EMF Radiation Tips ➜ Jewelry – Piercings – IUD – Metals – Cancer

EMF Radiation Tips ➜ Jewelry – Piercings – IUD – Metals – Cancer

welcome ascends of vitality friends so let’s get started metals I’m gonna focus on particularly any form of metals jewelry piercings any type of screws at your skeletal structure from some form of break injury any type of birth control any types of foods all these things that are literally on or in your body why is this so important it’s important in today’s world the world that we are living in where there is a huge overabundance of man-made electromagnetic radiation so if you’re wearing jewelry you know watch rings bracelets necklace earrings you know other forms of piercings of bellybutton piercing and nose ring you know brow rings wherever you might be piercing your body what’s happening here well in relationship to all this electromagnetic radiation that’s everywhere around us what’s happening is it’s actually an antenna it’s actually like a magnet for this energy and you your body is the most advanced life-form that we’ve discovered thus far in the entire universe you are a bio electric liquid life-form and the very cellular level it’s incredibly sensitive your cells literally have a north-south east-west compass if you will and so when you’re wearing say a bracelet or a bellybutton ring and that energy is getting magnified or in it like an antenna it’s being attracted to that zone I’ll just focus on the bellybutton ring what’s happening is all of that energy is getting attracted there so it’s really important to diminish where in jewelry I encourage you to stop wearing your jewelry for a while you know several weeks at least and see how you feel you may already notice things going on and you may wonder why is this happening you know wherever the jewelry is if it’s on your face I’ve see this you know people’s face kind of start to to contort a little bit if you will where the jewelry is or you may have a vision problem if you’re wearing a you know a piercing on your nose or earrings you maybe noticed something going on in your ears or hearing or so forth but again all of that is acting as as an antenna or a magnet for these a very harmful electromagnetic radiation frequencies and so let’s focus on diet it is exigent that what you’re putting in your body is pure vital living foods the highest quality that you can find and purchase why if you’re eating synthetic foods foods that have mostly man-made substances in them what that’s doing is its increasing the likelihood again of attracting this electromagnetic radiation to you and how it reacts inside you a bio electric liquid life-form it increases the likelihood for how your body can remain healthy and how it responds to all this radiation around you so if you’re full of all these foreign substances inside of you it increases the likelihood for minor and major health challenges disease your body has the ability to be healthy it’s all dependent on what you choose to put inside of it and cleaning out the weeks months and years of whatever you have been choosing which might not so be healthy if you’re using a UID as a birth control means which is an actual ring inside the vagina up close to the uterus this also acts as an antenna acts as a magnet for these electromagnetic radiation and so very important as I’ve already mentioned I encourage you to diminish wearing jewelry I encourage you to wear natural substances as jewelry wear natural fiber clothing as much as possible I encourage you to eat a healthy diet and I encourage you to diminish all the wireless devices that are in your life how much you use your cell phone how much you use wireless mouse wireless keyboard Wi-Fi smart meters diminish this get rid of it all together if you can very important very important just because of the magnitude of all of this in our life today as much as you can diminish that in your own personal life is a significant and huge start to ensuring that you’re healthy that your home your office is a healthy place to be or you can truly be healthy and successful because other people around you might be making different choices but the first it starts with you for you to be the healthy change in the world for you to be the healthy model I encourage you and invite you to enjoy more videos at ascended vitality TV and I welcome you to share in the comments below what you notice when you stop wearing jewelry for a while alright have a beautiful day thank you


  1. Would copper jewelery be harmful? What about if we woke up and tore the towers down? Would there be alloys/metals that would react well to our biology? Thanks, Namaste

  2. Great inquiry SuperKingtoy! No Copper jewelry! Copper has very high electrical conductivity as well as thermal conductivity. As I express in the video, I advise not wearing metals on your body with the magnitude of Electromagnetic Radiation (cell phones – wifi – smart meters – etc.) in our atmosphere today! ENJOY…

  3. What do you know about the specific, and various 'pendants' that have been created (by various 'aware' people) to negate EMF's?
    Surely if metals on the body (I agree) are attracting EMF's, a well designed and intentioned pendant could be quite effective at countering those, yes?

  4. Yes, zippers are metal also. This would be ideal and could be a little difficult being most all clothes have metal zippers. Diminish the big things as I point to in the video… ENJOY!

