Elasticated Bracelet Using Stretch Magic: DIY

Elasticated Bracelet Using Stretch Magic: DIY

hello its Emma at The Bead Shop in
Nottingham and I’m going to be showing you how to use a stretch magic elastic
I’m going to show you two ways of finishing it one which involves Knotting
and gluing and the other way which involves using a size two crimp tube I’m
just going to be making some simple bracelets in this instance I’m going to
be using six mils swarovski zillion beads these are a lovely blue zircon color I’m
going to start off by showing you how to use the knotting and glowing method and
then I’ll get onto the crimps so I’ve cut myself about 25 to 30 centimeter
length on 0.7 stretch magic in clear 0.7 we’ll
go through the vast majority of beads especially swarovski ones sometimes you
might need to use the thinner not 0.5 gauge if you’re using something like
semi-precious or freshwater pearls and if you’re using beads with a larger hole
you might want to go up to the 1 millimeter but as a general rule you
know point 7 and is a pretty good standard option once it when you are
threading beads onto elastic to stop and coming off the ends is to use a bead
stopper so I’m just going to open my bead stopper and pop the end of my
elastic and there and that’s going to hold it firmly and it means I can now
start threading on my beads these are 6 mil beads and I’m going to be using
approximately 30 of them and but depending on the size of your wrist and
the size of the beads that you’re using the amount the beads that you’ll need to
use will vary you don’t need to use a needle to thread stretch magic it
doesn’t fray which makes it very easy to thread once you’ve threaded on all of
your beads you can check it around your wrist to see whether you need add or
remove any beads to get a really nice fit and then you can take off your bead
stopper and grab the two ends stretch magic
and we’re going to tie a double knot one on top of the other okay and you want to pull it fairly
tight it’s quite tough stuff you can kind of feel the change in tension once
it’s it’s tightened and then just to secure it because stretching logic is so
slippery and they do recommend that you use a small amount of glue just to
secure that enough not so before I cut off my tails I’m just going to go ahead
and pop a little bit of glue on that knot I’m going to be using the GS hypo
cement but you can also use a thin super glue or even a clear nail varnish to do
this you only need a small amount and then I’m just going to let that dry and
then cut off these tails so the second method of finishing off stretch magic is
to use one of these crimp tubes this is a bead line size to crimp cheese which
is perfect for the 0.7 magic stretch magic and we’re just going to
use that crimp tube in place of the knot but first I’m going to pop my bead
stopper on the end of my elastic again I’ve got a piece of stretch magic that’s
about 25 to 30 centimeters long and I’m just going to start threading all my
beads on so I’ve threaded on my beads in this case I’ve used six mils zilion’s
again but this time the lovely ruby color and I’ve checked that it fits my
wrist so I’m just going to go ahead and take off my bead stopper and take my
crimp tube and I’m going to take one end of the stretch magic from right to left
and the other from left to right so they cross over into the crimp tube and what
I’ve done to make this job a little bit easier to actually cut the ends of the
stretch magic as a side angle and it just makes it a little bit easier to
pass through the middle of the crimp tube so that’s one side through and then the other side three okay and
then I’m just going to pull that tight and then with a pair of chain nose
pliers I’m just going to gently firmly squash the crimp tube down flat there we
go you can see it now flattens give it a check just to make sure and then trim
off the excess so this is the difference between the two methods on the left with
the blue zircon beads we’ve got the tiny little knot which hasn’t been glued and
the ends have now been cut off and then on the right with the Ruby beads you can
see there is the flattened crimp tube both of these are quite neat and
discreet however both can be covered using a crimp cover if you prefer but to
be honest they’re both pretty good as they are so that’s the two methods of
finishing off stretch magic it’s one of the easiest ways to create the bracelet
so why not give it a go


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