Hi there, some people have theorized that I never got my play buttons But you might have noticed that I also rarely, if ever, make landmark videos saying I got one million or two million subscribers on each of my channels But just because I haven’t made those videos, doesn’t mean I haven’t hit that subscription mark Like, just because I haven’t advertised my plaques in a video Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Here we have OnisionEncore “Congratulations for 100,000 Subscribers” Here we have OnisionArchive “CONGRATULATIONS!” Here we have UhOhBro “CUNGRADULASHUNZA” We have OnisionSpeaks And Onision Every dentist’s nightmare …tons of plaque! [chuckles] *I’m a fucking idiot* So I’m gonna go ahead and take these down for the purposes of this video. Uno, dos, tres, catorce, quince… I did good Okay, so you may be wondering why I have so many plaques And it’s not necessarily because I’m a likable person, it’s that I make videos every single day and I’ve been doing that for like the last 8 years And, you they say a broken clock is right at least twice a day, right? I’m kind of like that broken clock. Some people put out one video a month, and they’ll get millions of views for that one video. Well, that’s not me. So, to compensate, I work harder, and I get plaques like this! This is the first 1 million subscriber plaque I got. [in LeafyIsHere voice] SOOO CCRRIINGGEEYY! Go ahead and take this big sucker down. Very heavy, by the way. Okay, so that’s six plaques so far, and there’s actually two more. However embarrassing it might be, I haven’t even unboxed them yet and I’ve had them for like a year. INTO THE DARKNESS WE GO! There’s my bouncy castle. And there are my plaques. Macintosh. It’s a real good computer. Alright. Plaque #1. Gotta set it down gently, it’s glass. *smash* Let’s play a game called “Find the Plaque for Onision.” Go ahead and find it. Where is the plaque? Is it over here? No, okay. Oh, there it is. It’s been here so long it has spider webs. Get off my finger VEGETARIAN GODS, GIVE ME STRENGTH! HWE! Thank you, vegetarian gods. Let’s go ahead and crack this baby open. Ooh, a letter. Dear UhOhBro, You delivered the audience, Now we’re delivering the rewards. At YouTube, you set the gold standard by surpassing one million subscribers, so please accept with our congratulations this Gold Play Button to commemorate your achievement. We know you’ll continue to create amazing content and bring in more fans, so we’ll keep looking for new ways to reward you. You could give me a lifetime supply of bananas. I’d like that. Here we go. *ahh it’s so shiny* Let’s make like your dad should’ve done to your mom and pull out! *Baby I don’t want to it feels so good* *my dad’s gonna kill me!* Alright, so there’s UhOhBro’s Gold Play Button. Woo hoo! Let’s just get rid of that [smash] And now let’s check out OnisionSpeaks. wow The suction on that was so intense it reminded me of your mother’s vagina right before I impregnated her. You may call me dad. ♫ I’ve had… the time of my life… and I owe it all to you ♫ We’re gonna pull out of this one, just like your mother should pull out of her marriage with your father. There we go. OnisionSpeaks! Wow, look at you talk! Hahaha… I ran out of counter space… Don’t fall over! Now to figure out how to make a sufficiently clickbait-able thumbnail. Hey, I didn’t get here on my good looks, haha. ♫ [Banana Song] ♫ Okay, so here’s one thumbnail option. Kind of seems like I’m a braggy douchebag. Whatever. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese! Here’s another one. You guys like this thumbnail? Yeah? It’s pretty good Look it’s an action shot! Slow motion ♫ EEEEEEEUUUUUUUGHGHGHGHGGHHGHGHGHGH ♫ I could stop but I’m gonna keep going ♫ BEEEEUUUUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH ♫ I gonna win the Olympics! ♫ EEEEUUUGHGHGHGHGHG ♫ Everyone else is on drugs but me. ♫ BWWEEEEEEE ♫ And here we have me in the center, you know, just blockin’ the main fuckin shot it’s okay! Fine! It’s all about me right? Then there’s the plaque-only option. Because nobody wants to see my face anyways. OH MY GOD! It’s like I’m a human plaque and this is my plaque family! Hey! Two women! Just like real life. I shouldn’t have said that. I really shouldn’t have said that. ♫


  1. Okay ya you have 5 sliver play buttons but you keep on getting those because you have a account and a other and beg for subs and threaten you're fans to go subscribe to you're account but even tho you have 5 sliver play buttons and 3 gold ones you will not even get 10,000,000 subs or the diamond play button and if true not
    Even get a touch of the Rudy play button no matter how hard you try you will always fall

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