  5. Thank YOU Todd… I hear you on your wedding ring! Oh, the film "Resonance Beings of Frequency" is here on Ascended Vitality TV! ENJOY, Dalkoiya Batchelor

  6. Thank YOU Buai2 for mentioning this. Yes, a pendant with a clear intention could be protective! Many of these pendants and the like work well with "Subtle Energy"! I have tested some, but not all of them with my various meters (measurement devices) and haven't noticed much protection when it comes to Man-Made Electromagnetic Radiation. ENJOY, Dalkoiya Batchelor

  7. Hi NavEngineer… Thank you tremendously for your kind words of appreciation! Thank you for sharing your curiosity and interests in compact lighting. I will consider this for an upcoming video! ENJOY… Dalkoiya

  8. A wonderful day to you Corey! Thank you for the loving words and appreciation! No, where I live is not a commune, though it is a beautiful and sacred place surrounded by serene nature. I am very thankful to live where nature is so abundant. Nature is my greatest source of inspiration! The Lama Foundation looks and feels like a very special vortex! Enjoy the Sacred Silence & Commune with Nature Earth! Check "Spirit Rock Retreat Center"… Loving Grace, Dalkoiya

  9. Coins and keys in your pocket ,credit cards and metal buttons and springs on or in your mattress
    l used to keep my change and keys always in the same jeans pocket.My left leg became numb and l had something like trapped nerve symptoms.l started putting them in my coat or bag 4 months ,it's better
    Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use at the wall and even at the mains switch at night
    Become aware of GWEN towers
    You can learn a lot from an EMF meter from £10
    l can hear EMF ringing

  10. Thank you! Thank you for all the videos and the your intent. You are amazing bud! Saw your documentary, subscribed to your channel and now am plugging you with everyone I know! Big love from Poland!!

  11. We are elemental by nature so how can gold or silver or even platinum,zinc etc be harmful ? I agree that one should not pierce or wear aluminums or such however wearing ruby,emeralds, diamond crystals,topaz etc have for centuries have proved as beneficial because all these jewels have metal elements that they are composed of. Nature as it is in its raw state or shaped designs are living creatures themselves so how or why would they ever be harmful to our biological bodies?

  12. Thank YOU… Watch the entire video again as I explain why metals in/on our body today aren't a wise choice >> do to the High Levels of Electromagnetic Radiation in our atmosphere today! Metals conduct + attract EMF Radiation… I also mention wearing Gems + Stones are healthy! I drive around with my meters in my car and find it startling the levels of EMF Radiation that we are living in AND I live in a very health conscious part of the world! Blessings…

  13. Thank YOU. The KIND or FORM of SALT is everything! Our body physiology, specifically our Blood needs salt to be in balance! I encourage you to watch my very first video years ago called "Salt Does a Body Good"… ENJOY…

  14. A wonderful day artugert. Thank you for being so aware! A live consultation (phone + Skype) is always the most effective way to assist you fully. Based on what I hear in your comment >> 1) Find a Holistic Dentist and explore removing the screws 2) Universal Grounding Mat by Earthing while at your computer 3) Have an EMF Radiation Home Inspection to clearly see what is going on in your home 4) Split up your time on the computer and take breaks 4) Vital Nutrition 5) Be in nature daily ENJOY…

  15. i stopped wearing metal many years ago. one day, i acutely felt the way it was affecting me, so took it off. interesting how the emf's and metal interact.

  16. Knowing ourselves and knowing or just trying to understand our creator, would help you realize that are never victims. We are above any influence in this world. We attract what we need to attract. Our way of leaving, our emotions, our attitudes, our thoughts, our actions,our perception are way more influential than what we wear or what environment we are in. Stay in high frequency within yourself and you would radiate YOUR energy to the world by those piercings and metals you wear.

  17. Beautiful malecco1… Thank you for sharing and for your devotion! We are infinite beings of Spirit – Source Energy and many people are consumed and overwhelmed by the negative energies they have attracted, whether consciously or unconsciously. We all need help along this Spiritual Journey of Being Human to Remember our Wholeness and Oneness. I am simply sharing all the wisdom I am blessed with to assist people who are open and ready to be healthy & happy. Bountiful Blessings…

  18. Good inquiry Samantha. Zippers are metal most often. If you are very sensitive or Electromagnetic hyper sensitive, then it may be necessary to avoid zippers. I feel for most people, diminishing the metals I mention in the video is important. ENJOY…

  19. Wonderful MrSamsungX! Yes, taking a bath or showering is highly recommended! Bathing helps ground our body and clear our energy field a bit. I always shower before I go to bed. In my video "How to Have Better Sleep" I speak about this. Being out in nature daily is very important to being grounded and connected to all the natural living energy of our Earth. Eating a very clean and vital diet is huge also. ENJOY…

