Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Australian 50 cents 1977

Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Australian 50 cents 1977

hello people are you going today
and today it’s the second in the series of Australian come every 50 cent coins
and this one is the 1977 silver jubilee this coin you can get in circulation
quite easily yes it is a come on calm for mintage of about 25 million and
after being circulation for forty years it’s still easy to get in change in
actual high-grade in 1977 when this was introduced this was actually the second
highest minted coin after the 1976 and with the low mean teachers between 1971
and 74 this coin would have been easier to get in 1977 then it would be now
because after 40 years there’s been 40 years of coins minted and put into
circulation to dilute those coins so you know I have a few other coins in various
grades this is actually the worst grade that I’ve ever got so it’s been well
circulated it’s got some looks like white paint or chalk on it as you can
see sorry I could interrupt it yes so this is the worst that I’ve actually
gotten circulation and these coins here pretty high grade and the coins that you
would most likely find in your change as you can see not much damage so really
these coins have a low value if you get one you can probably sell these for like
102 dollars probably on eBay if you’re lucky
yeah so if you come to Australia and you want to collect commemorative coins this
can be one of the first ones because it’s easy to get
in it has high mintage so I hope you like these coins I’ll put a link to eBay
if you want to purchase one of these coins um and if you like these coins
please give this video a thumbs up and have an awesome day


  1. This is my favourite Australian coin. I collect them from circulation when I come across them. I have 4 currently. It was a big coin of my youth in Berridale – I remember handling it in the late 1970s.

  2. I have that coin 1977 were do i sell it..heres my 09350070453 call me if ur interested i'm in the philippines..

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