EMOTIONAL Magic Trick WINS GOLDEN BUZZER & Leaves Judges SPEECHLESS! Britain’s Got Talent 2018

EMOTIONAL Magic Trick WINS GOLDEN BUZZER & Leaves Judges SPEECHLESS! Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Can I join you Okay I’ve always wondered. What would it be like to experience real magic for two years ago I did and it changed me and my life forever Amanda yeah, I’m gonna. Ask you to give this Rubik’s Cube a mix for me Can you keep on mixing until I come back to you? Yeah? Thank you David Inside this box are 25 different colored crayons. I’m gonna give these a mix and David you’re gonna choose one But without looking just grab one at random hold it in your hand David, but don’t look at it keep it hidden Alicia these cards belong to my daughter is important to see that all the cards are different Yeah, I’m gonna Ask you to just touch the back of any one it doesn’t matter which But what is very very important is that I don’t do any sleight of hand So I’ll spread the cars like this point to anyone that you like Wow right down here You had at your hand for me I’m gonna place that card on the palm of your hand genuinely the card that you touch is that okay? lovely Amanda yes you have mixed like you yeah into a completely unique Pattern yeah fair to say we’ll get back to that in a moment Simon cool When I asked you to hold this pen in your right hand right here perfect. You know your wrists down get comfortable Lovely this book belongs to my wife. There are over 600 pages around about 200,000 words in the book Alicia can I also get a close your eyes for a moment and Just say the words stop stop Simon I’m gonna hold the book above your pen Amanda. Can you say the words stop as I do this? Stop Simon Can you bring the pen up to the page without looking and draw a small circle the size of a five pence piece? You don’t have to be precise I’m gonna place the book down in front of you here Simon I’ll take the pen you can you do me a favor lift up The book don’t show me but have a look at where you’ve drawn that circle Can you confirm that there is a word or words that you can see within that circle? Yeah? Yeah? There is wonderful is a good start David. Can you tell us? What color crayon do you have? Red the red crayon Alicia for the first time what car did you choose? puppet penguin the puppet penguin Amanda very carefully Can you just lift off the box so we can see the pattern that you’ve created on the very top of that Rubik’s Cube? Now if I told you that I knew this exact outcome Yesterday a week ago, or a month ago. You’d say well That was have to be magic so people would I would but it’s not real magic It’s interesting Intriguing maybe clever some might even say amazing, but it’s not real magic See for me real magic changed two years ago This to me is real magic Wow and Simon That leaves just you for the very first time Simon What is the word that you circled at hat hey JT yeah Simon? This is for you? Isabella you beautiful little girl if daddy was going to do Britain’s Got Talent in two years from now What random word do you think Simon? Would think of? Oh Simon Absolutely gobsmacked Probably first of all thank God your little girls, okay? That’s the most important. She’s okay now. Yeah absolutely. I’m true to here that Don’t know what you’ve gone through mark through your career trying to get the break You’ve been looking for I have a feeling this They’re going to change the light it was unbelievable, thank you very much. I really do I’ve been doing this show about seven years And I generally never ever thought a magic act remove Oh, that’s just crazy. I don’t care. How you did it It was magnitude because it’s magic you have just taken magic to a whole new level Greta really it was a really beautifully put together before my thanks today I loved your presentation so calm so in control all the time I like that you didn’t bother with lots of silly jokes on the side obviously is incredibly moving Singh the story with your family as well and It’s a lovely way of including them in the act. Thank you. It’s it’s astonishing get your tears. Yeah Utterly extraordinary, you know we’re all parents and that is the greatest magic in the world She’s my magic absolutely we’re gonna take You don’t have to go Shows so cool welcome Lights will


  1. Let's be clear – things r either real or they r deception- so if u use demons to help u it's not deception it's real- but anyone can do that if they sell their soul

    If its deception- it's just deception

  2. I honestly think that was a waste of the golden buzzer. They were all going to vote yes anyway. Also, since when were the hosts allowed to use it?

