Epic Silver Score – Face Value Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars and Key Date Quarter!

Epic Silver Score – Face Value Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars and Key Date Quarter!

Guys… I have to record this video
because this is amazing let me tell you this story and I’ll flip the camera
around and show you the B of A I’m in front of but I was going to B of A to deposit
my bags of half dollars and I’m in line and in front of me
a lady is carrying a B of A tray… a B of A tray and I’m looking at the tray and
she’s got dollar coins half dollars quarters dimes and she’s sitting… AND
pennies and I noticed I see silver edges everywhere and so I just happened to ask
her – I’m like what are you doing with that tray she goes oh they don’t take
coins loose anymore I had to put them in this tray so I had to get back in line
and the deposit him and I said why why are you depositing those coins and she
said my grandfather’s coins left me a box of coins and I just wanted to get
rid of him and I’m like do you mind I’m a coin collector do you mind if I buy
them from you she goes sure so he pulled off to the side I bought everything at
face value because she was gonna deposit it into the bank anyway so I bought
quarters for 25 cents I bought half dollars for 50 cents and I bought dollar
coins for a dollar let me flip the camera around and show you what I got
so literally I’m still in front of the B of A I just deposited my bags of coins and look at this so as I’m buying the coins there’s clad ones in here too – I didn’t care I was like I’ll buy all the
dollar coins I’ll buy all the quarters bought the halves and then she goes do
you collect foreign coins and I go why she goes well Bank of America won’t take
my foreign coins so I just said I’ll buy them I haven’t even looked through any of
this stuff yet other than grabbing it in my hand throwing it in my pocket pulling it back out I figured we’d look together this is ridiculous
there’s a peace dollar right there – so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on the
foreign it looks like we might have a lot of just modern foreign here maybe a
silver in here somewhere I’ll check it in a minute oh my goodness look at this
peace dollar a 1922 peace dollar beautiful we’ve got an Ike it’s clad
1971 we I see another peace dollar right there a 1971 clad a second peace dollar 1922 we’ll get to the quarters here in a
second a 1972 Ike that’s also clad another peace dog holy cow we got Morgan
dollars a 1922 peace dollar an 1898 beautiful
Morgan dollar it’s got some odd toning to it off the weight when I get home but
that is beautiful a 1921 Morgan dollar is there a MIT mark I don’t think there’s a men work on it
but that is another Morgan dollar a 1971 clad Ike so we’ve got four clad Ike’s
three-piece dollars – Morgan Dollars we’ve got a Walking Liberty half dollar
I did see this one that’s why I bought it 1937 Philadelphia and let’s take a
look at these quarters a 36 Denver the 65 whoops a 1932 a 1932 s why is that ringing a bell 32 s
I can’t remember if this is a if it’s a 32d or 32 s and it’s a key date off to
look that up here in a second the 1932 s quarter is the key date quarter only
four hundred eight thousand minted from San Francisco unbelievable a 1934 that’s
warm pretty good a lot of early a Standing Liberty 1925 I believe sorry
for the shaky camera a 1934 Philadelphia a 1937 Philly a 1936 Philly we got a Bicentennial Denver off to
check that for the DD oh and a 1940 Philadelphia and then like I said we do
have some Canadians here and we got an older dime no 74 so it’s not silver I
don’t know if we have any silver in the in the foreign what’s the what’s this
one right here one shilling 1963 I’m not familiar with so Wow so $12 and some
foreign unbelievable unbelievable so I’m just it’s sometimes it’s just your lucky
day I literally was just depositing my coins
and we we scored this I mean I tried to tell her that I’m a coin collector and
some of these coins they’re worth a little bit more than what she’s a cash a
minute that was the first thing I was trying to tell her and she was like it
doesn’t matter I just want to get him in the bank and I was like what McCoy
collect I’d rather buy it from you if you prefer for selling to me
I’ll just buy him that way at least he’ll go to my collection she says no
problem no problem she had a bunch of pennies and I just wasn’t gonna sit
there and go through all of them so I let him do I let her deposit him and now
I’m sitting here kicking myself because I literally saw the Ike dollars and I
thought they were a stack of Ike’s and when I saw the side I saw clad and
silver so I thought I was going to score honestly some silver Ike’s and I saw the
quarters and I knew they’re a lot of more silver and I saw the half dollars
so I knew I was getting silver but I also thought I was just gonna be getting
some Ike dollars at best unbelievable we literally paid about fifteen dollars for
change what a lucky day what a lucky day anyway I wanted to share this with you
guys I know it’s kind of an oddball clip but and sorry about my my wipers still
going guys literally I was too excited to turn them off anyway hope you enjoyed
this lucky score of mine get after those banks ask about they got in their trays
you never know what you’ll get if you enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching
figured we’d end this clip on a closer look at this 1932 s quarter you know
it’s probably good condition on the front on the obverse you could see in
god we trust’ is worn away pretty well it’s got a good date good liberty it’s
got a pretty good gash from his forehead to his ear and I don’t know that kind of
looks like a metal detecting find like as if somebody had gained it with a
shovel or just could be circulation damage but with four hundred and eight
thousand minted you would think this didn’t spend a lot of time in
circulation and the back looks really good honestly the back is more like f12
it’s not quite fine twelve because you can’t see the
feathers on the breast of the eagle and that’s what you kind of want to find an
F 12 but it’s just about there the backs probably very good eight all day maybe F
12 and the front is probably good could be stretch it to VGA but I doubt it to
any extent at the end of the day 1932 Denver and 1932 San Francisco the two
key dates of the George Washington silver quarters and even in a vg8
it’s still a hundred dollar coin that I paid a quarter for plus didn’t have it
in my collection that’s for sure just wanted to give you one last close
look at this beauty


  1. In this video, I'll explain the story and show my silver score – including things like Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars and even a KEY DATE silver Washington Quarter!

