Eng) My Silver Items | 악세사리 하울 | Accessory Haul

Eng) My Silver Items | 악세사리 하울 | Accessory Haul

Hi guys! Today I brought my Accessory Haul video! I’ll start with my earrings first! I bought this one from “Crow Piercing Hongdae” This is a little different from the normal ring-shaped piercing Because it’s a little thicker in the outside The one that I’m holding it is the normal version I have the product on me all the times, while sleeping, while showering The one above is the bigger version and I have that on my “Inner Conch” and it’s from the same shop at Hongdae Personally, I think that having the ring piercing on the Inner Conch position is more unique The other side is the same, and the one above on my right side, is another piercing bought from a different shop at Hongdae And this little one is from “One Piercing Hongdae” This one is the ball-shaped piercing and it’s coated on the outside so it looks like a pearl So, the next jewelry is a ring, and I bought this one from “Pandora” I bought this from Shinsaegae Department Store Gangnam and the price was around between 60-100 dollars I bought this product because of the shape since it has a unique touch on the surface. You could have the pointy part heading up or down Next item is a skull-shaped ring My friend bought this first and I asked her for the information and purchased it afterward. I like this ring especially because the skull is shaped neatly and I think it’s quite unique Next is a Gucci ring This ring has a skull in the middle and has GG logo surrounding it This ring is the thinest from the 3 sizes and I wear this one on my forth finger Next ring is from “Vive” a Korean Jewelry Brand I found this brand through Instagram I like this one also, because it looks like the ring is melting or already has been melted. And I wear this one on my middle finger Next item is also a ring that I purchased at Tokyo while I was traveling there. It’s just a simple silver ring that I bought at a vintage shop located in Tokyo. I used to wear this ring often but I don’t these days because I already have 4 rings on my fingers haha Next is a clover-shaped ring I purchased this one at a shop located in Sapporo, Otaru (Japan) while I was traveling there last year I think is ring is not made out of silver because it’s already a little rusty. but, I still like it because of the shape Next items are from Vivienne Westwood First one is a silver broach with cubics I bought this because I like silver pieces of jewelry If you guys ask me “why did you buy a broach?” My answer would be, Since I wear clothes with small brand logos, I think that wearing a broach could make my clothes more unique and stylish! Next one is a necklace pendant, both items are from the same vintage shop I purchased this pendant because it’s has a 3D shape which will draw attention when I wear it as a necklace. The necklace is my personal item that I purchased in the past and made a new necklace with the VW pendant! Next one is also a pendant that I bought from a Art Museum located in Sapporo This pendant is designed with broken pieces of colorful tiles I think is one is a small art work rather than a pendant for a necklace It has flowers in the center! Next jewelry is a necklace from “Pandora” It’s from the same Department store where I purchased the ring. I bought May birth-stone pendant because I love the color green even though my birthday is on December hahaha It doesn’t matter right? I just love green Last item would be a watch from “Klasse 14” (Italy) I received this watch as a present from Klasse14 (Thank you Klasse14 :)) It’s all silver and very simple, classy looking watch! So, today I introduced my jewelry collection to you guys!
Hope that it’s a little helpful for you! (Information is on the description section below) We’ll see each other soon!
Thanks for watching xoxo Byeeee!!!


  1. i love the concept of this video, your sense of style is so pretty and im in love with the jewelry in this video! <3

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