  3. The trick was performed beautifully and fluidly however if you know what to look for you can spot how he did it. The Colored Pencils. He said there was 25 in the box. Those boxes are packed to the brim so there is no movement in them while being transported resulting in broken crayons meaning defective product. When you see the aerial view of the box you can see a row of crayons missing. None of the top row is Red meaning every other pencil below that top row is a Red crayon. Circular shaking will put all reds on top thus the only one David could "randomly" pick. The animal cards he went through the trouble of showing that every card was different. He had her touch the card but would not allow her to pull the card. He takes the card from the end that she selected and moved it to the top of the deck a little sleight of hand and Wallah he gave her the card he wanted her to have the "Puppet Penguin". Amanda he had "randomly" sort a Rubik's Cube. After she had finished he placed the Rubik's Cube in a container. Why would he need to put the Rubik's Cube in a container? They don't randomly rotate and change faces on their own after all. The container he put the Rubik's Cube in has magnetic strips in far side… you'll notice the side of the container that reveals the finished pattern is the only side that is not see through. You can hear a "snapping" sound as he pushes the Rubik's Cube in about 3/4 the way down. The magnetic strips rotate the pre-assigned faces which is the quick "snap" sound. The book and marker trick was the simplest of all. If you look closely the book is Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. This particular harry potter book has the word "Hat" in it numerous times. Far more than any other Harry Potter book combined. So he has several places/pages where he can pre-draw a circle around the word "Hat". He hands Simon a Sharpie but makes sure not to allow Simon to touch the felt tip given the Pen is obviously dry and will not write. He also does not allow Simon to randomly turn the pages himself and makes sure to not reveal the pages as he flips through them. Once stop is called he stops on a page that has a circle and Wallah magically the word Hat has been circled in by Simon. That is the trick.

  4. I don't like using personal family stories on a stage, but that's me. Other than that, yes, he truly is amazing, my only "hope" is that he is sincere about the "magic" of his child.

  5. He laid the red chalk in right position, same with the card and the book. Then he changed the cube from the one she had to another. Nonetheless, very smooth work.

  6. The video was set up with multiple options: He had clips with his kid with each color crayon, clips with his kid with a toy matching every toy in the deck, an off-stage assistant controls which clips were played, when he took the shuffled cube and put it in the box, he put it inside another box and in doing so pulled a trick swapping/ putting the colors he wanted on one side, Simon's book was pre-marked and the pen he held does not actually write. Well executed but pretty straight-forward.

  7. I know how he did that…

    1. There are two storage compartment in which first had multiple colors crayon and other had only red. So he only let the judge to choose from the compartment which had red color
    2. Those cards are not normal, behind every card there a penguin card, those cards are places so perfectly and tight so judges can't so it doesn't matter which card you choose coz behind every card there's a penguin card
    3. Rubic cube after mixing was kept under a box definitely some kinda magnet or pant placed the outcome that the magician want
    4. Firstly the pen doesn't work and hat was pre Marked

  8. I felt that magic, i don't understand what he said coz my English isn't fluent.. I wrote this comment with my self no translate (so sorry) but ima cry after watch this.. Thatsn't coz i don't understand what he mean but i feel his emotion, its river into my heart.. Keep strong my broo.. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช wish your family stay health and safety.. Luck

  9. If you watch the final and you watch this. The woman in the crowd. Assuming that's his wife? She's there during the final performance, and they cut to her. Very clever. When he was X.
    Ant and Dec. Also gave him the golden buzzer. So many little clever tricks.

  10. It is actually just a random magic, but what make it really special is the storyline that he made from the videos with a simple heart touching moment

  11. Best best best best best magic ever๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  12. This is very interesting, I hope this connect me right now keep me happy all the days of my life.. so beautiful to see and makes me to come closer

  13. The red crayon was most obvious. All the red crayons were on top. They are never mixed, just moved up and down.
    The pinguin card is a forced card trick. I couldn't see how he did that, but there are many standard ways to force a card.
    If you look carefully, the cube that was put into the box is not the same as the one that got out. It's probably a special box with sticker or magnet that attaches to the rubix cube to change it.
    The word was circled in advance. The black marker is either empty or does not work upside down. He stops on the page he wants, that's sooo easy. And then making circular motion with the book, he can stop where he wants.

  14. The daughter video was fixed. That's footage prepared for his act. There are probably multiple versions, that he can replay on demand. The sob story helps soften people's ability to analyse.
    The book part was his determination, with a pre-highlighted word. Simon's pen doesn't draw.
    The cards were imbedded with Penguins, he just made it look like they were all different.
    The cube was fixed, otherwise why have it put in a box, and not held by the judge.

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