En Kolay Dolar ve Altın Fiyat Takip Ekranı (Ücretsiz)

En Kolay Dolar ve Altın Fiyat Takip Ekranı (Ücretsiz)

Hello to everyone. Today we give you Dollar TL gold and gram gold
How to keep track of prices I want to share a related platform
platform name MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform via both Android and iPhone
ie you can download it from the Apple Store. Yes, first I will show you how to open a demo account. Here beforehand I demo via MT4
I tried to open an account but there is too much for seeing no parity
A demo account through my own company I want to perform the opening. As you can see when you type InvestAZ Demo
Firstly select the Institution on the screen that already appeared required. Then you can send your contact information here
You give. But if you want your contact details
No need to give it right. I’m just here to set my own example
I share. Please do not detect advertising. Then the account type below, leverage
and average with how much balance so if you want how much you can trade here
would make a transaction with the balance of it are also selected. Legal leverage ratio is 1:10 in Turkey
I chose 1:10 and for average 5000 We’re opening a demo account for $ -10000. The point we will pay attention to anyway
How to follow prices? We have come first on the screen a
more parity is coming out. Which parties we watch here first
which is important to us if not, pencil them in the top left corner
mark, and then press to the trash can in the upper right corner
by clicking on the screen. Then follow the pairs
in the top right corner to start crosshair
with the products you will follow from the lists We make the relevant choices. Already with more DollarTL, EuroTL or Gold
You can also follow other parties that are not related. For example, there is silver right now. Let’s mark the silver. We can follow the silver. Sometimes questions from our investors
It is coming. It’s about silver, palladium, platinum. Likewise Gram Gold Related Gram
There are questions about the dollar. You can follow them easily. Only when you press the plus sign next to it
automatically added to the list. Below is the overseas markets
CFD products related to indices there is. You can also take a look at these
We will follow the most dollars already, Gold will be Under Gram. Pencil sign after we’re done
together with the three lines on the right by sliding it up or down.
we can also make an edit on the list. We all weighted in DollarTL, gold and gram gold
as we follow. So the point you look at the most
We always want it to be on top. You can also set it the same way
At the bottom corner in the chart ministers when you check the found graphic
Here you can analyze. In an easy way, without any difficulty
I will trade on demo accounts if you consider your trading
which parity you want to do in trial in order to perform them. Demo account for any effect
They do not. Profits and losses realized here
the same as in the real environment, but does not handle anything. So you can do as you wish. What if I bought a dollar? What if I sold dollars today? She can also act with your thinking. On the far right is the settings section. Here, too, both graphics and your account
Other details regarding adjustments You can do. More graphical adjustments
from here. The prices above are simple and
have advanced tab. I recommend you to follow the simple. When you see prices more clearly
you will arrive in a comfortable way. So when you need it in an emergency
quickly to MT4 trading platform You can check prices immediately by entering. Thank you for listening.


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