EC Gold Coast School Tour

EC Gold Coast School Tour

Hi, my name is Jill and I’d like to welcome you to EC English Gold Coast. I’d like to show you our beautiful campus. This is our reception desk. When you come to us on your first day you’ll meet Margaret and Tracy and they’ll look after you. They work in student services. Let’s have a look at the school. We have a small kitchen here which is for the students and if you want to save a little bit of money you can bring your lunch to school and use the microwave and the fridge and of course we’ve got
lovely fresh cold water as well. Let me show you the classrooms. Each classroom is bright and modern and comfortable and it has a theme from one of our Gold Coast beaches on each wall. This is one of our bright, modern
classrooms. You can see there’s lots of natural light, plenty of space to work, one of these nice themes on the wall and the latest in modern technology. This is our computer lab, students have access to this room anytime and you can access the online learning resources for your studies or you can just use the
computers for your personal use. Next, I’d like to show you the student lounge area. Hi. This is our beautiful student lounge
area, this is a place where you can relax between classes, maybe have your lunch or talk to your friends or just enjoy the wifi. It’s been my pleasure to show you
through the school and I hope we’ll see you here soon.

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