Fabergé jewellery exclusive: a Secret Garden of coloured gemstones

Fabergé jewellery exclusive: a Secret Garden of coloured gemstones

Maria Doulton: Secret Garden is the name of
Fabergé’s new high jewellery collection, and it goes back to the idea that Carl Fabergé
was very fond of making jewels in the form of flowers.
Carl Fabergé was a daring man, and he brought to people’s minds the idea that you could
have beautiful objects making use of materials that perhaps had never been combined before.
Rather than just present the biggest diamond or the largest necklace, what he did was make
combinations that were delightful, and that intrigued people.
Natalia, can you tell me the inspiration behind this incredible collection? Natalia Shuageva: Well, it started with an
original idea that was about flowers. Peter Carl Fabergé was very famous for his flower
studies. Maria Doulton: Fabergé has literally painted
with gemstones, and this jeweller is known as the artist jeweller, so it is quite fitting
that a wide array of coloured stones are chosen and put together as an artist would. This
collection is in fact also inspired by how Chagall approached painting, with those loose,
open brushstrokes that give a sense of joy and informality despite the great technique
and skills that are required to bring all these stones together. Natalia Shuageva: All Fabergé designs retain
the artist jeweller aesthetics, through the use of various techniques and materials, and
all this with the highest level of craftsmanship. Maria Doulton: This work, combining these
solid colours with these lighter colours, is very subtle, but overall the effect is
so different and so surprising, it really is as refreshing as a freshly picked bunch
of flowers. We have sapphires, spinels, emeralds, diamonds, and even this carved Siberian jade
that forms the leaves of the plant. Fabergé’s Imperial Easter eggs were designed
to delight, with a secret popping out of each egg. In the same way, these jewels also have
a little secret of their own for you to discover. All the jewels in this collection are one-offs,
and you will never see another one made like this again, but should you require something
to your exact specifications, Fabergé also takes on bespoke commissions. I think that when you find out that it has
taken a year to assemble these stones, to carve them, to find the craftsmen who can
do the enamelling, who can do all the different types of setting, capable of making those
flexible articulations, you realise that a masterpiece is really a coming together of
many exceptional people and materials, but always with an element of surprise, and that
I think is something that Carl Fabergé himself would have appreciated. If you want to know all that’s happening
in the world of jewellery and watches, visit my website, thejewelleryeditor.com.


  1. its very colourful and busy but would look lovely garden florade tiara for someone special. I love the jade leaves as well. I had a hair jade and flower bead piece I used to walk over it and never ever used it because I didn't know where I could wear it anyway like a netting applique hair piece of wires I didn't know what to do with it on myself. But these on the video here are very show stopping.

  2. Пока читаешь перевод, сами украшения уже не успеваешь рассмотреть. Увы.

  3. This has always been one of my favorite videos. The jewels and even the video itself are utterly beautiful and fascinating.

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