Eurozone Businesses Growing at fastest rate for 6 Years

Eurozone Businesses Growing at fastest rate for 6 Years

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 26th March 2017 and we are
commenting on the latest report which shows that Eurozone Businesses are growing at an
accelerating pace. Eurozone businesses grew at the fastest rate
in nearly six years in March, led higher by France and Germany according to the latest
Markit Composite Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) published on Friday. The PMI rose to
56.7 from February’s reading of 56. A score above 50 indicates growth.
The report’s authors commented that Europe’s recovery was “surging higher” and that “Job
creation was at its best level for almost a decade.”
The PMI measures companies’ trading activity, giving a good idea of how well the underlying
economy is performing. The report highlighted that the growth was
primarily fuelled by strong performances from France and Germany’s services sectors and
this showed that domestic demand was improving. Of course Greece is a blight on the landscape
and the European economies are not out of the woods yet. However this survey does at
least show an improving trend, which flies in the face of the naysayers who constantly
talk the world economies down. We suspect that interest rate rises will be
considered but certainly not before the forthcoming French Presidential elections, the outcome
of which is far from certain. On the negative side we must not lose sight
that; the Eurozone youth unemployment rate is one in five, and it’s a lot higher than
that in several countries. Also, the Euro economy is supported by the ultra-easy money
policies of the European Central Bank, negative interest rates and quantitative easing.
However an improving job situation and slowly rising inflation removes the fears that persisted
a year or so ago about the negative impacts of deflation. The issue now of course will
be how to continue this improvement and at the same time keep inflation in check.
These are just small paces forward and not a great leap. There are many potential black
swans on the horizon, however, as we have stated since the beginning of this channel
things are never as good as the politicians would have you believe, or as bad as the gold
and silver pumpers forecast. What is important to take note of, is not the underlying figures,
but the trend, and for now, in the US, Europe and much of Asia and many developing nations
the trend is positive – albeit at a much lower level that a few years ago.
The impact on gold and silver prices therefore will be downward pressing against a potential
rising because of political uncertainty and the prospect of military conflicts. One thing
we are confident of however, is that long term silver has a strong future, either because
of an improvement in Industrial usage or as a hedge in line with gold as a monetary metal.
Whilst we see no major surge ahead over the next couple of years, we can foresee gradual
improvement, which quite frankly is great for those who have yet to accumulate more
of the precious metal. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. I also remember that the economy was in a growth mode worldwide in early 2006. We all know how it ended just two years later…

  2. I find it hard to take the numbers seriously while they have negative rates and QE in progress. I believe I read it is an election year in France and Germany, that always seems to work miracles for economies around the world. Nothing to see here IMO.

  3. Thank you I.S. for your views on Europe, your advice on trend is helpful…could you please tell me why the quotes 800 plus dollars for silver and 7300 plus for gold, what are these numbers?
    Thanks again your time is greatly appreciated.

  4. things always look the best right before the fall and not that I trust or care about anything CNBC has to say but I just caught this headline from their website…

  5. Hello illuminati S. Hope you are all keeping well. So days before we trigger article 50 this comes out. What's that smell.
    I'm sure Trump will be happy to see those figures all being true. Maybe they can start paying there way in NATO now. I have known for some time it was only the UK paying it's full % with america making up the difference for everyone else did all the remainers know this. So many things that are wrong within the EU like bidding contracts for work. That's one of the main problems with the EU. We the UK play by the rules and they bend them. We contribute to the world. They pretend to (EU governments not the real countries people) bit off subject, sorry. Haven't had a rant in a little while. I can't help but think when something positive is happening in the EU it's because somewhere else is getting done over.

  6. If things continue to get better in Europe and the US dollar continues to drop. Do you think that gold will go higher than your $1260 forecast? If so, how high and if not, do you think the COT will become even more bearish?

  7. Trends in the US
    Stockmarket PE ratios stratospheric
    Consumer discretionary spending all time low
    Over 15 big name Retailers filing bankruptcy
    Avg US household cash accessible, less than $1000
    Avg US credit card debt $16000 plus auto and home
    Pay increases replaced by consumer credit increase
    Payroll decrease equals lower taxes collection
    Banks lowering credit underwriting guidelines to increase consumer credit line revenue
    Retailers closing, malls vacant equals local Commercial RE Taxes decrease
    Food cost increases due to increasing weather anomalies
    Health Insurance premium increase trending at 25% vs 13 to 18% y2y
    Foreclosure increase as stated earlier
    VIX at all time high
    MSM pitching the stockmarket is doing great. So let's skip the other points

  8. Any way you slice it, I'm hoping, first, that prices go down over the summer, and second, that it turns out that all of Bix Weir's "potential market movers" happens.

    QUITE annoyed it pushed past $18.00 again over the last few hours…but hey…3 more days, and any relative who knows nothing about computers (or anything else I find interesting) oughtta toss me a 50, so that's still at least two new ounces next month. d;o)

    Linkback to here from elsewhere in these here newfangled 'lectronical intarweb doohickey thingamaboxes:

  9. It grows every month and quarter and year for the past last past years…………………………

    All week daily in the news the same bla bla bla who believes this crap…

    Every week people hear this crap consumer confidence grows….housing prices rise…..unemployment sinking bla bla bla why alway on a daily base hammer in the good news and wenn u look around u see big companys lay people off…social spending cut cut cut…wages dont grow……and and and and…………………….bla bla bla bla bla

    No intrest oil demand is low huge debts made the last 8 only thing that go,s up are the stockmarkets for no reason…….QE in the eu that seems endless (why keep on going wenn things are going so well)

  10. Silver is $18.15 right now,  oil is lowering a little and the fed will raise rates 2 more times this year.  Yet, silver keeps going up…do you think just for the next few months it will hit around $20 or close to it then maybe go down.  The reason I am asking this rather  crystal ball question is because I want to buy 100 oz of silver and I can't decide if short term silver will keep going up?  Thanks for all your insight and advice.

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