Exciting modern coin cache find, silver signals & live digs! Metal Detecting with Minelab E-TRAC #11

Exciting modern coin cache find, silver signals & live digs! Metal Detecting with Minelab E-TRAC #11


  1. Live in a Medium sized urban area (about 75,000 people). But I travel around a lot and hit towns from large to small =)

  2. great vid! Thanks for explicating your interpretive style at the end. Yet, you have shattered my hopes for finding gold with the etrac. Like you, i am unwilling to dig ify signals. I am done spending hours and hours digging trash. Thats why i bought the etrac. But, it seems like the only thing the etrac is great predicting is silver and copper. That sucks! I don't mine leaving my discrimination open in the ocean but its not worth my time in a park.

  3. The etrac is great at predicting targets, but there isn't a machine on the market that'll tell the difference between a pull tab and gold ring. I have an AT Pro that I use for jewelry hunting in water. Sure gold is worth more, but at the same time I don't do this for a profit and think the coins and other neat finds are more interesting. I get an itch every once in a while to look for gold jewelry. Maybe I'll create a video some day of how many pull tabs I need to dig before I get a gold ring =)

  4. The good thing is pull tabs and a strong current and waves don't get along. While park hunting might only get me a good experience searching for silver, at least i got the ocean. I am still bummed though. I do want a metal detector that can tell the difference between pull tabs and gold.

  5. Nice finds. Still looking for our first silver coin. Hope you have a lot more hunts like that. Keep the vids coming.
    -=The Twins=-

  6. There is a ton of trash but plan to go back soon and dig some more. Gotta be more good coins under all the junk =)

  7. One of the best hunts I've seen in a while Cutaplug. People do the strangest things with their money and then we strange fellows go and find it .

  8. Thanks! Yes we are very strange but not as strange as people who sit in front of a TV all their lives watching others enjoy life =)

  9. I love watching someone break open a coin ball and then a silver drops out, the way silver coins never tarnish is great. I've only ever found one myself haha, GL and HH from the UK 🙂

  10. Excellent video and hunt ! Congrats on all the silver coins, charm, buffalo , wheats, cache of quarter , and all your finds ! Good luck on your next hunt !

  11. Well I did think I had found some silver maybe in that little coin roll =) But I guess it was a neat find even with pennies and new quarters. I used to live in FL for 3 years before I started detecting and loved to snorkel there. If I lived there now I'd probably turn into a fish I love the water so much. There's history in FL just type 1895 Florida map in google images =)

  12. You did really good it looks like to me. Those 4 pennies wrapped up was some little kids treasure. My grandson does the same thing. He calls it pirates treasure and buries them.
    GL&HH from Louisiana.

  13. Good long video with plenty of probe action.  Nice finds… especially the film container & duct tape stashes… Cheers..!

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