Elizabeth II silver jubilee crown of 1977

Elizabeth II silver jubilee crown of 1977

Gday people how are you going today say I’m
gonna show you this a crown coin from United Kingdom these coins are pretty
common this one line you get like thirty seven million minted and this is to
commemorate quantities of the birth the second 25 years as Queen of the United
Kingdom and stray New Zealand Canada blah blah blah so on this side we have a
crown we have a plant not quite sure what plant that is nice beautiful
flowers on it just there as a bird looks like a type of Ibis don’t know looks a
bit weird actually and we have a pot thing in a spoon silver spoon because
the Royal Family’s bomb silver spoon in their mouth
alright this coin is quite large well can I compare it with okay you
going Japanese 500 in that I went to uni is the live score in Japan hmm this is
the crown grannies with 25 pence or 5 shillings in the old currency okay okay
so they meld as you can see if I turn over
oh it’s Queen Elizabeth riding a horse not bad
1977 okay yeah these coins a pretty thick on them Stowe says that they am
where issue for circulation they proof issues you know issued in a
type of set probably a coin cover or something
another bad coin UK issues a lot of these commemorative are 25 pence coins
doesn’t have the denomination but everyone knows that clicks coins what’s their venue is
don’t have another one here you know brought two for the price of one these
ones are a little bit circulated but still I like them they’re all the same
and I’ll probably start collecting these all together okay thank you very much
let me know down below what you think of these coins and have a nice day


  1. I have one and once a year I Google it to see what it's worth, I'm disappointed every time. This has been going on for 10 years so you think I'd expect it by now.
    Actually I think I'm just gonna give it to one of my kids, it's cool enough to keep and cheap enough to loose. Thanks for the video my $3 coin brother!

  2. I have such a coin,and as for the price,it will rise,when a person from this coin completeshis earthly path and interest in Her personality (and era) will be strengthened.

  3. This coin isn't worth shit. Like all of these 'CON-memorative' coins, the Mint produces millions of them in a worthless base metal to sucker the gullible.

  4. What is the value of the coin today i have 3 back from 1977 silver jubilee the school in Middlesbrough thornaby given to all children be4 holiday s I remember

  5. Legal amigo eu tenho essa moeda na minha coleção e logo farei um vídeo dela.Parabens pelo seu vídeo.

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