Excel Basics 2: Introduction to Excel 2: Excel’s Golden Rule for Formulas, Formula Inputs, & Charts

Excel Basics 2: Introduction to Excel 2: Excel’s Golden Rule for Formulas, Formula Inputs, & Charts


  1. You are just an awesome person what u really love about your videos that you are doing a great perfect job with no confuses thank you for the info it was really useful

  2. Thank you Mike, glad that you update your introduction videos with the latest Excel version. One remark:good that you stongly distinguish between input and output (formulas). In this simple example it is clear that you have a description and right to it the input cel. But in complex models you have intermediate results also with a description. Therefore I use the default "cel styles" input and output,although I dont like these colors. But I do like your green background for formulas in all your other videos. My suggestion is to use this always…

  3. excellent excellent tutorial, you are the bossssssssss of excel. Continue the wonderful works, may God bless you Sir.

  4. Revenue increased by $250 January to February. Which means the revenue growth was 5%. I work in finance and this is how we discuss yoy/qoq changes. I follow your logic for using 105%, but I think your method is not aligned with professional practice. In our spreadsheets, yoy/qoq changes are shown as X%, and the corresponding formula will be written as =(1 + X%).

  5. Hello. If I press the F4 button multiple times for locking a value, the $ sign moves – example B1 becomes $B$1, $B1, B$1. Does this matter or they all just lock the value? Thanks.

  6. Excel Basics 2: Done! I've got a sickness and the only prescription is more Excel!! Another Gem, thanks again! I'm gonna blowaway my wife's current family Excel budget layout!

  7. You truly are a great teacher! Thank you for sharing this!

    One comment…

    You mentioned in the beginning of this video that you'd explain later in this video what the differences are between the button 'merging and centering' and the way you did it here. But that explanation never came in this video. No worries! I forget stuff all the time when I'm teaching with passion. 😉 Do you have another video in which you explain the difference? Thank you in advance!

  8. Just wanted to share. I got slightly confused with the 105.0% as 5%. However, it would be easier for example as 5.0%. However, adding the previous number with the percentage.
    E.G =B2*$B$10+B2

  9. I have been looking for a while to improve my Excel skills and your videos are bringing all new and smart techniques to the very basics, which is keeping me interested.

  10. Center Across Selection is a tool I didn't know existed even with 10 years Excel experience! I shun merged cells but didn't know the alternative. THANK YOU!

  11. Hello Sir, How should i look through your Vide0, to Find Lesson on Ms Power Point/Access/ Publication. I try to look inside, but don't seem to find the Lesson. Pls Advise. Tq

  12. These excel video tutorials are just awesome! I have seen such type of advanced trainer in YouTube forever and I love this trainer much. I want to follow this trainer for other tutorials like; MS Word, MS PowerPoint and something like that. Are those tutorials available in YouTube?

  13. Sir,

    Your every video is more than excellent. I am so confident that there is no other advanced tutorial and trainer like you. I am not interested to follow any other trainer's tutorial if you have tutorial in which I am interested to learn. If it is possible, I will give a lot of Thumbs Up in every of your videos. We need trainer like you to make the world more better. I usually suggest to download and follow your videos whoever want to learn excel meeting with me. Thanks a lot to keep love and patience in your teaching field.

  14. Thank you very much for your videos! I just wonder why you pronounce it /'ɛksɛl/, but not like the verb excel (/ɪkˈsel/).

  15. Hi ! Question, i am practicing while you do the explaination but … when you are at 11:34 to insert the percentage for the ´Revenue % Increase´, Nothing happens with the ´1.05´. And after that when your at 15:20, i cannot calculate the percentage. Why is it going wrong?

  16. many and many valuable points and notes in one flexible example,,,,,, very simple but smart explain. Very much appreciated.

  17. Hi Sir, honestly saying you is amazing I don’t have words to say. I have been learning Excel through your channel, whenever I met difficulty with excel I just come to your channel & watch your videos. You help me understood the concept clearly. Thank you sir and wish you all the very best

  18. Wow, thank you! The effort put in this is amazing! Even though I don't need them, I noticed you added English subs; so cool of you! The tricks here were so useful and I will definitely be using them in the near future. l will try and share your course for anyone who needs it because I am impressed already. Thanks again

  19. Thank you, now I wont hesitate to apply for jobs that ask for proficient in Excel. I'm still learning,but I really flunked , really bad on a job assesment, She asked me to do a typing test, 54wpm. but then asked me to do a graph, and I had to tell her all I'e done in Excel was input date. BOOH, of course I didn't get the job.

  20. I'm envious that you can be so passionate about what you're doing AAAAANNNNNND be so good at it too! (I hope you enjoy it…because you are the best Excel Maestro out there…please don't ever leave us.)

  21. Just one question, dear Sir.
    If revenue growth is 5% then it actually means revenue×(105/100). But does it mean 105%? Because if increase is 105% then it actually means new revenue= [revenue×(205/100)]

  22. I'm an intermediate/advanced Excel user and just like in the Army, never underestimate the power of re-training. Great class, thanks!

  23. I'm interested in buying the video tutorials but I need to know how to subscribe for it as well the topics covered in the video tutorial apart from the ones that are publicly available on the internet.

  24. Thank you for the video! Question: is February supposed to show the salary with the 105% increase? If so why isn't it $10,250?

  25. The way you explain is like we're having a conversation so much engaging that we even lost the track of time and don't want this to be over anytime soon.

  26. Your video is really helpful for me and I like the way you teach in the video. Keep teaching us through your amazing excel tutorial. Thanks.

  27. I just wonder how can you be so generous where many are charging for excel tutorials. You truly have a big heart i must say.

  28. There were a couple new things I learned from this video: Ctrl + 1 and using the Alt Key to snap a chart to a grid. Also along with the Excel Basics 1 video, this video has taught me how to make page setups look aesthetically pleasing. I promise after every video, I'll comment what new things I've learned.

  29. Your explanations are so detailed that even though I already know all this, I have watched the entire videos just so I don't miss anything new.

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