(Eng sub)ASMR I’m the Only Youtuber to clean the Silver Button! + New mic unboxing| Whispering Talk

(Eng sub)ASMR I’m the Only Youtuber to clean the Silver Button! + New mic unboxing| Whispering Talk

I will show you my silver button right now. guys Wow. silver button!! The middle is a mirror! This character is ‘Arachi’. After two and a half years, I received a silver button. wow This is larger than I thought How big is it? like this The length of my upper body? yes, my length Pretty big I really did not expect! This is a wet wipe. The reason why I got a silver button Because you subscribed. Thank you. I will show you in the future. Passion and good content. Expect to be a better YouTuber. Ah! The content I’m going to show you today This silver button The silver button will be cleaned with a wet wipe. and Then I’ll dry it with cotton. next brushing like this and.. finally In honor of my 100,000 subscribers, I bought a new microphone. tada this mic name ‘zoom h6’ I will unbox it later in the video. Whenever I bought a new microphone,… I didn’t always shooting the video unboxing This time, I must shoot unboxing. At first Before cleaning the silver button Tap the silver button. tapping sound It sounds pretty sharp. I feel like that. Let’s tap on the mirror. perhaps It is assumed that the mirror is empty. an empty sound I don’t think the mirror is thick. I think the mirror is very thin. And the back. The material looks like this. I can hang it in a frame. I can see my face now. The tapping sound is not very good… Next, I will wipe it with a wet tissue. clean as a whistle.. OK, SO You won’t hear very much of the scrubbing. There’s a silver button in front of my eyes! Two and a half years were long. It’s very precious Because I’ve been waiting for a long time. one corner my name, my english name 100,000 subscribers. i’m happy When the delivery arrived, I felt like I was really, really happy. I look a little excited today, don’t I? I should be more calm.I’m supposed to slow down. You won’t be seen, but I’m smiling. Silver button makes me laugh. Do you have 100,000 viewers watching this video? alright? oh.. I’ll wipe it off. The reason for doing this is to remove traces of wet tissue. i should remove the stain. Especially, there are a lot of marks on the mirror. Let’s get the stain out. I thought it was a commemorative video. I wore a lace-up blouse. a lot of lacy I feel like I’m standing in public for a reason. but, I’m too excited Are you wiping this well? I’ll look at it and wipe it again. I’m gonna hang it on the wall! There is dust, so I have to shake it off. Dust, dust, dust , dust like this You can’t see the dust on the screen, can you? Dust floats in the air! Don’t you feel the tingle? slowy Found Tingle in Silver Button. Focus on the screen. I’ll show you a good content. Content with passion and effort! I’ll try my best to upload the video. I’ll tell you about the direction of the video. roleplay and sometimes Rambling chatter..haha maybe. I will not deviate from the genre of Asmr. I love Asmr. ok. back Bring it to my body.. The material on this side has quite a bit of hair. It doesn’t work. ok. great I’ll put it here. camera brushing My costume, isn’t it fancy? The mesh, the lace.This is the first time yeah, it is zoom h6 I’m going to release it. It looks like this. There’s a booklet on the top. instruction black bag I buy one later than any other Asmr artist. Maybe you know this microphone better. In the last Rambling video… i talks a lot on the right. today, balance sound~ I’m going to lower the angle of the camera. tada Does it look wider? this is… Well, what’s the name of this one…. mic sponge? ah!! wind screen! I really wanted this microphone. i hoped~ i wanted it I like the sound that I press after I put this windscreen on the microphone. I’m gonna take it all out. mic body This sound is my favorite sound. Release That’s what it looks like. Size of my hand I have long fingers. That’s the size of my hand. just the right size My fingers are really long. Pay attention to my hand. I wish my fingers were this small. My fingers are bigger than my palm. anyway oh, this is XY Mic To connect to the main body a volume-regulating button and a one-size microphone It looks like a microphone in a karaoke um.. Is the output on the stereo? Um… it’s written on it. I’m curious about this microphone. It seems that asmr artists did not use this microphone very well. this is adapter? Maybe we can charge it and use it. I like the sound of Vinyl From now on, we will connect the microphone of Zoom h6. I expect it will sound different from the Yeti Sound. Yeti has a toned-down sound. Zoomh6 catches higher sounds than Yetii mic. ok I’m very excited about the sound. ok! i will change ok! It’s the sound of my favorite windscreen. The windscreen plays a part. It is less sensitive than 3Dio micro. I hope it sounds good only to your ears. I’m going to speak quietly from now on. The item that I use often these days. I brought this for tapping. open it What’s your assessment? I’m adapted to Yeti. Yeti is still better. I prefer to have strong bass sound. I don’t think it’s bad to talk about this micro-torque. thank you for subscribers thank you for watching my video 🙂


