EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G+ 80 Plus Gold 1000Watt Power Supply Unboxing And Install

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G+ 80 Plus Gold 1000Watt Power Supply Unboxing And Install

hey guys your friend Iggy back again.
it’s not always a good thing when your power supply dies (never a good thing) today I’m going to do
an unboxing and an installation on the EVGA supernova 1000 g plus power supply
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installing power supplies, CPUs motherboards, video cards, SSDs, playing
the latest games and everything Tech related so yeah last night my power
supply died my lights went out for a few hours we went out to eat and when I came
back I went to turn on my computer because our lights were back on and all
I heard was (zzzxp) what tried a few different things try to by itself (zzzxp) each time
nothing would turn on. So tells me the power supply was bad the it was a bequiet! 1000 watt power supply it was a great power supply while it lasted and
unfortunately it died again it’s not it’s fault it got zapped it happens
unfortunately. Unfortunately I had a very low-grade surge protector but anyway
today I will be doing an unboxing and a build with the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G Plus 1000 watt power supply this is an 80 plus gold power supply so top of the
line there well there’s platinum but anyway top of the line there come over
here real quick as I do the unboxing and then as I’m done with that I’m gonna
jump over to a building real quick I don’t have a way to edit videos unless I
have this guy so come over here real quick
quick shout out to all my friends followers subscribers fans all you guys
for helping me decide between this power supply and that corsair power supply on
facebook, gaming tribe, and you two that confused me on youtube alright so again
this is the EVGA superNOVA 1000 G plus 1,000 watt power supply and I will go
ahead to put a link in the description below and the pinned comment so you guys can check it out on Amazon actually it’s priced amazingly well right now for a
1000 watt power supply this is again 80 plus gold certified 90 to 92 percent
reliability under 115 and 220/240 VAC respectively but this power supply is
fully modular alright it is whisper silent with increased airflow having one
hundred thirty-five millimeter fluid dynamic bearing Fan, 135 over the
standard G’s fan and it is under full load its 24.3 dB alright so first off we have
EVGA supernova G + series then it goes over 650 750 850 1000 watt right over
here this shows you how to install it features and all that good stuff so
definitely good information but I’ll go over that all here and I’m going to put
this aside just for right now we’ll get to that in one sec ok so I’ll just be
taking out everything all right so just that you see there’s
something else in this box all right this brings one 20+4 pin ATX cable ooh
and Velcro too, so it goes from your motherboard to your power supply it also
comes with a molex to two floppy disk adapter so something you don’t see much
around anymore but hey they have it there cuz just in case then they have I
real, I’m really impressed they have a bunch of these velcro ties you could
probably use that for zip tying afterwards without the actual zip tie
then they have here 2 x 8 pin EPS cables so two of those then they have two more
six plus two so four there and then another four, another two here so
six altogether and there’s also these two six plus two
cables so one cable has 2 x 6+2 and the other cable has 2 x 6+2 so that’s nice a lot better for you know video cards that might have two
connections rather than running two separate strands and then 2×3 molex
adapters for those of you that might still have Molex anything so in case
you don’t know Mullen says this is Molex, standard is pretty much dead but
a few things still have it and then of course we have the nice and thick gauge
cable that goes plugged into the wall I’ll go ahead and list the gauge down
below okay and then they also have which is nice well the four power supply screws that would have been nice if they were black
but whatever and then a power supply tester so you can test if your power
supply is bad yesterday I tested my power supply
putting in a paper clip on the fourth and the fifth pin over here and
unfortunately that’s how I tested that it was bad okay so then and then now we have
another baggie o’ cables these are the SATA cables I was worried a minute I
didn’t see them 4 bundles of 3 SATA cables so these are for your hard
drives, SSDs, optical drives if you still have them and the power supply itself
from the pictures it was actually pretty awesome looking looks pretty sexy right
matte black finish then down here we can see the part number UPC EAN and serial
number right there back at the power supply the power
switch as well okay the side of the power supply now go ahead and list all
these ratings on the screen as well same thing on the other side and then this is
incredibly impressive you can see right over here they have one, two, peripheral so
those are the molex, one CPU over here and then another CPU right down here and
then they have one, two, three, four, SATAs one, two, three, four, five, six, VGA and
then right down here the 24 pin power connection so pretty impressive how many
ports they have on here so anyway let’s get to the actual Install, oh and then sorry
then on the bottom don’t forget to take this out, not too
impressive but anyway then 1000 watts silk-screened right on there so pretty
nice alright so let’s get started putting this inside the machine alright
guys so first off we’re gonna start by not by inserting the power supply like
you might think we’re gonna start by connecting all the cables that we think
we’re going to need into the power supply now the reason I say that is once
you slide this guy right in here it’s gonna be very hard to wedge your hands
in there and plug in those cables so it’s best just to take it out now
because I’m replacing a power supply I already counted how many cables I need so you’re definitely going to need to plan how many cables and lengths and all that
good stuff so alright then here first one we’re going to plug in because we
know we’re going to use it is the 24 pin the one that goes plugged into the
motherboard so just the short guy right in here just have it click in and this
guy right over here okay click in, good to go now we’re going to plug in or
next to that so we’ll go ahead and use so right here we can see there’s two
