Everything You Should Know Before Eating At Cici’s Again

Everything You Should Know Before Eating At Cici’s Again

Pizza lovers want a variety of pizza that’ll
make their heads spin, and for a cheap price. Only in a perfect world, right? Actually, wrong. Only at Cicis pizza buffet! It’s cheap and delicious — but whatever
you do, don’t eat at CiCi’s again until you watch this. Like any competent pizza joint, CiCi’s does
the basic options just fine. But if you really want the full Cici’s experience,
consider getting a little more adventurous. With more than two dozen pies to choose from,
including unique options like spinach Alfredo, barbecue pork, and mac & cheese, there’s a
lot of bold flavors waiting for a bold mouth to try them. “Boring, cold pizza in a box?” “Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Hi-ya!” “Not on my watch!” With so many options to choose from, it’s
hard to imagine even the most jaded pizza buff having a problem finding a pie they like. But if for some reason you don’t see anything
on the menu that tickles your tongue’s fancy, don’t worry, because CiCi’s also allows you
to create your own. Yes, it’s true. CiCi’s CMO Billie Jo Waara explained to Broadway
World that if you just tell the staff you want to make your own pizza, they’ll help
you do it. “Our endless buffet is all about offering
a wide variety of fresh, hot pizzas. With Personal Pizzas, guests have even more
choices, with literally thousands of possible combinations, all included in the price of
the buffet along with pasta, salads and desserts.” The options at CiCi’s don’t end with the toppings. They also offer some interesting white sauce
bases, such as ranch or Alfredo. And that’s important, because according to
at least one critic, their regular tomato sauce isn’t so hot. Casey Barber from Serious Eats wrote, “Tomato sauces are a letdown across the board;
the pizza sauce suffered from dried oregano overload, lending it the simultaneously over-spiced
yet bland taste that afflicts many a generic frozen pizza.” Yikes! Pizza and wings is a combo as old as time
itself. But before you indulge in CiCi’s wings, you
should know a couple of things. First, the cost of the wings isn’t included
in CiCi’s all you can eat buffet, so get ready for a little sticker shock if you thought
your meal was all-inclusive. Plus, they aren’t all that great: basic flavors
like mild and hot buffalo are passable, but they are missing the range of options offered
by their pizza selection. The wings are okay, but at CiCi’s, you can
do better than okay by sticking to other foods. Most buffet fans have no problem shelling
out as much as $15 for an all-you-can-eat extravaganza. But if you love pizza, your wallet will love
CiCi’s. According to their website, while prices vary,
many locations offer their all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for the rock bottom price of
$5.99. Just don’t push it when it comes to the “all-you-can-eat”
part. One unlucky eater posted on Reddit that they
were kicked out of CiCi’s after downing 22 slices of pizza. And they weren’t alone. Another internet denizen complained on IGN
that they were thrown out after scarfing 52 slices of pizza in a single go. Sometimes, life isn’t fair. Now that you’ve finished pounding back some
delicious savory pizza, what should you have for dessert? Well, how about another pizza! Yes, it sounds crazy, but Cici’s actually
offers two sweet dessert pizzas: the Apple Pie Dessert Pizza, and the Bavarian Dessert
Pizza, which is filled with Bavarian cream and drizzled with icing. They also have brownies and cinnamon rolls,
but honestly, if you’re in a pizza joint and they have dessert pizzas, why would you order
anything else? When it comes to having a complete pizza experience,
the one thing you definitely need is a smartphone. A smartphone? Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “What the f-ck does that have to do with pizza?” Like most good restaurant chains these days,
CiCi’s has their own reward app that will help you wring the most out of your dining
experience. It’s simple: once you have the app on your
phone — or sign up through their website if you don’t have a phone — you can use
it to scan your CiCi’s receipt after each order. Once you hit five orders? Boom! A free pizza! If you’re someone who frequents Cicis, it’s
in your best interest to get that app stat. You wouldn’t want a free pizza to go to waste,
would you? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Dont go to cicis until you watch this video of years old common knowledge that we've recycled through about 20 other videos

  2. i tried Cici's before, their pizza is terrible, it tastes like frozen pizza from a grocery store, highly recommend not going there.

  3. Let's be honest you're not going to CiCi's because you love the taste you are going there because the munchies from the weed you just smoked is really kicking in and you don't have too much money.

  4. Cici's is fine if I want to eat a lot of pizza right now. However, there is a Donato's down the street from that Cici's, and if I'm feeling patient then I can go there, instead. (Big Donato's fan, but insert the pizza joint of your choice and you get the same basic idea.)

  5. Our local CiCi got closed because too many health code violations…not only is the pizza one of the worst…it's bacteria infested.

  6. Cici’s uses Mechanically separated meat in their pizzas toppings! Nutrition Ingredients list is online. Too many processed ingredients in cheap pizzas nowadays.

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