Edenpure Classic Infrared Heater | Sylvane

Edenpure Classic Infrared Heater | Sylvane

The EdenPURE Classic is
a compact, easy-to-use space heater that is
perfect for warming small rooms like offices,
bedrooms and cabins. Unlike some heaters that simply
warm the air in front of them, the EdenPURE uses
radiant infrared heating to generate oven-like
warmth that envelops your skin and seeps into surrounding
objects, leaving your entire space feeling cozy. Once it’s plugged in,
just switch the heater on and use the digital controls
to set your temperature from 59 to 86 degrees
Fahrenheit. In Auto mode, the heater
maintains your set temperature by alternating its heat
output. On High, it generates maximum heat until your space
reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These settings can
also be adjusted using the included remote control.
At just 15 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and
15 inches deep, the EdenPURE is compact
enough for tight spaces. It has wheels that
come pre-attached and it weighs just 13
pounds, making it a cinch to move from room to room. And most importantly, it
gets results. Sylvane customers have
cozied up to the EdenPURE infrared heater for years. Its plastic housing
is completely safe to touch while operating. If it’s knocked over,
the heater automatically turns off and
restarts when restored to an upright position. It also has overheat protection,
so the EdenPURE turns off before there is any
danger of overheating. The easy cord wrap
make storage a breeze and the washable pre-filter
traps any dust or lint. Simply remove the screws
using a Flathead screwdriver and rinse the filter
with water as needed. Be sure it’s completely
dry before re-attaching it to the heater. The EdenPURE Classic:
compact, powerful heating for small and medium rooms.
Still have questions? Call or email or friendly product
experts and we’ll be happy to help you choose
the right heater for your space.

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