Chicken nuggets Brown bear and Donald Trump’s hair these are ingredients chosen to create what are you doing thats my chair are you gonna record today’s video for mama Look look oh with that you need gone get it Come get it come get it ughh Well that worked Ha ha hey guys, it’s Alex and today I am a guy and I will explain why in just a second, but before we get to that I wanted to say thank you so so so much to pazderskisophia Sofia pazderskissophia on Instagram for this awesome fan-art but I saw something on you are being naughty *Kisses cat * Look, you know. She wants to now she wants to sleep on my lap, but that’s okay. That’s okay. Oh Okay So today I am going to do something really really different I am going to go around and do the gold digger prank and if you guys don’t know what a gold digger is it’s basically A girl who only wants a guy? Because of his money because he has a nice car or in this case because he has a lot of Roblox You want to say hi you want you want to be in my video so bad I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of pranks in YouTube and I enjoy watching them and I wanted to see if this was something that could also happen in Roblox You know because you have the noob who doesn’t have any robots who just [wear] to sleep the the free Clothes that you are given in Roblox and then you get a person with a lot of robots and we’re going to see Who gets the girl? Yay, so this is what I’m going to do I’m going to dress up as the classic noob then you know the person who doesn’t have any Roebucks I’m going to go to a girl in the server I’m just going to pick a random girl And I’m gonna ask her if she wants to hang out with me if she wants to go dance and if she rejects me I’m going to change to this Alex guy, which I worked really hard on this character so hopefully she doesn’t reject that either but I’m going to change back to this and see if there is a difference between a noob and a person with a lot of robot we’re going to see if girls in Roblox really care if a guy has Robux in order for you to be friends with them and of course for the purpose of this video I’m going to wear a lot of expensive stuff. So what I did is I put the fiery horns which are 24,000 robot I put the in [laurel] in immortal sword Venom [site] which is 68000 Roba and then we have the prankster face which is 75,000 Robots So I think you’re kind see what I mean by this I’m going to be noob and then I’m gonna suddenly become this person who actually has a lot of robots and looks cool so Let’s see if we can catch some gold diggers in Roblox Shall we It’s going to be a lot of fun Alright guys so I just joined in as a noob and now all I have to do is just find the Lucky girl that I am going to be picking up. Oh or the lucky girl that I’m going to ask out to a dance and I’m gonna grab my really fancy looking car right here right and drive it over and see if I can find any girl a School bus over here see any girl. whoo okay, okay. Every other girl is right here, okay? Let’s go, so don’t get out of my car, [okay]? I just kind of exploded out of it all right now Let’s see which of these girls am I going to approach of feel about hey? kitten girl [so] kitten girl. She seems to like cats. I like cats. So why not hey Hey Hey, Kitten girl Hey you Kitten girl girl What? I’m new here. I’m kind of bored you [wanna] go to the club and Hang out you [want] to go to the club and hang out. Let’s Goooo. She says why? because I don’t have many friends and I think your You’re pretty cool Come on. Just say yes No, thanks. oh [why] not? I’m not that interested what but why? Why? Why are you not that interested is it because I’m a noob I promise. I’m cool and then I’ve got this other noob here my New bro. She’s asking me if I want to hug and He really gets me. He knows what it’s like to be a noob we get rejected all the time you know She’s rejecting the noob [bros]. I don’t even know who this guy is but he’s pretty cool He’s trying to get her [to] I’m gonna try and get her first. Let’s see which is Only one hug poor girl. [I] know I know what I’m gonna. Do okay, wait. I just realized I looked ugly, [I] forgot to change actually [I] Forgot to change Tags fine, okay now Let me just change my outfits really quick, and then I am going to reset just stay here I Promise [I] don’t look like a noob I promise. I don’t look no don’t ignore me kitten girl Kitten girl [I] promise I don’t look like a noob What is it this way, okay? Right now? I’m going to reset and hopefully hopefully We’re gonna see what her reaction is after she sees me with a lot of robots and a lot of expensive items Hmm Let me pull out my radio Yeah, there we [go] um ahem what the heck told you I didn’t look like a noob so You Wanna go hang out at the club I? Have a DJ. Pass. I’m coming out of the club Sure, I guess yes [alright] [alright]. Hop in Hop in my car Hop in let me just change it to gold Since you’re a gold digger. [haha] look at that smiley face wait Okay wait So you didn’t want to hang out with me when I was a noob But you want to hang out when I’m when I look like this so so she didn’t want to hang out with me when I was a noob you guys saw that right and then all of a Sudden I changed my outfit and I am this guy and And she she suddenly interested and she suddenly wants to be my friend gold digger Gold digger you are a gold digger. I found my very first gold digger – hahaha Found the gold digger Yeah, I’m not a cool dude liar We found our very first gold digger guys Yeah Okay guys, so I just joined another server and now we’re going to find our second victim We’re gonna find another girl, and let’s see if she falls for the gold digger Trick let’s see let’s go look for a lucky lady. Let’s see you’ve got some ladies right here let’s see well. She is already a new so probably not um she got it an ice cream cone in her head all right hey, hey um turtle baby turtle, baby Turtle Baby Turtle Turtle What, I like your outfit turtle baby. I really like the mouse ears as well even though no no the whole [point] for me hey hey, hey uh I was actually wandering he wanted to hang out the club. what’d you say I? could buy you a drink or some Tacos Yeah, I love tacos. [nah], nah. [oh] come on I think he’s into [you] jelly. No way. It’s not [like] that. I’m just trying to make friends [what] about