  1. ジャーンが可愛すぎんか(*´˘`*)♡🌹✨
    Congratulation(ㅅ˙ ˘ ˙ )♥♥♥
    応援してますᶠⁱᴳʰᵀᵎᵎ( ᐢ˙꒳​˙ᐢ )⚑⁎∗

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  3. 맞다 십만축하드린다는거 깜빡했네 정말 축하드려요!! 앞으로도 더 자주듣겠습니다 반보영asmr 파이팅!!~~

  4. I👤 like👍🏻 your👆🏻 wonderful😘🌈🌟
    🌹# 01 still⏸ hair style=[💇🏻‍♀️] & color=[🌻]
    🌹# 02 nails=[🎃×🐱×🦇>💅🏻]
    🌹# 03 outfit[💮>👚]
    🌹# 04 background/foreground=[💡]
    Thank you🙏🏻👆🏻 for the wonderful😘🌈🌟 [I'm the Only YouTuber to clean the Silver Button👸🏻×💘×🌙>🖌>🥈×▶️ + NEW mic unboxing🆕️×🎙>📤×📦| Whispering Talk ASMR🗣💭🎙🎧 ] video=[📷🎞💻]
    Daume ddo bayo✌🏻 Boyoung ssi👸🏻×💘×🌙!

  5. 실버버튼 너무 축하드려요!👍🎉🎉🎉
    항상 감사히 잘 듣고 있습니다:)
    확실히 마이크 차이가 있네요!

    예티도 좋지만, 같은 영상에서 마이크가
    바뀌는걸 알고 들으니까 zoom h6가 더 부드럽게 느껴지는것 같아요! 개인적으로 말 중간의
    숨소리(?)랑 탭핑소리를 더 부드럽게 잡아주는것 같아요🤭

    계속해서 다양한 마이크의 소리를 보영님의 목소리로 들려주세요:-D

  6. 보상받은 느낌이네요

    보영님 반드시 뜰거라고 확신하던 과거 순간들이 조금씩 떠오르는데..

    워낙 퀄리티가 좋은 소리들에 토킹도 압도적이시다보니 당연히 이렇게 될거라 믿어 의심치 않았습니다.
    실버버튼 축하드리고, 제 판단이 틀리지 않게 해주셔서 감사합니다

    지금에 안주하지 않고 더 높은곳을 바라보면서 더욱더 발전하는 보영님이 되기를 항상 바라겠습니다.

    반보영 화이팅☞☜

  7. 실버버튼 등장하지 않을까 하는 예상은 해봤지만 토크 asmr에서 살짝 보여주실줄 알았지 아예 주인공으로 떡하니 세울줄은 생각도 못했어요ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 실버버튼 청소하는 asmr은 반보영님이 최초일듯 😂

  8. 제가 처음봤을때 만명정도였는데 실버버튼 받으셨군요 너무너무 축하드립니다 ~~
    골드버튼도 빨리 받아버리시자구요 ㅎㅎ

  9. 끼야야양ㅇ라라앍ㄱㄱㅇ아 뽀영스 실버버튼 나이쓰으으으으으ㅡ으으~!!!! 3천명일때 구독한게 엊그제 같은데ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ 축하해요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!

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  11. 보영님이 어느세 10만이란 구독자가 생기고 실버버튼까지 받으셨네요!! 분명 제가 처음 본 시절엔 1만명도 안됬었는데.. 10만 축하드려요!!❤ ㅎㅎ 영상도 잘 볼게용😍

  12. congratulations!
    thank you good videos.