Sata’s so we’ll go ahead and use those since they’re right here next to it so
plug this guy in here I’m this guy right over here
now don’t get triggered because I didn’t plug it into SATA one or SATA two or
three or four in order it’s ok whichever way you plug them in okay and then now
since we have up here the two CPUs let’s go ahead and plug those in real quick
since that are right there anyway okay so one down here for CPU two now most
part most motherboards are gonna have one EPS connection but this motherboard
has two now we’re gonna use them both just because really okay and then we’re
gonna plug in I decided to use this guy the one that is the PCIe cable that
branches off to 2 x 6 + 2 connections that way the video card only
needs one. okay and I’m plugging in a second one just in
case I have another video card to review and that way it’s a lot easier for me to
get to and that’s it so now what we’re going to do is put the power supply
aside for right now then we’re gonna grab all these cables and just slide
them in here and then just pull them through here and just go ahead and slide your Power Supply in now you’re gonna put it in this particular case face the fan is going to
be facing down so it’s going to be sucking air up from the bottom because
there is a filter on the bottom okay and then on this particular power supply or
case I should say there is a cover here so we’re just going to go ahead and put
that in there and then screw in the power supply okay now I know this power supply came
with silver screws for the for the power supply but I prefer the black ones so
since I already had them and I go ahead use them then you just match up the
holes right over here what I’m going to show you guys is just
the basics I’m not gonna get incredibly detailed on cabling it because this is
gonna take me a long time to make it look nice and pretty so I’m gonna show
you the basics and then I’ll come back to make it look nice and pretty
so to plug in your SSDs or your hard drives you’re just going to want to
remove it from here or wherever it may be on your particular case these SATA
cables then we’re gonna go ahead and plug in you’ll notice there’s like a
little “L” shape right down here and that lines up with the “L” shape right over here so then we just pop that in right over here okay and then we’re going to take a SATA
cable and plug in that SATA cable right over here now the SATA cable that
doesn’t come with the power supply and that goes ahead and gets plugged in
right over here to a header on the motherboard for SATA so just a quickie
on that one and I’ll go ahead and put this back I’ll
take care of it as I am making it look pretty you do that after you connect
everything else then we’re going to want to go ahead and feed the ATX 24 pin
connection okay now we’re going to plug it in and it’s going to be in a different place on
every motherboard but mine is right up here and it is angled sideways so I’m
just going to go ahead and push okay just plug that one up there and then
here are the 2 x EPS 8 pin power supplies our CPU cables and again just
to show you guys how to do it I’m going to go ahead connect them up here okay and then then we’re gonna go ahead
and plug in the video card now since I have been reviewing the sapphire pulse
5700 card just gonna go ahead and pop it in right in here
alright and then I’m gonna go ahead and grab that other PCIe cable I remember
this is just one cable so it comes in very handy so you just put together that
8 pin let me zoom in so you can see it better okay so then we grab that 8 pin I’ll slide it right in there now we
grab that other one just 6 of them put aside the other 2 all right so
that’s basically it now if you wanted to the computer is completely cabled it’s
just completely ugly so I’m gonna pretty it up and then actually let me go ahead
and just make sure everything powers on one sec while I grab a cable all right
so then I plug it in for the first time all right and let’s press the button
right up here that’s normal we should hear beep, beep, beep, beep,
I forgot what those beeps are but might be normal so let you guys know in a
little bit alright guys so after and I didn’t realize how still being filmed
but after I reset the CMOS with this little red button over here
I mean zoom in so you could see it there you see it it’s a little red button up
there but after resetting that guy just holding it down for a few seconds I was
able to boot into the BIOS sorry for my studio I’m in the process of moving so didn’t want to boot into Windows so let
me go ahead and restart real quick alright guys so I swapped out the power
supply again with the EVGA 1000 G + supernova and as you can see right over
here she’s working so the issue I was having before that you heard all the
beeps was she was overheating I didn’t have the liquid cooled pump or anything
aside from the fans plugged in so she was overheating I’m very thankful for
thermal throttling it was just keeping itself cool so it wouldn’t burn itself
out but as you can see she’s she’s working great you will see a lot more
from me on this power supply so stay tuned here Iggy out, see you guys


  1. Check it out on Amazon: https://geni.us/IVoE

    In this video, we go over an EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G+ 80 Plus Gold 1000Watt Power Supply Unboxing And Install, specifically the 120-gp-1000-x1. I had a bequiet! Straight Power 11 1000Watt BN285 Power Supply but I got zapped with a cheap power strip and a bad storm, I will never get another cheap power strip again. Aside from that, I hope you like it.

  2. How many of you are liking that Power Supply? Was it mean, or are you not used to seeing so many different connections options on a fully modular power supply? One of the things that I loved the most, because its the small things that count, is that power supply tester. I thought this was a great little addition.

  3. Btw my build is done and works really nice, just overclocked my ram from 2133mhz to 3000mhz and it really helped in games but I'm not really overclocking anything else I dont wanna mess anything up

  4. Hey thank u for the sub!😇nice now i can learn little more about pc and more ❤️hehe was nice to meet u at the live chat..

  5. Have you had any problems with it as I've just bought one for my PC and my PC cost me a literal kidney lol and amazon reviews widely very on this PSU . thank you for the video

  6. I have the same power Supply and I love. I was just wondering if you know what part number is to get driffrent colored wires. Any help would be great thanks

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