
for their own account progression in the form of stocking up on certain things to use later. For those of you who are not aware of this,
it’s essentially a way to double your silver with almost zero risk if you’re patient and
can spot the worthwhile investments. As you can see the event based economy of
black desert that used to be a crippling factor towards progression, having to wait for weeks
or months to be able to enhance certain items due to their artificial scarcity still exists
in a limited form. With the new marketplace changes the crippling
wait for these events to give everyone certain items such as memory fragments, blackstones,
hards, sharps and yellow accessories is now just a case of getting things cheaper for
a limited time. Of course that’s where being a trader comes
in. Let’s look at a recent event, the blooming
blossom event. During this event you were given 5 cherry
blossoms per day every day for three weeks. During this time a lot of people were opening
the box for 25 blossoms which gave out a random black magic crystal. Before this event, every single black magic
crystal that was available in the box was selling for 25-33 million silver each. As you can imagine as soon as the rewards
for the event started rolling in, they dropped to around 8-12 million each. Now of course once the prices hit rock bottom
I purchased as much as I could, which was 109 crystals, for roughly 1 billion silver. The event ended almost two weeks ago as I’m
recording this video and the prices haven’t fully recovered yet but as you can see they’re
on the way. If I were to sell everything today I would
have made a profit of 420 million silver with 2 weeks of investment and this is not even
close to what I will actually make. This is based on selling two of the sets of
crystals basically at a loss, which of course I’m not going to be doing because I know it
will be going up very soon due to the supply available now. If you look at the graphs here of the price
and the listed amount of items, you can see that the event supply has basically run dry
now and the only crystals about to be entering the market are from people like me who hoarded
them and new ones being made. The reason I bought quite a few of each different
crystal despite some being more of a risk than others is that spreading your money equally
over different items is the smartest way to invest. It means that even if you’re forced to sell
one or two of the items at a loss, the profiting items should cover this and result in at worst
breaking even. In this spreadsheet you’ll see that currently
even with two of 5 crystals making a loss, I’ll make a 40% profit after taxes and I don’t
intend to sell yet. I’ll be selling once I hit 100% profit and
turn my 1 billion investment into 2 billion. So how did I know that the prices for these
items would recover and net me a profit? That’s purely just common sense and knowledge
about the game. The market has been out long enough now that
most items have settled at their actual silver value and if you know what the crystals are
used for and how they’re gained you know that eventually they will dry back up on stock
unless some major change to the game happens, which in the case of this method is the only
way to actually lose money doing this if you’re smart about it. What are the crystals used for? They are socketed into gear for stats, they
break sometimes when you die, they are used to atttempt upgrades to BON-WON-JIN crystals
which consume the crystal in the process and often times don’t give you the crystal you
want. How do you get them? Realistically they’re gated behind imperial
content which admittedly not a lot of people seem to participate in and you can only earn
a certain amount per person per day. So the one I produce myself and I’m most familiar
with is the Cobelinus crystals, which are a result of turning in 400 imperial cooking
boxes which at 151 boxes a day for me takes me 3 days to produce a single crystal. Using this knowledge I am able to say with
some level of certaintity that the crystals will eventually go up to previous values. Let’s talk risk v reward, the only risks to
this is you didn’t understand the market, purchased in at a bad time, sold too early
or some freak patch arrives and makes whatever you invested in way easier to get which floods
the market. They’re the risks and the reward is that you
should be able to roughly double your money every single investment if you’re patient
enough. From this single event , I estimate including
taxes to earn roughly double my money, turning 1 billion silver into 2 billion after taxes
within 4 weeks. This being quite a slow turn around considering
I have been able to make much more silver much faster. This method is not limited to events either
and you can use it to make money from predicting the market based on patch notes. A good example of this would be a few weeks
ago when they announced the shadow arena closing, a lot of people bought out the market of enhancing
materials as they knew the prices would go up when it closed. Reason being that a large portion of the enhancement
materials were in the market due to them being rewards from shadow arena. Though this had less of an impact so far on
the pricing than people initially assumed and this is the reason I didn’t get involved
in this particular flip. The logic I used to decide on whether or not
to get involved here was that the shadow arena existed during the central market being implemeneted
and therefor we had no way to know if the shadow arena affected prices much compared
to normal everyday gameplay. This isn’t rocket science and maybe you’ll
think it’s super obvious on the surface but I know not everyone is doing this method because
if they were, I wouldn’t be able to make as much money as I am. All I’d suggest is to make a basic spreadsheet
like the one here, showing the items you purchased, the amount, the price and what you sold at,
then calculate the investment and the profit including the marketplace tax. Just so you can keep track of your investments. The best thing about this method is easily
the fact that the more capital you have to invest the more money you can make each time. I invest 1 billion here and return 2 billion,
next investment I invest 2 billion and return 4 billion. You see where I’m going with this. This guide should work for xbox as well as
PC and combined with my cooking guide, plus farming…I’m making billions of silver per
month without ever killing a creature, now imagine if I grinded for a few hours each
day also? Thanks for watching guys, I’ve been Kira and
hopefully you’ve found this video helpful. If you have, please check out my other content,
subscribe to my channel, like and consider sharing the video. I’m putting out as much content as I can and
trying to keep the quality high and helpful, so I’d appreciate you checking out my other
videos if you enjoyed this one. As always I’ll see you on the next one, PEACE.


