[ENG SUBS] #18 #Test Pirotechniczny – Fontanna Silver Energy (TXF781) od Triplex

[ENG SUBS] #18 #Test Pirotechniczny – Fontanna Silver Energy (TXF781) od Triplex

Welcome Guys on my Fire Academy channel Today we`re going to judge Silver Energy fountains distributed by Triplex We have 4 fountains in one package Let`s open it Let`s see this beautiful fountain It has 17 g of NEC It`s in F2 class Its code is TXF781 And it has CE We have arrows which shows the top It`s small chance to do it in other way And probably it gives many sparks Let`s test it! We`re starting with first fountain And then we`ll burn next two Unfortunately ‘I recorded’ with turned off camera That was first one Let`s burn two at the same time That`s all We`ll see on a review This product costs about 10 PLN They are in medium-class If I have go be honest The effect was short It was flying 2-3 m high And the crackling was very quiet There was very little of it The effect was quite ok My note is 6/10 Special thanks for Bombamax shop because they sent me this product to test You can visit their webshop where you can find many interesting products That`s all We`ll see in next movie in next 3 days See ya!


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