Even Count Peyote Stitch Carrier #Bead Tutorial – Trägerperlen | #Kolye , #Bileklik , Bilezik Yapımı

Even Count Peyote Stitch Carrier #Bead Tutorial – Trägerperlen | #Kolye , #Bileklik , Bilezik Yapımı

Hi all my friends, ben ilknur Dökmez Jewelry Design Schmuckdesign und Herstellung Welcome to my YouTube channel. These days we’ve seen you with this Trägerperlen I’m gonna work the bracelet and necklace I want to show you how. Let’s go to the necessary materials. Delica (miyuki) beads needed. 0/11 mm (11/0 mm) Trägerperlen required. I need a bead and a bead string. 4 mm 6 mm and 8 mm crystal required Adhesive required, fast drying adhesives only slightly Because you can’t play as you want after you paste That’s why I’m Hasulit brand I use adhesive Because It takes a while to dry. Metal rings required And this way we have a metal cam We call it closing mussels. There are metal beads you see here Required Steel wire required If you are a necklace maker And you can use the closure you want as shutdown I wanted to give you examples in this way. Tire required for wristband We applied in Trägerperlen Technical Peyote technique Double Peyote Of course you can do single Peyotede So you can do peyoteyide made with single number This way you can find templates on many websites Or screen shot in this way You can get it if you want. There are blank templates on the Internet You can print from them. Patterns by yourself You can create Also keep in mind the Peyote process In this way when you invert Brickwork is happening You can also apply brick technique in a reverse way Now I want to show you how to make the pattern here. 3 colors used here You can use 3 different colors Now think of the light color here as brown Think this black buddha as white I want to tell No confusion Now 2 coffee colors I picked it up And I got four black ropes. I put the rope on stop. The beads will not slip Now I’m going to implement the Peyote technique here. Also for those who do not know the Peyote technique In my previous video, I explained how to make Peyote technique, how to make Peyote sewing Clicking on the link at the top right corner Learn from here I’m applying Double Peyote now 6 beads And I got 1 black I jumped one and the other And I’m going in front of the other. A black deilica beads I jumped a bead and got into the other. 1 coffee color I jumped a bead and got into the other. 1 coffee color beads 1 black One white One white color 1 white color 1 coffee color 1 coffee color 1 black color 1 black color Yes, our model is slowly emerging It’s clear what color will come here. 2 white future Coffee color here One white color One more white One more coffee color One coffee color One black One more white Our first flower came out Now here are two black future 1 coffee color in the future 1 black 1 more black 1 coffee color Now we’ve moved to another row 1 coffee color And 2 in black 2 black beads and 1 coffee color We went to another row Here 1 coffee color and 1 black and 1 white Brown Black White Now we are at the bottom of this flower 2 white future here And one coffee color will come. We made it in our second flower This process continues Right and left When these edges have 25 rows Trägerperleyi has a full circle So on the models Just right In the model will not be a defect I’ll show you the end part I’m doing a little more I finished the model I have to take a small amount of adhesive (I have to buy) Just like this middle part. A small amount will suffice I’il stick one side first We need to check Is there a slip? I glued it on the other side If not yet dried Approximately 1 hour Or if you erect earlier Plays will And there will be protrusions from the edges Trägerperlen dried. And now Let’s do the last operation Now the rope came out of here And here I am immediately entering In case she is intact, One more time. Now zigzag (zig zag) way We’ll pass through Right across I’m picking up our rope, and I’m going through the ledge here And from the other opposite I’m going in here As you can see, it closes immediately And I’m doing the same thing again Here and On the other hand I’m crossing a zig zag Again here again And in reverse I’m passing again Intermediate to be robust Once again we can pass Yes, we have covered the Trägerperlen (covered) It’s over. Now it’s time Time to necklace Two steel wires in this way I put the first crystals in 4 mm And now I’m going to set up the Trägerperl If you ask how much length you get Everybody has his own size and Can adjust according to size. You don’t have a standard. Now we’re starting to line up. 4 mm in these crystals. I’m going through every two holes. I’m going to set 6 mm on one side and 8 mm on one side. 8 mm on the right side 6 mm crystal on the left side And one Trägerperlen I’m getting And I’m going through two holes and 6 mm This way, we’re gonna set it up. I arranged the crystals. Mussels I put the cover down I put the metal bead closure on and off. Now I will do the same again. I wear mussels first After I’m wearing a metal closure bead. (bit off) And we’re gonna crush it. I’m crushing it with pliers. I’ve left a bit of abundance. For the necklace to move comfortably We can cut the wire at the end. We are checking the soundness Now to install this metal slide closure First I wear the rings. Our necklace is finished The bracelet is knitted in red. I had a 6-mm crystal between them. And With transparent rubber I’ll tie now. I connect one side, then the other side. I will do And on the other side I’ve had a tire I’m knitting 3 times. And I keep the knot in crystal Yes, the bracelet is finished It was a stylish wristband Easy to remove and remove As I said, you can do whatever width you want, according to your wrist size. How to make jewelry with Trägerperlen I tried to tell him We’ve come to the end of a video. I hope it was a useful video. If you have questions to me On my YouTube channel, under this video Ask your questions Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can like and share my videos See you in the next videos Stay Healthy With Love. Goodbye.

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