Extraordinarily Hard Games [#01] – Silver Surfer

Extraordinarily Hard Games [#01] – Silver Surfer

[Laughter] so back when I first started watching YouTube videos probably back in college one of the biggest things I was into at the time was AVGN when he was first getting started really AVGN used to highlight all like the shittiest and hardest games on like the Nintendo all the old school systems he would play all sorts of different stuff Silver Surfer was one of my favorite videos of his for sure I think I’ve played this once a long time ago I definitely didn’t beat it I definitely just wanted I think it was because of his video I tried it out and I was like oh god is it as bad as he actually says it is today I’m going to attempt to play this extraordinary piece of shit game and I’m playing on a regular Nintendo here and I don’t have a turbo controller if you watched AV Jen’s video he was like he was like you basically have to have a turbo button which I don’t so we’re just gonna have to deal with that so if I remember correctly I believe he’s started with this stage the rectal rep tile all right here we go can I kill these things oh my god rubber ducky all right here we go so I have to mash the book hey you can you can they just take a lot of hits it’s a lot of hits okay I have to mash the button cuz I don’t have a turbo controller wait there’s the power up here we go okay you can you can make it go behind you oh my god go back to the front back in the front I’m scared remember I remember guys come from the rear at some point yeah just be cool up here alright alright nice nice keep tapping that button my hand is already tired okay so far this stage isn’t bad surely I don’t go back to the beginning right the very beginning you just got to be careful about those guys that shoot shit cuz once they fire the bullet there’s like nothing you can do why can’t you just hold the button like what what the shit were they thinking careful there it is there it is woo dude that comes at you like oh god how do I even okay I don’t just gonna ignore those guys whoa whoa you can kill those duckies dude Wow okay step here step here what the back to the beginning we oh dude I got a checkpoint really well hot damn we’re in there but we lost our power up so I’m basically fucked okay we’re gonna stay on the bottom this time because last time last time top didn’t work so well these fish are crazy alright you can actually shoot the bullets out of the air holy crap okay that’s really good to know if you line yourself up just right you can actually take out the bullets whoo that was a door I didn’t realize that power-ups power-ups what’s that what is that thing what I get I read I read that if you hit select you can fire a bomb so maybe I have some of those uh try it keep firing don’t stop never stop no one’s gonna come from behind are they dude it’s a boss okay I did just use a bomb it blows up everything on screen holy shit I don’t know if it damaged the ugly guy back there though aw come on come on come on come on I do we did it we did it we beat a section it’s really all I needed all right so we move on to section two and if you ever watched the AVGN video this is definitely gonna look familiar this heinous just heinous garbage so we have zero lives so I think we all know what happens when I lose I’m gonna go this way the other way did not pan out for me and what can I touch though I don’t know what I can touch I touch I touch this I think I can touch this yeah yeah dude my finger doesn’t button-mashing yeah I think we’re good here take him out take him out watch out no no no and we clutch this out zero lives watch out watch out watch out I need a power up so badly gonna stay over here this looks okay over here yeah stay well stay all the way over here I’m not gonna worry about [Music] hey at least we beat kevro start to continue select to quit let’s continue to section – oh shit there must be continues it’s not all over what is the s – I don’t know half these letters mean I mean your best bet is to stay as far back as possible because then at least you get a little bit of a chance to evaluate the situation you need to kill everything because you might find a power up on certain enemies if you try to kill things you put yourself at risk of getting yourself killed [Music] alright well we are deep in the shit hole now folks oh my god power dudes yes okay you can you can choose shoot two forward one forward and backwards one to the side which is kind of cool oh my god I got to get out of here this is this is ridiculous give me give me the fuck out come on dude unbelievable how how am i alive what is that was that a 1-up was that a 1-up I think that might’ve been one up do new stuff crazy Turtles crazy turtles look at their movement patterns are so random okay okay do the bow this is like looking at one of the oh shit nevermind we got a boss no time to talk we got a boss we got lost no no no no no no wait I just like camp at the corner oh no that would not have works just fucking kill him just fucking kill him just go just unload on his face guess yes wait it’s not over you kidding me it is over there’s a third section when does this level ever end oh my god no is this is gonna I don’t know what I’m gonna do why what is the f – I don’t know but I got it holy shit holy shit I had the powerup we lost it snow that looks like the final boss based on the picture in the bottom right and now we’re weak now we’re weak Oh God whimpering and defeat like I desperately need to kill these guys and without the powerup it’s nearly impossible quick some soap I’m so pathetic all right well we got to do this boss about the power up now so god speed us on our quest get him come on bitch come on bitch yeah get him please tell me that wasn’t my life game over was gonna put me section 3 section 3 I’m wonder if they allow the turbo button no I got a powerup and speedruns dude I got powerup it just dodged the balls don’t try to take him on use the bomb I use the bun got him got him yes yes the device piece has been surrendered yo something is happening what is that like a robot with one leg and a football on his head all right so we beat we beat the dinosaur which one should we do next let’s try I don’t remember the stages one of them what’s the one with the gargoyles I don’t want that one