Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century – Release Trailer

Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century – Release Trailer

New lands lie across the Western Sea and we
are the first to exploit them. The sacred mission of the Reconquista shall
continue as we lead Spain into its most glorious century. Even the dissidents who dwell in our lands
can find new purpose in colonies in the Americas, where they are free from the Inquisition. Our holy missions will guide New Spain and
and save pagan souls. Great armadas will escort massive treasures
through pirate infested waters, led by brave admirals on mighty flagships. No enemy vessel
or coast fort shall stand against them. And with this wealth and this power behind
us, the united crowns of Castile and Aragon will rule the world.


  1. The gold of Cortés
    The jewels of Pizarro
    Will seem like mere trinkets
    By this time tomorrow
    The gold we find here
    Will dwarf them by far
    Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys
    Dig up Virginia, boys

    Mine, boys, mine ev'ry mountain
    And dig, boys, dig 'til ya drop
    Grab a pick, boys
    Quick, boys
    Shove in a shovel
    Uncover those lovely
    Pebbles that sparkle and shine
    It's gold and it's mine, mine, mine
    Dig and dig and dig and diggety
    Dig and dig and dig and diggety
    Hey nonny nonny
    Oh, how I love it!
    Hey nonny nonny
    Riches for Cheap!
    Hey nonny nonny
    There'll be heaps of it
    And I'll be on top of the heap!

    My rivals back home
    It's not that I'm bitter
    But think how they'll squirm
    When they see how I glitter!
    The ladies at court
    The king will reward me
    He'll knight me, no, lord me!

    It's mine, mine, mind
    For the taking
    It's mine, boys
    Mine me that gold!
    With those nuggets dug

    It's glory they'll gimme
    My dear friend, King Jimmy
    Will probably build me a shrine
    When all of the gold is mine

    Dig and dig and dig and diggety
    Dig and dig and dig and diggety-dig!
    All of my life, I have searched for a land
    Like this one
    A wilder, more challenging country
    I couldn't design
    Hundreds of dangers await
    And I don't plan to miss one
    In a land I can claim
    A land I can tame
    The greatest adventure is mine!

    Keep on working, lands
    Don't be shirking, lands
    Mine, boys, mind
    Mine me that gold
    Beautiful gold
    Make this island
    My land!
    Make the mounds big, boys
    I'd help you to dig, boys
    But I've got this crick in me spine
    This land we behold
    This beauty untold
    A man can be bold!
    It all can be sold!

    And the gold

  2. I hope in later update the game will be more versatile. The current gameplay relies heavily on military expansion and building a tall empire doesn't have any advantage. Who is going to choose exploration idea if you can simply seize the colonies from other countries in a single war. I'm not saying military expansion should be nerfed, but players should be rewarded choosing to increase the development as equally as choosing to expand the empire via wars.

  3. As an stock holder i hope that Paradox will later on add more free content to the DLC as the price quality of this DLC is a bad deal for the consumer.

  4. DLC : Downloadable crap. I remain unimpressed with the new content that has been added since The Cossack DLC. More buttons to click, new gamey stuff to buff your economy and armies. The new tech trees that feels hollow, some of the workshop stuff does a much better job. The micromanagement from the estates remain the biggest eyesore in EU4. I would pay a solid 60 bucks if: 1. the estates were removed, 2. a flexible trade system, much like Stellaris was added into the game and the reduction of unnessesary micromanagement.

  5. Hello, China? Can I order smallpox inoculations tech? When can you send it? You'll have some ships free by 1433? Yeah, that sounds okay. I'd also like to order an introduction to Confucianism, diplomatic relationship and firearms demonstration. Horses and steel? No, I think we'll pass this time. I've heard our neighbours in the North had ordered some from those bearded guys just 500 years ago, maybe we'll ask them if they have any spares. Can I also order terrible Atlantic storms for 1492? Oh, you're not dabbling into that? Indians? Ok, I'll call them later, thanks.

  6. I know eu4's inflation does not take only my game gold, but also take my real money. Nowdays, the inflation of dlc is so high. Dlc's quality is decreasing but price is same.

  7. I can finally re-enact the greatest genocide in human history. I hope the DLC is accurate enough that I can spread filthy European diseases to the Indigenous peoples of South America.

  8. All i want is a DLC universe where europe and asia only had tribal civilizations and america full of civilized civilizations,like a reverse colonization

  9. That flag of Spain was not used until the eighteenth century (1785). At the time of the conquest of America the flag of Castile was carried. What a historical investigation Paradox …

  10. Look,
    i will happily buy this dlc if you just add a bit more content.
    Maybe some mechanics for hre states regarding colonialism (i mean events and maybe a feature similar to condotierri for "settlers" for the Americas).
    That would be kind of realistic since especially in the US there were tons of german settlers.

  11. Rojigualdas en el Siglo XV, estas son el tipo de cagadas que un juego como los de Paradox debe evitar cometer…

  12. Why i still play this shithole game made by money greedy douchebags? Not Just the dlcs are bad.. These Patches are a Nightmare. Im fed up with this Gamer hostile Game.

  13. I have a problem that i need help with. When i launch the game it appears the eu4 bar down to the "Start" button and then it dissapears and i cant launch the game. How can i fix it ?

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