ETS2 1.35 – ATS | Mercedes Copper Roof Gutters Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Trucking | World of Trucks

ETS2 1.35 – ATS | Mercedes Copper Roof Gutters Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Trucking | World of Trucks

good evening everybody how are we doing
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time it’s your boy agent 55 coming back at
you with a new little different little adventure we got going on I’m going to grab
a little copper roof gutters going from Oslo Norway to Gothenburg Sweden it’s
going to check out this truck and see what’s happening here it’s been a while
since I did this oh lord I need to do some things here alright alright let’s
check it out Polaris lines oh okay dang there was
that a 53-foot in another 20 foot we’re at the port it seems like Oh with
driving little more Mercedes okay and I take a picture of this hold on all right okay ladies and
gentlemen let’s roll how do I get out of here at the roundabout take the second exit
go away ya hear that GPS what you’re gonna do
oh you gonna hold up I bet you can’t oh we got a tunnel nice I like that this is a new adventure let me turn my
lights on my lights on there we go oh you got a that’s not open
oh I’m speeding 10-4 captain I like this this is alright man alright we slowed Oh get the wrong button on that one ten-four list oh sorry y’all I just want to check
the sound out now all right I just I just for me double-checking because normally oh
what was that you saw that move in Euro Truck Simulator 2 how about it
this is this is all right have no complaints Oh get ready to rain so let’s turn the
wipers along oh it’s pouring oh we got tolls that’s right slow down I wonder what happens by running I’ll
mess up the load I’m gonna find now that’s right dude what you doing why are you doing
all that shit man why did you do that’s a typical driver
man I tell you typical that was a really unnecessary Oh we it is really coming down oh we got
another tunnel blue and lightning all right oh here we go stay in the lane man
you don’t have a steering wheel so there pay attention try to at least man it has really come down I wanted to hide you’re playing on this
road now you know I have been in this game ten for captain alright y’all sense I am paying
attention drop me a comment see how hurry things going with you guys on
that on there on your guys aside over there we do their haul in auto transport
now I know I was speeding give me some suggestions see where I want to go tell
me where it’s a good place to drive through I’m gonna be exploring Europe
you’re a truck for a little while I’m upload my videos it’s kind of hard
to upload videos when you’re on the road a lot you know don’t get good internet
source Oh cliff I knew it buddy come on yeah bro my bad look at everything fine – one day I
don’t know seem like a sports game you start playing my madden and again okay I like the way that sounds Mercedes mr. GPS what is that coming up is that another toll rest area it is
another toll goodness gracious that’s the way there there’s somebody
standing out there hold on showing up is hahahaha take a picture of that I gotta
take a picture of that hey buddy all right no I’m coming man oh I didn’t
press Enter y’all can wait
oops my bad start taking a little bit more pictures this time around of
different different sites you know starting I understand there’s a little
game a little bit better a little concept of everything I hope is not gonna rain all the way
through you see how much more time we got we got seven hours yeah seven hours
who we are it’s a long time she’s tree oh that’s close look at oh man I
wish it was all shits out ya know all right let’s go maybe another time I’m gonna come back
and take a picture of that gonna get a better view
I should have been another lane let’s say that the navigation off man Oh
see you Oh bro what you doing oh oh man you hockey your horn you cut me off dude
long maybe I maybe I ran into you wait hold on is that my air horn yeah
there we go F for flashers there we go alright
let’s turn the wipers off come on bro turn it off come on one time two times
there we go this is a nice countryside view ten-four
captain how much money do I have oh man I better
get some money cuz I’m about to be bankrupt
oh listen oh alright here we go this look like a good picture Oh sorry y’all let’s try to take some
pitches here all right sound like I’m gonna come this
way all the time that is just a bridge at the same time caution please mind the speed caution please mind the speed what we got going on you see that see
that on that map one day heck are we going oh we just
turn up hey that so back weird looking roads on the this side something I have
to get use to please slow down come on buddy there we go Charlie I’m gonna gotta go out wide ten-four Oh too far who honked ain’t nobody here look ahead honk
