1. Okay so a couple of questions here? Number one, where would you store so much gold, number two who has 2.5 billion dollars in gold to deliver?

  2. Also another thing, why wouldn't you invest in gold? It's the only form of currency that's never lost value. And there's about 6 to 10 countries that are dropping the Dollar by 2020. So what in the hell are you guys talking about?

  3. Smart move. Wish I could. Don't have it to convert, but be sure, I'll be knocking on the door of those who have to see if they'll share!

  4. Unless my math is wrong, that's just over 53 tons of gold. Yeah that's pretty inconspicuous and nobody is going to try and steal it. BT2 Ft Knox hold 4500 tons.

  5. The Fed prints money out of thin air.How does the Fed make gold appear out of thin air to back up the money?
    That's a cool trick.Can you teach us all how to do it?

  6. Very smart move because the dollar is dying money will not be around anymore he's getting ready for the great crash that's about to come every one wake up people he knows what's coming.

  7. These idiot newscasters don't realize that the price of gold isn't determined by the market, but by a select group of 2-3 people who meet in an office every day and determine themselves what the price of gold will be.

    Investing half your fortune in gold? Well…..you can't take it with you, so it would be better used for God's purposes, but throughout history people have always put their trust in gold and silver, even in times of disaster….but if you are made aware of certain "hyperinflation" and "debt slavery" future outcomes over the next 40-50 years, then yes, changing your paper money into solid gold is very smart.

  8. $2.5 Billion into gold and the price does not move an inch, print some paper contracts and keep that price down.

  9. Are you fuckin kidding me…. The talking heads on FUX don't have billions….
    How dare they shame a guy that wants to PRESERVE his wealth….
    Wait until the market crashes and see what these FUX bitches have to say about their wealth… HAHAHA…
    Facebook sucks… ALL stocks are overpriced …

  10. These people have no idea what the hell they are talking about! It's the smartest thing to do, its preserving his wealth vs a proven fact of fiat currency failures through out history. You can lose a stock and force a sail off of stock when you can actually bounce back with your precious metals in economic crisis.

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