Electric-Shock Bracelet Made Me Quit Biting My Nails

Electric-Shock Bracelet Made Me Quit Biting My Nails

(gasps) There it goes! This thing is a tiny,
unpredictable monster. I’m Abby, and I have bitten
my nails for my entire life. I’ve tried sitting on my hands, wearing that gross bitter
nail polish, fake nails, dating a boy who cared about
what my nails looked like, that didn’t work. I’ve tried everything. So, I’m gonna try wearing
this Pavlok 2 bracelet to shock myself into
giving up nail-biting. I’m hoping that this
will at least decrease the rate in which I bite my nails, if not stop it completely. Let’s check it out! Right off the bat, it looks like a Fitbit. Add a habit. We wanna stop nail biting. And so, I can set it to vibrate every time I lift my hand to my mouth, or beep or zap me. We should probably make it zap me, right? ‘Cause that’s why we’re doing this. (gasps) There it goes! Yup, when my finger goes to
my mouth, it’s gonna zap me. I don’t like that at all. I’m gonna do this for the next two weeks. It’s day one of wearing the Pavlok 2. There it goes. It’s
very excited to see me. I really, really wanna
bite my nails right now. But I also don’t wanna be electrocuted. So, I guess this is a
pretty good deterrent. Bad. Unfair. But I haven’t bitten my nails, which is actually very impressive. I just don’t know how much
credit I would give the bracelet. I never got used to it. It was an electric shock. Every time I was doing something, I got shocked probably
10 times as many times for things that weren’t
biting my nails than were, because it just can’t tell a difference between when I’m touching my mouth and when I’m just having my
hands at a vertical angle. So, there’s a digital
manual for this thing, but I might be old, I guess. I need my paper manual so
that I can flip through it, really touch it, feel it, learn it. So, I haven’t accessed that. So I have no idea how to troubleshoot some of the glitches that I’m seeing, and I especially don’t know what the safety concerns for this guy are. I really wanna get the
friend remote working because one of the things
I was excited about with this wearable was other people holding me accountable. I had a few coworkers try this on. Oh! Oh, I didn’t care for that at all! Ow! The shock count is automatic, but the times-you-bite-
your-nails count and the times-you-feel-like-you’re-
going-to-bite-your-nails count you have to manually input yourself. And I don’t wanna do that. I’m a little lazy. I don’t have time. And then, the automatic
one is also counting all the times that it
shocks me for no reason. So, it’s a little inaccurate. I don’t really have a need
for that part of the app. After we started this experiment, I saw an ad on Facebook
saying that this thing will break a habit in one week. I’m still pretty focused on my fingers. I am very aware that I want to bite them. So, I don’t think my habit’s broken yet. Honestly, this thing is just reminding me that you don’t
wanna bite your nails, you shouldn’t do that, you’re trying to break this habit, and so every time I feel it on my wrist, electrocuted or not, I am aware that I shouldn’t do this. So, I don’t think we
need to shock ourselves. No! More! Electricity! In my body! We’re done. I don’t think I used it right, but I used it successfully
because I have fingernails. But I don’t think my brain was rewired, as the product promises. I think it was probably user error. There’s meditation involved, there’s, like, accountability activities, which are just, like, writing down the negatives and positives of doing your habit. I don’t need to do that;
it should just be easier. I don’t think I would buy this. I don’t think it’s worth a purchase. It did work, but I don’t know
how much credit I can give to the actual device as much as I can give to just
having a reminder at all. So, I would just go to
Michaels and buy a string.


  1. Probably be nice for drivers who absolutely have to drive but feel slightly sleepy to be shocked on a random timer so they keep awake… Hmm…

  2. pretty sure it didn't, it's called pain memory response, electric shock only damages your nerve endings and your nervous system

  3. This was a shark tank show product , and get rejected with no deal , they made fun of him.
    I Would do a deal with anyone except O'Leary ….then
    O'Leary told him to f*k off

  4. I really tried everything to stop biting my nails but at the end I started realizing that I just had to stop so now I’m working on stopping for 5 years now (with no outside help just me myself and my brain trying to stop) and it’s working great just some small things that I have to get rid of

  5. Me: (sees notification for video) 😱 Yes! I've found the solution to my nail-biting problem!

    Also me: (after watching the video) Well, that was disappointing. 😒

  6. What made me quit biting my nails was when I started a job that made me handle money all day. Gross killed my touching my face as much as well. So I grew my nails out and my skin cleared up.

  7. i used this thing to quit smoking. so far i've crashed my car, lit my hair on fire, and burned down half my house, and i'm smoking now more than ever before! do not recommend. would not purchase again.

  8. time to put these on screeching feminists and women falsely accusing men of sexual assault in wait of a exportation into Saudi arabia or north korea where they deal with them accordingly

  9. Wouldn’t it be more viable, cheaper and efficient if someone. I.e. college, friends, spouse etc just slapped you everytime you wanted to bite you’re nails? I mean come on, you’re practically self harming to overcome a habit.

  10. No one:
    Kids of Christian Parents:
    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow

  11. I used to bite my nails and also got rid of it by doing Balayam yoga.
    It requires nails to do this accupressure and if I don't have them so I can't do it.
    So Balayam yoga became a habit and nail biting a didn't.
    Now I don't do the exercise and don't bite my nails also.
    Catch: It is not the exercise that cutoffs this habit but Rather the need to have nails in order to do it.

  12. Thank you Google for spying on me. I was biting my clothes excessively, and YouTube showed me this even I didn't search for anything.

  13. The problem with biting nails, is not that you want to do. You just do it without even realizing, so it’s hard to stop because sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

  14. Company who made this: "yes weve made and awsome design that can go on one of your hands to stop nail biting
    People with two arms:Exist
    People who made this: Shit

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