  13. 실버버튼 축하드려요!!!!! 아마 개봉하고 그냥 토킹도 아니고 실버버튼 이용해서 엣셈알 하시는 유튜버는 보영님 밖에 안계시지않을까 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠ 초창기 구독자인데 저도 같이 뭔가 받은것처럼 기쁘고 그러네요 ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 힘내서 좋은 영상 부탁드려요!><♡

  14. 30개월 노력의 결과물

    초심만 잃지 마세요

    구독하는 동안만 살아있고
    살아있는 동안만 구독하자

  15. 허허..또 늦게왔네요…
    그래도 오늘 들으면서 잘게요 ….항상 감사합니다..♡

    실버버튼 축하드려요!!♡♡앞으로도 열심히 활동해주세요♡☆

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    다음에 혹시 시력검사나 건강검진 asmr 올려주셨으면 좋겠어요

  17. 보영님 실버버튼 넘 축하해요!!!ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
    추천영상에 보영님 영상 떠서 보고 잠 너무 잘 자서 구독한지도 벌써 3개월이 지났어요ㅜㅜ
    보영님 영상은 특유의 편안한 분위기 덕분에
    영상 보면 항상 십분내로 잠드네요 ㅎㅎ 언제나 좋은 영상 넘 감사드리고 보영님 파이팅!💕💕👍

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  19. 근데 왜 얼공 안하시는 거에욥?!화장롤플에서 거울에 종이붙히시기도하고..왜 그런거에용??얼공안하시는 이유가있나욥??궁금해여!

  20. 꺅!! 축하드려요~~👍👍👍😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳 혹시…. 20만 돌파하면… 얼굴공개….?!!

  21. 09:30 ㅎㅡㅎ
    실버버튼은 처음 보는데 예쁘네요! 탭핑소리도 좋고요
    전 개인적으로 금보단 은을 더 좋아해서 예뻐보여요 ㅎ0ㅎ
    보영님 실버버튼 엄청 애지중지 하시는게 보이는데
    앞으로도 함께 골드버튼 배달 가실때까지 쭉쭉 가요!
    열심히 하신다고 계속 얘기해 주셨는데 아프실땐 쉬셔도 돼요!

  22. Enseñanos tu cara porfavor y amo todos tus videos me relagan mucho😊😔 show us your face plase and I love all your videos I am very related 😚😚😍🤩😝😻

  23. 반보영님 뻥안치고 제가 제일 좋아하는 asmr 유투버예요 ㅠ 실버버튼 축하드려요ㅠㅠ 뭔가 영상 하나하나 보면 단지 의무감 때문에 하는게 아니라 애정이 베어나온다 해야할까요?? 듣고 있으면 제가 치유받는 느낌이에요 ㅠ 저 댓글도 잘 안쓰는데 이건 꼭 쓰고 싶어서 달아요 ㅠ 항상 영상 감사해여~

  24. 요즘 매일밤 보영님 영상 보면서 힐링하면서 잠들어요! 보영님 asmr은 다른 사람들과는 달리 순수함+고급짐이 있어서 너무 좋아요💕 앞으로 골드까지 화이팅❤️

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  26. It’s funny how I was LOVING the sound of her tapping the back of the button, it was a softer yet still solid tap, and she went and said it didn’t have good tapping sounds. 😩😭💔

  27. 언나 여기서 물어봐서 죄송한데요,,, 그 무지개 요정 귀청소에서 섀딩 다음으로 포인트 준 섀도우 있잖아요 그거 정보좀 알수있을까요??? 색이 너무 이뻐서용 ㅓㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  28. 진짜 보영님이 몇백명, 몇천명도 안 됐을때 우연히 찾게되고, 목소리가 제가 진짜 꿈에서만 나올꺼 같던 목소리여서 바로 구독했는데, 이제 이렇게 잘 되시는거 보니 제가 다 뿌듯하네요! 패트론도 구독하고, 유튜브도 항상 잘 챙겨보고 있어요. 힘내세요!

