Fallout 76 – Ultimate fallout 76 XP Glitch / Exploit (Steel, Copper and Circuits) Easy Caps too

Fallout 76 – Ultimate fallout 76 XP Glitch / Exploit (Steel, Copper and Circuits) Easy Caps too

hi guys welcome back to another fallout
76 video no today’s isnt a build its a glitch that was shown to me
by xraw another creator has link is in the description below no less collect
gets you XP corporate steel fusion sales and socket boards no soccer balls are
important because you can actually sell them at vendors which give you caps
there were phone that having the home defense pack works better either have a
quite try first trainer it’s the only thing card that we actually had
different at the time so I cooked out and I was able to do it no you wanted
fast travel so that’s really tell or here just be way out there as
supermutants at this really tower and the range from level 16 it to 45
potentially 55 now the ones in the ground a long ones you have to worry
about the guy on the roof you do I thought about having too much you’ll
just shoot you from the air you will not come down in most cases you have to be
careful the toilets in the walls all because it will keep shooting out here
and you just become a bit of a pest I would probably eat as many maids as you
can at fast if you’re a low level because it can be quite annoying getting
into this area especially if you are a little level now as I said into the
front door but before you get there probably take out that’s actual turret
because I would get you in the way out as well if you keep coming through front
door once you come in you will see on your
right-hand side no yeah as a little toilet laid trap on the wall
what’s the home defense appear on go to disarm and you just keep spamming the
sno-isle short all the way up you’ll see in the top left that the sockets to
steal the core part Fusion sales are all being added no you can just keep smash
nest as long as you want no this glitch is mainly aimed to show
people who are trying to get little theft here to get all the cards opened
and a lot of people are doing it and what the alt character is to try and get
the perfect Bell to mess around with the closet of God personally this is one
time I’ll probably do this just to show how it works because I think it is good
for that XP glitch but also gives are what materials for building now
steel can be quite annoying to get because you have to kill woods off
bloody robots and it can be quite daunting if you please saw what they do
or you can just farm it through a general Scout their scrap no did you see
just keep clicking through it it’s going all the way up and I’m going to hit the
next level and that’s real stop this is very easy this is easiest one that I’ve
seen for all the glitches at our boat as I said I haven’t seen anyone else worth
it yeah I may be absolutely wrong there’s just that many videos out the
minute for XP glitch kappa watch everything else this is only one now
being shown physically that actually is worth doing in my opinion because it
gives you all the Belden’s still then you need to now as you can see all the
copper scrap steel soccer ball – all momentary no I’m gonna go to wait
Springs reason when it wait Springs is because it gives you a choice of a lot
of different vendors you can get don’t bear in mind that here if one vendor has
no caps none of them will have caps because all the caps are basically what
through each faction so if one vendor in faction has no caps at all the rest
won’t have caps either it’s unfortunate as to where the game
ends but it will refresh if you can’t get to refresh so now you can several
hop until you find one as actually viable to use at this time now when it
comes to building vendors I would promise able to go sub market and
Harpers Ferry is the best ones I found to get Bolton supplies but I’ll have a
short video on that soon know when you get to waste Springs head into the main
mansion if you like jump to any vendor you warn
speak to them and see if they’re bit caps I forgot caps sailor and working
there just keep buying things that you’ve got sale stuff back to them and
just keep doing that but you all have to have at least 11 it sucks the 800 caps
already fly to the poor supported by decent er friends now this could be good
for to stock up and meds it’s just basically unlimited for often because
pitbulls can be solved now as you’ll see of course I’ve cleared that vendor oh
that’s ones link to see in fashion they now have no caps so you’ll have to
find another faction which has got a vendor so guys that is it for me today
very short sharp and simple I understand faint that’s probably one of the better
glide shoes that are physically seen but the make better ones out they are I’m
not a big four of them but I’ll catch you and the next one


  1. I suppose for some this is good. Personally I tend to have more than 600 caps worth of stuff to sell each day through normal gameplay. I never really understand glitching to level. It’s no wonder people say there’s nothing to do when they bypass the game to get to the top.
    Still it’s good to see to know what’s what. Feel bad for the next 100+ level person i see now. Won’t know if to respect the accomplishment or not.

  2. I can't bring myself to do exploits or glitches, I would rather be poor and have to grind. But cool that you uploaded this for people who do enjoy exploits.

  3. Aside from the 100 carry weight u get for the armor, how on earth is your carry weight that high? I’m doing something all wrong

  4. I’ve grinded to level 109 from the very start and still love the game love you vid to man very informative even if they are glitches personally I don’t see the point as I like a sense of accomplishment but like you said if you was just doing a build I wouldn’t mind so much but the grind is still very much alive for me 👍

  5. curious if there will be any sort of punishment or rollback on people that do this, considering its been known for over a week and they have done absolutely nothing about it, i dunno, i did it on a new character to get a jump start, but i only did like level 10-18 (friend shared perk)

  6. Theres a lvl up glitch at the eastern prison, click on the fire supression weapon in the shack near solitary in prison yard. My buddy did it for 15 levels. Kinda cheesy, but whatever now he doesnt play because his level is too high and so are the enemies , all his weapons are still low level and hes mad . Hasnt played in 3 days ..lmfao

  7. Honesty u don’t need to. I’m lvl 128 and not done this. Also it looks boring. If you know what your doing you can make over 4K xp in 1 explosion and not to mention the legendarys you can get. I was farming yesterday and made 10 levels and was giving away legendarys because I could not store them. Basically farming lvls for the long awaited respec on the 11th of December. But ye. You don’t need it. Set your base close to whitesprings then quests and port back to your base pull the golf corse kill everything make a level or 2 go back to questing and then come back do another round rinse and repeat. Easy claps and loot.

  8. What a way of running the game. What's the point of playing a fallout game if you chest to get resources?? Then you don't understand what's Fallout game all about

  9. The big problem with glitches like these is that they get patched, and I still haven't leveled up high enough before the update to do it.

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