oh that’s it oh that’s the GPS doing that
hey okay oh you telling me which way to go all right I messed up oops damn oh my bad ain’t perfect oh brother ten-four go straight yeah we’re like in a forest we got a
rest area coming up Oh a little town that truck come to the
left are you he’s trying trying right oh yeah I can’t complain because he was teling me to slow down
how much money I got that was my Enzo’s like oh man my ends
is running low you straight just stirring it out I might need to take a
loan on the next one I’m not even allowed to have a loan yet ooh okay I see that on the map what the
heck are we going that looks kind of weird okay back it on down
see all that red over there got red going straight red and turning right oh oh man bro I am so sorry oh my bad man I
freakin hits you like goodness gracious sorry man hold on bruh my bad day man
ooh that’s what rust would do oh man oh yeah cow to deal
oh that was the police – I’m gonna get you man admit I meant to hit the reverse man
back it on down I mean you know yeah every first kid I’ll have a brake pedal
oh man we stop and go out come on back here we go dang man I straight up I blew him up
Oh who’s there I might put this on cruise control
something maybe not it was the speed set 70 there we go put the control on for a little
bit where’s the speed limit in this little
town go straight you gotta look like I couldn’t want a
different way I could have went I could have kept straight they probably went to
the same location see where I’m coming at it out of right
there oh no I got turn right all right I’m
breaking I’m slowing down we’ll put my signal light on exactly I
was trying to do last time and I I don’t know
hit the wrong button just hit this acceleration I got come
our wide yeah we don’t have navigation inside the
trucks do you you are what something-something Oh running low on
fuel yep good to know go straight gosh please mind the speed limit Oh dang do their horns telling me I’m messing up
huh okay our customer needs the freight I’m
coming two hours behind I’m coming just had a
little delay here it’s only my second load man I gotta get something I go get
some fuel up here at the roundabout take the first exit exit down horn there to go off so I did that one
pretty damn good not to Pat myself on the back on that one all right we gotta
get some fuel right up here well I’ll be around the bell King pretty soon if I
keep this playing this I can’t go that way of course hey that’s my fuel
location right there man chill out stop the engine man is guzzling all the way out gonna
have to be there I got old Lord I got oh oh
alright we gotta go we’ll be late running 30 minutes behind schedule here
I’m all come on driver you can pick it up Oh another that damn thing is getting on my damn
nerves I’m gonna take that thing off on the next one oh damn yeah I know my bad my bad
I had to reposition myself here nope we rolling now I’m tired go straight see they see what I’m saying look at it
was more than one way more way down to get over here I’ll be taking that left then again I was messing around with
these damn pictures we got some windmills over here caution please mind the speed caution please mind the speed caution please mind the speed how much more time do I have left here
about 40 minutes oh man I hope I don’t fall asleep oh I’m maxed out look at this we rollin
man with a passive this taker gosh please mind the speed oh there’s a nobody’s on the road
now I would of been screwed yeah you are getting tired you should pull over nah
yeah we got get this load over here that’s gonna mess me up we got 14 minutes man
we almost here oh all right let me slow it down I’m not there next one let me
take this wide all right I got you when I was good not bad for number two Gothensburg Sweden we are here Gothensburg oh I mean we left music slow down so we’ll be glad we got a truck area
what we got yeah it gotta be a truck truck dealership tell me what I discover
yep it’s a dealership it’s a Volvo no easily well we gotta get this thing
in all right we income that’s this one out
I’m already here all right I got it we’ll get my
discovery into I’ll be a waste oh that was close that was close that’s
my little wild and out driving all right let’s go Sweden please they turn right I’m sure
it did I did turn right where the heck am i man dude you messed me up get ready to turn that I am I pay attention to I know I’m late we are finished
you heard that ladies and gentlemen we are finished well thank you for watching
the video if you stayed tuned through all the way through if not hopefully you
will in the future but uh gonna hit that like button and
subscribe to the channel now get back at you with some more videos episode number
two and number three coming back at you peace that was that good and I was late

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