we’re gonna try this is the fire one fire Lord this little what the firey pumpkins that shit all over the place ok if I remember correctly you can’t touch any of the walls here [Music] okay I definitely remember the hands No they just barreled right through me man they didn’t even care that keep firing keep firing they don’t down a lot of health as long as my aim is good except for these guys are another story whoops that did not hit me I call foul alright this section is proven to be a doozy so far it’s good though it’s good what we got to do is not suck and we can do this we can do this come on come on bitch no dude I really need really need that powerup wow that went well look bomb okay I don’t know I guess it was worth it wait wait good use the bomb okay use the bomb to blow up the hands to get me through oh my god oh my god what is with this movement dude those movement patterns hey guys like listening to me mashing this a button the whole game forearm is getting a little bit tired I’m not gonna lie we made it through the first section it’s a miracle oh no no can I kill those I doubt it what is this power up that I have I have some kind of super shot [Music] okay there’s lava puking from the ceiling there are pumpkins that want me dead but if you kill the pumpkins it looks like you’re good unbelievable oh my live on my live seriously how am i alive can I have that oh I’m glad I didn’t get trolled wait are there more pumpkins dude I am so powerful right now how the fuck should I get through this okay we are alive still somehow oh my god holy crab what is that one up the lives still alive come on come on come on I don’t have any bombs wish I had some bombs the troll pumpkin comes out of nowhere and takes everything okay good good checkpoint place in that good checkpoint placement watch out for that pumpkin dude they have so many hits so many hits so many hits and pumpkins everywhere Oh No not looking good folks were down to one life and just getting completely worked by this section here I do have a bomb ooh I could use a bomb will save our bomb just in case things get real shitty okay I would say things are real shitty with this weak-ass weapon I can’t kill these things in time okay so kill kill this guy kill him kill him real quick get in there you know what he’s the bomb I don’t care he’s still puked on me even though you did the bomb well my friends we have game over which means we have to go back to section to the beginning which you know what that’s okay that’s fine it’s fun no big deal I can get all my power-ups back then maybe I’ll stand a chance in that one section did that pumpkin just getting paled on the roof did it got stuck and his face was sad watch out for the pumpkins that pumpkin right there got me last time up not today man we’re back we’re back and with power-ups look how quickly look how quickly we kill these things now it’s amazing careful careful we know pumpkins please no pumpkins please no pumpkin in this no stay high sigh say who would stay way up there what no oh I am fully loaded right now he’s the bomb it’s a super boss pumpkin hey we got him alright we are moving forward to section three lots of power-ups which means I’m gonna get blindsided by some bullshit and lose them all I can’t wait kinda claustrophobic in here no big deal whoa it’s the Fire Lord mic aiming at oh there he is back there to get him oh that was not the fire Lord that was something though there he is yo I got a shot on him from here fucking rectum alright we restored the arm of the robot okay I think I think we can check out one more stage you know it’s going alright let’s try let’s try this guy Mephisto no this is the one I didn’t want does the one of the crazy ghost okay well the good news is that this powerup is amazing so we’ve got not only do we have double shots but we hold that thought let’s not even get attached to our power-ups because we’re about to lose them the gargoyles these guys have any coherent movement pattern or they just flying all over the place you can kill the gargoyles before they spawn how did I do that whoa I would be useful what the Wow everything moves so erratically not just the gargoyles look at these bats powerup please yes yes okay the trick to the gargoyles is killing them before they go batshit crazy I’m so dead I’m so dead I’m alive I don’t know how that’s a miracle stay back although what if something comes from behind got him got him got him got him guys keep spawning go away go away go away go away please okay oh my god stupid ghost stupid ghost gargles oh shit come on don’t kill me now look how powerful I am yes the super ghost get him got him good done dude the trick to this game is the powered up weapons they’re so good you see how quickly I dropped that boss alright section two on the fist oh we’ve got some heinous over world looking set up here I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level before mm can I touch that Oh do that eyeball how was I supposed to deal with that both power-ups squandered my life is in shambles right now I still don’t know the apps even do these eyeballs are absolutely ridiculous look at the look at those movement patterns look at they are spawning out of thin air man wait what what the wait he’s not doing anything okay we’re good hey back play cool kill the watch out what are these guys oh my god no no no no eyeballs oh hi balls the hand right there trigger him go past we gotta we got a checkpoint but we’re on our last life here so not great do these hands are so trollee it’s like they’re so random when they pop out that’s I think I ran out of continues alright so the answer is yes if you run out of enough continues the game does start from the very beginning we were able to defeat the Godzilla dude the Firelord and about halfway through this guy before unfortunately we met our end I feel like I need to play through this game all the way now alright so this has been silver surfer for the NES if you guys have any other ideas for other hard games you’d like to see me play throw them out there we’ll see we’ll try it out let me know how you enjoyed the video if you want to see more stuff like this Silver Surfer more like silver shit


  1. You should try Recca on NES. Great shooter. You should also try some shooters on MAME, like Battle Garegga and DoDonPachi.

