F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold 28 gauge test firing

F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold 28 gauge test firing

Fellow hunters, we continue our journey in Valtrompia to discover what the guns of our coming hunting season will be. In this case we have here a very elegant side-by-side, it is a F.A.I.R., the model is the Isis Prestige in the Tartaruga Gold version. It is a side-by-side in 28 gauge, as we can see from the elegant and well-recognizable style, the English-style stock, also with an English-style forend that’s extremely comfortable and secure in the hand, a safe grip also thanks to the laser checkering with a double pattern. Wood is obviously selected walnut and oil finished. Also noteworthy, a fine detail – the escutcheon at the end of the stock that allows hunters to customize their guns with a touch of class or with their own initials. Let’s observe the elegance of the receiver, a round body. Also extremely elegant are the long side plates, finely engraved with gold-inlaid wild birds on a color case hardened surface. The single trigger is protected by a large guard that also facilitates its use. Trigger blade is golden. A double trigger version is available too. This side-by-side is available in all main hunting gauges, therefore 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410t, all with dedicated receivers, with the exception of .410, which uses the same receiver as the .28 gauge. We have chosen this gauge that was once considered small, but thanks to all modern ammunition on the market, is suited to many different types of hunting. A feature shared by these barrels with all F.A.I.R.’s barrels, that are well-known for their reliable and precise ballistic performances, is the chrome lining which ensures longevity of the gun and also accuracy and excellent groupings over time. Barrels, in this case 71 centimeters long, are available in various lengths suited to different types of hunting, from 62 up to 76 cm and can be equipped with internal and interchangeable chokes. The rib, as you can see, is concave and therefore facilitates aiming and fast target acquisition. We’d already talked about this rifle. But it’s one thing to look at a gun in all its beauty and perhaps within the framework of an exhibition pavilion, quite another to approach shooting practically and technically. So let’s test it. You will see it during a hunt, but in the meantime let’s try to get acquainted with some shots on the sporting clays route. We are in Duppo valley, in Lodrino, so still here in Valtrompia, to give you our first impressions directly from the field. The gun is accurate, as you have seen, Intuitive and also stable when firing. The impression from the field is pleasant Now let’s wait and see the Iside Prestige side-by-side directly on the hunting grounds. This side-by-side is sold to the public at a price of 3225 euro.

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