if I take you out – oh? Heck no Order that’s opposed to me your friend over there is nicer than you are [give] me a chance I’m cool. I promise No wait Hold on. [oh] [no], she’s asking her over to [her] friend’s house Hold on wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Jelly this Jelly [I] Forgot to change my outfit This why? This isn’t how I look I Promise I promise [this] is when how I look Question mark okay, okay? Okay? Just wait here I promise I’m not a noob. [I] just forgot to change He set my character all right just just wait wait wait right there Okay You see see where you can run away. Come back. Look look look Jelly, Jelly Jelly hey see oh Hi, like my face it was [75,000] Robux, oh wow Okay, see she seems impressed [let] me take you out to the club I promise I’m cool. Check it [out] check it out. What do you think? What do you think? oo she said? Oh okay? Now? She’s interested shiny Yeah so you want to go to the club and get Tacos and Dance Wish I had a car. Oh So hop in eh sure why not [oh]? Wait, wait what? What so okay, so she just rejected me as a noob, but I reset I became Rich this this rich kid in Roblox and now look she’s already in my car Wait, hold up [Drive] me Ben Hold up just a second hold up just a second so You mean to tell me that you Rejected me as a noob but you liked me when I became rich No, I didn’t Yes, you did gold digger Found us another gold digger guys Yay Well leave me alone. Haha That’s what you get that is what you get because you rejected me as a noob But you liked me when you saw that I had robots You gold the guard let’s try this again Okay, so so far we’ve caught two gold diggers Let’s see if we can find any more in this [new] server that I just joined It doesn’t lunchtime, but there’s only two girls. Let’s see. Go look at more girls. Let’s see Let’s go ahead and walk over this way. Oh hey hey. Hey [Oh], Kate, Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate [oh] Jeez I’m gonna freak them out. [oh] my she looks so annoyed at me Hey you’re Really? pretty Yeah, you’re really pretty Why you want to hang out the club very good? You know go away Bacon hair wait No, she’s running away from me wait Kate Kate whoa Hey, okay, okay? She’s running away from me. So this is not going to work, but I am going to respond as the Rich Rich, [Roebucks] Alex, so Let’s see if this works out, okay We’re going to find cake we’re gonna see how she reacts to me being a guy with [a] [robot]. Let’s go find Kate Where is she is that Kate over there Kate Kate? Hey? Hey Kate Hey Kate Hey, hey hey, hey You look really? pretty I don’t know if she remembers [who] I [am] if she remembers that I was the new Thanks, no problem. [I] was wondering if You wanted to hang out? I was wondering if you wanted to hang out you know um I’m pretty cool Plus, it’s kind of boring here Okay All right see I’m gonna pull out my car and what do you think? What do you think? Oh cool? Whoa, okay okay? Okay? So she’s starting to like me? So what do you say we go to the club? I’ve got the DJ pass by the way and we can dance [and] Maybe we can be good friends [yeah], yeah All right Yay, she said yes All right get in get in get in the car get [in] the car Get in the car. All right your girl. [hey], don’t expose me wait a minute Kate you remember me from earlier [I] was a noob and you called me ugly. [you] remember that ha ha ha she’s just laughing it off, but you liked me when I was like this and When I showed you my car gold digger Ha ha ha so far. This is going out really really well well I mean, not exactly going out well because these girls are only interested in me once they see that I have these expensive things and They don’t care about wienie when I [on] [noob] They don’t care about me at all. They don’t even don’t even care and they just run away from me when I am a noob But anyway shall we try this in another different server. Yeah, let’s go to another server Ok new server draw a club. Let’s choose a girl go see Which girl I am interested in being friends with see that girl is already talking to a guy [Margo] is performing this the guy um Cheating speedy ok you girl Her name is just literally just girl ok hey girl. Hey, girl. I Like your hat your hat is nice. Hi. I’m [Kinda] new [here] and I don’t have any friends. [I] was wondering if you wanted to hang out oh she said all I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, maybe 20 oh no Go to the club. Maybe she said maybe oh She said maybe oh my gosh, okay, okay? I? Can’t go to the to the club and dance Okay All right, come come with me come with me. Oh my goodness That’s a girl this girl actually said she wants to go with me as a noob all right Wow, okay, okay? Come [here] follow me. She actually calls you [sexually] [fool] with me What the first gold digger that I mean the first girl who is not a vault digger? [what] what I meant? She’s coming with me okay? Okay? Let me pull out my car and see if she actually gets in my car Guys who brought in car right here? [oh]? This [is] my car Okay, jump in jump jump in hop hop in yeah, Hop in I’m gonna Drive him I can’t I can’t believe this she actually went inside. It’s cool, LOL Okay, it’s a little dirty Yeah It is a little bit dirty. It’s a little bit rusty. Isn’t it okay, so I’m gonna take her over to the club Okay, that’s that’s actually pretty cool of her my first my first friend as a noob Maybe we could go to the car wash later Why not? Oh? Whoops [all] right. Come here [can] [we] [eat]? This way [alright], go to the club Yeah, we’re gonna Dance. We’re Gonna have a great time Let’s put some [panic] at the [Disco] [yes], I’d come smoke there we go Trippy floor I know right [ok] guys, so we [found] the girl who didn’t care that I was a bacon hair She went out with me anyway. She actually wants [to] be my friend [even] though. I’m a noob [which] is crazy [but] since I did find a girl who? Didn’t reject me finally then I guess I’ll end the video here And I hope you guys enjoy this video if you like to see more videos like this Let me know and hit that like button and also don’t forget subscribe to join The dark side with me alright. [oh], you’re gonna play it guys next time and until then God bless you, and I love yourself love so much bye guys outro plays subscribe


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