Families of Golden State Killer’s victims react to arrest

Families of Golden State Killer’s victims react to arrest

D’Angelo was arrested on suspicion of four killings in Sacramento and Ventura counties the Santa Barbara County DA will decide whether to charge the Angela with four Goleta slayings KSP y news reporter Kelsey McFarland is covering the local connection Kelsey yeah Richard the Golden State killer is connected to two double homicides and one attempted homicides here locally in Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says this is a great example of how DNA technology advancements are helping to solve crimes investigators in Santa Barbara County say DNA evidence linked 72 year old Joseph James D’Angelo to one of two double homicides near Goleta they say he killed 35 year-old sherry Domingo and her boyfriend 27 year old Gregory Sanchez in 1981 I’ve just grown up with with being the daughter of a murder victim Sherry’s daughter Debbie Domingo was just 15 when her mother became a victim today she’s happy to see someone behind bars I just wanted to really stay with it D’Angelo is believed to be linked to the 1979 murders of dr. Robert Offerman and his girlfriend Alexandria Manning also near gelida that same year authorities say a third couple was attacked while they slept in their home but managed to escape in February we spoke to Michelle Cruz about her long wait for justice her sister Janelle Cruz is believed to be the Golden State killer’s last victim gosh it’s really hard I mean you’re every day you’re hoping today’s okay maybe next week maybe this year it’s gonna be the year you know right now my family doesn’t get involved at all um they’ve they’re trying to forget about it and put it behind them it’s not something that I can do I really feel like um I need to do something Michelle posted on her Facebook page we did it Janelle you can rest now your killer will never walk free again in the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about D’Angelo’s travels through Goleta or Santa Barbara County to contact them live in the newsroom kelsey mcfarland KSBY news Kelcey thank you

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