  20. Something inside me said, the gig is up, get rid of the decore. Now that I look around duh, its like a electro magnet static,wifi, towers, cells, bla bla bla,,Take baths not showers, Rest legs horizonal, running water cause static, notice how BIG jewery has got last 2 years, EArings to those creepy shoes, Plan is to cripple the body with Fasionista–by the time women are 30! oh yeah -tight pants,no blood flow gee*

  21. Thank YOU Cloudy011… Wear clothes, shoes, etc. that feel relaxing on our body! Thankful you are aware and caring for your body temple! ENJOY…

  22. i´m starting to think the best thing might be to start wearing clothes and hood made from silver coated fabric to shield from backround emf (and microwave weapons…) sleeping in a metalized mosquito net/faraday cage to protect pineal gland at night is probably a good idea too…

  23. Thank You LOVE LIGHT! Wonderful to receive your compliments and inquiry. Starting at "4:40" I clarify essentially what you are asking here! Yes, metals, not pearls, gems, stones, crystals, wood, etc. I recommend staying away from synthetics such as plastics for other health reasons. BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS…

  24. Thank YOU Matthew. Good that you are alive and just be cautious of how much you are around wireless technology. BE HEALTHY…

  25. Thank YOU pictureinpictrez for this kindness and for being open to the many levels I heartful energy that flow through my videos!

  26. You have the IUD (NOT UID) & the Nuva Ring (hormonal btw) confused. EDUCATION: In the US, there are two types of T-shaped IUDs- one with hormones (mirena) & one that works via copper wire (paragard). An IUD isn't "up close to the uterus;" it is in it, resting just above the cervix where the string hangs down into the vagina. In terms of minera, there are all sorts of problems associated w hormonal options. In terms of paragard, copper is relatively a non-magnetic metal as it is non-ferrous.

  27. A follow-up comment: of course, more research needs to be done on the effects of such a copper device in the body. Mostly, it is advised that women with paragard eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals which minimize the chance for copper toxicity— which is basically eating balanced and healthy.
    Also, not all body piercings are the same. You are literally talking about hundreds of different substances. I think its hasty to say all body jewelry is bad; I've never had issues w high quality.

  28. Thank YOU Reva for sharing! You are wonderful! Yes, I am actually very experienced with the IUD through my dearest friend in my life who had one for a period of time and then removed it. I just goofed and said UID and meant IUD. Health + Happiness to YOU… Dalkoiya B.

  29. how about if you bless your food, if you have the INTENTION that what you wear, eat and drink is ok for you, then your subconscious will believe that and your mind, body and spirit is safe.

  30. Thank YOU Patricia Wiggett for sharing!
    I am a very spiritual person and practice focusing my attention on intention.
    In my experience, there is a realm of denial here to be aware of. Just having intention, but not practicing being conscious and healthy with our life choices is dancing in denial on a subtle yet significant level. I find being conscious of my life and making healthy choices along with prayer and intention is the miraculous magic! Health + Happiness to YOU… Dalkoiya B.

  31. Metal products need to be earthed in order to protect us from EMF, otherwise they attract the stronger radiation signal.

  32. I have yet to observe great results from paint. I do see great results from RF shielding fabric. Health + Happiness to YOU…

  33. My carpets are out and I was going to paint the floor, if they decide to put in smart meters in the basement…

  34. Hi Kristen! Great question. If this "horn" is from an animal, then yes! Health + Happiness to YOU… Dalkoiya B.

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  36. Good question Brett.
    I am assuming your speaking of stereo style headphones!?
    Headphones can pick up dirty electricity through your stereo or the source it is plugged into.
    In general, stereo headphones are low on the list of concerns in my experience, unless you are very sensitive to man-made Electromagnetic Radiation, which some people are.


  37. Today right before watching this video I took my last piercing and when I decided to search for more info about this topic I found more than I expected. I was wondering why I had digestive problems when I have a very clean diet and lifestyle…well…My last piercing was: The belly button! What you're saying makes perfect sense. My next step will be the metal fillings in my mouth (surprisingly part of the digestive system too…) 😉
     Keep sharing the goodness and Thank you!!

  38. Well, I wear one ear-ring on my left ear. Things tend to get me more on the left side of the body. I had never thought of that. I will reserach more. Thanks a lot!

  39. hello bro, how i don't like or wear jewallery, but i do use lot my mobile phone , wifi and laptop . How is it possible for an modern office to get rid of these?..

  40. Hello! I have a very urgent question about IUD's. I have the mirena IUD and was looking for different options that won't introduce any more hormones in my body. The doctor said the copper IUD would be a good option.. I would really appreciate your option about that

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