  29. 💕*한국어 이번에도 쓰는 타임라인 XD*💕

    🌹0:00 최초로 실버 버튼 공개 ( 중간에 탭핑 포함 )
    🌹3:00 실버 버튼 탭핑 소리
    🌹5:00 물티슈로 닦아볼게요
    🌹5:25 물티슈로 닦기
    🌹9:45 브러쉬로 닦을게요
    🌹9:53 먼지 닦기 ( 먼지먼지 X 100 )
    🌹10:55 팅글이라는 단어 말하고 바람 불기
    🌹13:56 갑자기 카메라 닦기
    🌹14:41 마이크 상자 탭핑
    🌹15:00 마이크 개봉 & 소개
    🌹16:39 마이크 개봉박두!
    🌹17:20 윈드스크린 & 뽀시락 뽀시락
    🌹17:54 그냥 바깥에 둘게용
    🌹18:10 바스락 바스락 & 마이크 본체 개봉
    🌹19:40 바스락 바스락 & XY 마이크 (?)
    🌹20:42 바스락 바스락 & 하나짜리 마이크 (?)
    🌹21:42 마이크 연결 하는 거
    🌹22:37 마이크 써보고 누르기
    🌹24:11 보영님이 쓰시는 거 ( 이름 모름 ㅎㅎ.. )
    🌹24:31 보영님이 쓰시는 거 탭핑&열고 닫기 등등..
    🌹25:13 마이크에 긁기
    🌹25:28 탭핑 2
    🌹26:42 언젠간 필요할 거 같으니깐 간직 할게용 ^3^
    🌹27:20 후원자 명단 업데이트

    10만명 기념 실버버튼 축하드려요 앞으로도 승승장구 하시길 !


    🌹0:00 First Reveals Silver Button (In-between Tapping)
    🌹3:00 Silver Button Tapping Sound
    🌹I'll wipe it off with a 5:00 wet tissue.
    🌹5:25 Wipe with a wet tissue
    🌹9:45 I'll brush it off.
    🌹9:53 Wipe Dust (Dirt dust X 100 )
    🌹10:55 Telling the Word Tingle and Blowing the Wind
    🌹13:56 All of a sudden wiping of the camera
    🌹14:41 Tapping microphone boxes
    🌹15:00 Open & Introduce & Introduction
    🌹16:39 Mike's opening doors!
    🌹17:20 Windscreen & Porcirak
    🌹17:54 I'll just leave it outside.
    🌹18:10 Barrack & Mike Body Released
    🌹19:40 with a low sound & XY Mic(?)
    🌹20:42 with a low sound & One Mic (?)
    🌹21:42. Connecting the mic
    🌹22:37 Try and Press Mic
    🌹24:11 What Bo-young is writing. )
    🌹24:31 Bo-young writes taping & opening and closing etc..
    🌹25:13 Scratch on Microphone
    🌹25:28 Tapping 2
    🌹26:42 I'll keep it because I think I'll need it someday.
    🌹27:20 Updated Sponsor List

    Congratulations on the silver button for 100,000 Subscriber! I hope the channel will continue to thrive.

    💕*中文 这次也使用的Time Line XD*💕

    🌹0:00 首次公开银色按钮(中间包括Tabping)
    🌹3:00 银色按钮 拨动声音
    🌹5:00 用湿巾擦一擦
    🌹5:25 用湿巾擦洗
    🌹9:45 用刷子擦一下。
    🌹9:53 擦灰尘(灰尘 X 100 )
    🌹10:55 说丁格尔这个词吹风
    🌹13:56 突然擦相机
    🌹14:41 话筒箱架
    🌹15:00 麦克 开封 & 介绍
    🌹16:39 麦克 开封 拍拍!
    🌹17:20 风帆&波西拉克波西拉克
    🌹17:54 就把它放在外面吧。
    🌹18:10 巴斯拉克·巴斯拉克 & 迈克主机首映
    🌹19:40 巴斯拉克·巴斯拉克 & XY 迈克 (?
    🌹20:42 巴斯拉克·巴斯拉克 & 一个麦克(?
    🌹21:42 连接麦克
    🌹22:37 试着用麦克
    🌹24:11 宝英在写(不知道名字) )
    🌹24:31 宝英在用的有踢踏&热固关闭等…
    🌹25:13 麦克风刮伤
    🌹25:28 踢踏 2
    🌹26:42 总有一天会需要的,所以会珍藏的^3^
    🌹27:20 更新赞助人名单


    이번에도 또한 번역기를 썼어요 그래서 조금 다를 수도 있어요 ~

    I also used a translator this time. So it could be a little different ~

    这次又用上了翻译器 所以可能会有一点不同 ~

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