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    How often do you find Ike Dollars, Peace Dollar or Morgan Dollars at your bank?

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  2. Sad how today's generation don't seem to give a crap about their grandfather's collections (whether it be coins, or anything else). Why not hand it down to YOUR grandkids, rather than just cash it in for a few dollars that will be spent on something banal like laundry. Sad.

  3. I know this video is old but awesome haul, i got a type 2 1979 Susan b Anthony proof that's an 80 dollar coin and a half dollar 40% b

  4. Congratulations, you ripped some woman off. Never mind the fact that she was going to deposit the coins, you ripped her off. Hey, if you would've given her even half the value of the coins, it would've been a win/win situation……I hope her dead grandfather haunts you. I'm unsubscribing, you're a filthy louse👎

  5. I say this is fake! If not, only in america can a person be so stupid as to do what she did AND to completly rip her off!!!

  6. I was at Mac Donald's in line and he needed to cash in some coins. I said sure gave him $100 and it was awesome!!! Got a few gold maple leafs, 1 Oz kruggerands and a bunch of gold coins with panda bear on them. Not sure where there from but this is a pretty good find I think. Oh and some copper pennies which aren't Wirth anything but..

  7. 32-S quarter found in "circulation" is completely unheard of. It has to be remembered…the under 500K mintage of 32-S and 32-D, collectors didn't have to wait until 1957…or 1947 or 1937 to know those were rare. That's the find of the day on this batch, amigo.

  8. 😡You should’ve (honestly) informed her what she had and then offered her something like a fair compromise price.

  9. Did you at least tell her they are worth their weight in silver or did you just say they're "worth a little over face". I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I did what you did. It's stealing.

  10. Rob I like watching your videos but I have to I'm disappointed in ya. You took advantage of this woman. You knowing what she had and she didn't you should have explained to her what she had and at least offered her closer to the real value. That's called integrity…… and says a lot about you……🤨

  11. Yeah……… the fact that you are so giddy of it like a 5 year old kid that found a $10 in the bushes bothers me. You're so proud of yourself its disappointing. I'm unsubscribing from you channel. I know you don't care but you really put a black eye on the crh community along with the other commentors that find this AWESOME, COOL, AMAZING………… it's called integrity of which you have non. I'm sure you sleep fine at night with as excited as you are with your thievery. Sad sad man you Robb but hey your name fits, right!

  12. Karma man…you will lose it the way you got it and perhaps more. That could have been YOUR mother being cheated by an unsuspecting dooshbag.

  13. You are a rip off I will never watch your stuff again you could of gave double the face value it wouldn't of hurt you

  14. Wish this guy would stop popping up on my feed. Annoying as hell. For some reason I can't even think of coins when watching him, all I think of is oxyclean.

  15. Stupid question i am sure but what coin book would you say is the first one i should pick up? As far as determining values etc?

  16. What coin collecting book do you have for quarters and pennies? I am just starting to collect and search. My father already has a collection of a 5 filing cabinet safe of quarters, pennies and half/whole dollars I want to go through.

  17. Great luck. Bout 20 years ago, I was working as a cashier and someone rented movies with a collection of coins including a 21 Morgan, and a few other silvers. It is in nice shape too.

  18. Ok, I have to say your voice has bothered me and I didnt know why but after this video I know it is the last I will ever watch of yours, and i'll be UNSUBSCRIBED. Why you ask? Because yours is THE VOICE OF GREED….couldnt give the lady (Whom by your own admission inherited those from her grandpa) A FEW BUCKS EXTRA?? Leaving yur channel DISGUSTED

  19. If you would have simply handed her a fair amount of money she would have scored and so would you…then a few words of why you handed her more would have been a fair teaching moment….eye to eye moment where both win

  20. I'm new to your channel, been watching a few videos for company while packing moving boxes because your enthusiasm is nice, but this video made me realize i absolutely need to take a closer look at my great-uncle's coin "stash" and mess of stamps 😭.
    He travelled around the world with his wife and i'm pretty sure some of the countries they visited at the time don't exist anymore, so it might be interesting.
    Last time i took a look was 8 years ago when emptying their house after her passing and i didn't pay close attention at the time but i knew i wanted to keep them.
    I'll ask just this one question : for a beginner, what would be the best way to organize and consolidate a variety of coins into one easy storage?
    Thank you for your time!

  21. Sorry this turned my stomach. after counting up the coins I would have added extra and not tell her. Sorry I am going to unsubscribe.

  22. Good for you for finding these great coins! Just curious, do you trade children your "big nickels" for their "tiny dimes" too? Karma's a bitch, man, and you've got a whole heap of it coming someday…

  23. If my kids/grand kids do anything like that lady did to my collection I'd rather just give it to a serious young collector…
    Keep the pieces of history out of the Treasury…

  24. I’ve only had that happen once in my coin collecting career. I got to Benjamin half dollars for face value mostly because they didn’t know exactly what they had. I kind of feel bad when that happens, like you’re taking advantage.

  25. Wow! Did you tell this Lady what they were actually worth? The elderly lady next door that I mow her lawn once a week, had some silver, 4 morgans, 3 Peace, couple dozen Merc dimes, some Franklin half's, 10 silver Wash Quarters. I told her what Silver Spot was and gave her that price, came to 226 bucks that's what I payed her.

  26. Congrats on the find. True story: one time I went to my local bank, asked the teller, “Got any older bills?” She said, “yeah.” And then I nearly had a heart attack, the teller had 5 $20 bills with the brown seal circa the 1920’s, 1929 I think. I told my mother who was present and she bought them all for her and my collection. I will never forget that amazing day.

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