  1. Damn you are going to be big. Can you make more guides also focussed on avoiding VP restrictions while maximizing income?

  2. Flipping in BDO is quite different to RuneScape, I miss the quick flips of RS 24/7. Many profits in BDO enchanting are from having knowledge of incoming events, usages of material, forcing outages and demand with large personal buyouts at good times, etc.. It's a good change.

    If I had the money, and wasn't invested in making some tet accessories for progression, I would have been on that train to buy out hundreds of Black Magic Crystals after the roadmap announcement saying Manos was a finally coming soonTM. Can't imagine how much profit those few people who bought out all those crystals will make when they go back to 2.5m+

    With that said I damn miss SA being around. There's a very clear difference in black stones and shards now on NA. Legitimately <1k BSA, most often 0, all the time today. BSW back up to 275+. Making enhancing for profit hard :[

  3. I'm making 1.36bil per month farming just selling stuff to the market with 23 Harvest per week (3x Daily and 2 additional times on the weekend). 3 Harvest is around 9 hours of growth time

  4. As a matter of fact you were able to make money off the market without even waiting for an item to go up or down in price. I used to buy items in special deals and sell them to the "normal" old marketplace. This way I made 30-60 Mio Silver per day a year ago just by buying and selling Lemoria armor pieces. Just wanna throw it out there…

    Anyway nice video. I just wish I had more patience.

    One thing that really helps if you wanna do this is putting up a preoder at min-price instead of buying listed items. This works fairly well because there is always somebody who wants to sell their item immediately. This can safe you a ton of silver…

  5. so you said we need to be patrician!?
    no seriously..
    what the chance for person without VP ??
    same as @Little Silver i am doing this too.. buy crescent when no one looking. then sell it. without VP still profit even little.

  6. well this explains why the prices of meat went up….
    yes you will make money doing this.for awile
    it is called inflation of the economy.
    it is not sustainable in a small pop game like bdo.
    not only is there a tax of 30% for those without the value pack.there is an another taxation nobody seems to talk about.
    it ranges between 14 and 17% with the value pack.

    yes this works with a high population game like wow,wont work here.
    I know because I came from a low pop game,final fantasy 11.

    you don't have enough money to coner the market no matter how much you have.
    with the tax…there is little room for profit.
    when the prices get too high,it makes crafters want to gather.plus we of course pass on the added expense to the customer …you.

    you'all will learn the hard way.

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