  2. Damn that was entertaining! My wife and I love watching your videos, if either of us think of an extremely difficult game i'll reply here or tweet you.

  3. If you're also tempted by non retro games, you could try… Mushihimesama: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377860/Mushihimesama/ Utra mode is completely insane. It's a bullet hell game. 😛

  4. when the first video game you play is COD, one has no appreciation for '80s games and how today's games are standing on the shoulders of giants. with that said, i never played this one, but reminds me of Contra.

  5. Nice video! I fondly remember this game, but I now realise it was way too hard.

    Have you tried street fighter 2010? That would be my suggestion for another of these!


  7. Really diggin this series idea. Some suggestions:

    Comix Zone (Genesis)
    Adventure Island (NES)
    Chakan: The Forever Man (Genesis)
    Shinobi (PS2)
    Jewel Master (Genesis)
    Strider (NES)
    Hagane (SNES)
    Earthworm Jim (any of them)

    I think it would rule to see you play any of the above. They’re fun games to watch.

  8. Silver Surfer the near omnipotent cosmically powered power house… but dies to a single hit from a baby turtle

  9. Since Seeing this Video, I've gotten myself a copy of the Game. As Grueling as it is, I Have Grown to Love the game save for the Hands in the 2nd Mephisto Level, It is one of those games that forces you to learn as you go along and you get better at a decent speed as long as you can remember patterns and where items are. I am currently able to get to the final area, the Magik Domain, but I have yet to complete it.
    Definitely not worth calling a bad game. Frustrating, But not Bad.

  10. That pumpkin that starts jumping at 11:38 becomes so sad at 11:43 when the Silver Surfer passes by without getting hit…

  11. I know it's not an older game, kinda new still actually, but you should try Celeste by MattMakesGames, It debuted on the Nintendo Switch but you can still get it on Steam… it's pretty difficult, especially if you want to complete it 100%… but even without that 100% it's still pretty difficult. It's a dang good game for its story either way though… so check it out if you can. (20 dollars even though it's visible on its purchase page thingy…) It IS a platformer, so… that's fun

  12. Uber troll Mario game. please do a video, I died 100 times on the first two levels.

  13. please play Spider-Man And Venom: Separation Anxiety for SNES. Most people have never beat the game, it is very difficult.

  14. Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril & Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment are extremely hard NES 8-bit "homebrew" games similar to the Mega Man NES games, and they're awesome. They were rated 4.53 and 4.6 out of 5 on difficulty on GameFAQs (NES Ghosts N Goblins was rated a little bit harder at 4.73, NES Ninja Gaiden 3 easier at 4.41). One hit and you're dead and have to start back at the checkpoint. There are five difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Unfair! Normal mode has unlimited continues and passwords. Unfair mode is no continues, no passwords…one hit and you start over at beginning of the game!

  15. Mike Matei said on Twitter that Silver Surfer NES is easy compared to Nexzr (PC Engine CD), R-Type (MAME arcade Japan version) or Gradius 3 (MAME arcade Japan version, not the Asian or Worldwide versions and definitely not the SNES Gradius 3 "arcade" mode which is easier than the real arcade game since you get continues). Particularly Gradius 3 arcade is far harder than Silver Surfer some people agreed.

  16. I'm watching Mike Matei's playthrough of Gradius 3 Japan arcade version (on PS2 or MAME) (here's the link: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=CIVXANP68Zg) and he's very good at shoot 'em ups and says "Gradius 3 makes Silver Surfer NES look like a fucking joke. This is one of the hardest games ever made for any system. Silver Surfer is like a 7 out of 10 on difficulty, I beat that after practicing a few times, if you want a hard game play Gradius 3 or Nexzr or R-Type arcade version or Touhou." He's talking about the Japan arcade version on PS2 or MAME, not the SNES Gradius 3 which is easier (even "arcade" mode on SNES version is easier since some of the hardest levels were removed like Stage 9 Cube Rush).

  17. This game isn't bad avgn is a baby when it comes to difficulty. The game is good if you can put up with the difficulty or accept you won't beat it.

  18. I got this on emulator. I set the emulator on my 360 controller and I have turbo buttons with it. I try manually tapping the button, but it's hell on my thumbs. so I just hold the turbo button on my controller.

  19. kinda funny how one of the most powerful marvel characters takes a ton of shots to kill things but gets one-shotted by a diver with a harpoon gun… I mean shit the guy can absorb universal energies has superstrength endurance and senses but one fricking piranah or scuba diver takes him out…just…what were they thinking…

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