Esslinger Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Concentrate

Esslinger Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Concentrate brings you top of the line jewelry
cleaning solutions. Increase the efficiency of your ultrasonic
jewelry cleaners with this cleaning solution from Esslinger. This incredible concentrate safely cleans
everything from jewelry to eye glasses, gemstones to watch crystals, and much more. Not only is it safe for all sorts of uses,
it is also tough acting. It removes Tripoli, Rouge and other buffing
compounds with ease, and it is great for degreasing as well. Simply pour the cleaner in your ultrasonic’s
tank and let it do the work for you: in just minutes you’ll have your jewelry looking
like new. Available in gallon, quart, and pint sizes,
you can try out the cleaner with very little risk and once you try the Esscor cleaning
concentrate, you won’t want to go back. Get yours today at!

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