Farba Silver Sand Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

Farba Silver Sand Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

This movie is only for instructional purposes. The manufacturer recommends that before starting to perform each of the decorative effects presented, carefully read the description on the product packaging and perform the test on a small surface. Instructional video Silver Sand paint Silver Sand Primacol Decorative is a textured paint used to create decorative effects Surfaces coated with the paint glitter with pearly reflections in the light and create a three-dimensional effect of depth We obtain excellent visual effects both in artificial and natural light. Silver Sand Primacol Decorative contains special texture additives which, during application, create a pattern similar to that of sand blown by wind The product is intended for painting walls and ceilings indoors. The paint is available in seven ready-to-use colour versions and as a silver base that can be dyed with any colourant Products necessary to perform the effect Silver Sand Primacol Decorative Paint Priming agent Decobase Primacol Decorative Paint Tools necessary to perform the effect Painting roll Painting brush Before proceeding with the effect, we should protect the unpainted surfaces and prepare the substrate accordingly The substrate should be stable, dry, smooth, free from dust, paint and adhesives Losses of material and cracks must be repaired and made even using filler putty. Then, with the help of a paint roller, we coat the entire surface with a layer Primer Primacol Decorative It is a ready to use emulsion, recommended for strengthening the substrate, reducing its absorbability and optimizing its adhesion The primed wall becomes more flexible, resistant to scratches and has a regulated absorbency We leave the surface for 12 hours, so that it is dry and then, to unify the color of the substrate, we paint it white After preparing the substrate, we proceed to the effect. Apply two coats of Decobase Primacol Decorative on the dry surface using a paint roller It is water-borne paint in white color, used as a primer when creating decorative effects It is characterized by very good coverage, and after drying creates an abrasion resistant coating Applying the second coat of paint starts after the first one has dried, ie after about 3-6 hours We check the dry state by touch. We leave the wall so prepared to dry for 12 hours Paint should be mixed thoroughly before painting This procedure should also be repeated during the work With a brush, apply a coat of paint Sand Silver Primacol Decorative Remember that the paint should be applied in such a way as to create smaller and larger clusters of grains and free and smooth spaces Note that creating a regular pattern should be planned well first We get the finished effect after 24 hours Silver Sand Primacol Decorative paints give the opportunity to perform various colors To get interesting decorative effects, you can color the product in bulk It is based on adding Primacol Decorative Colorant to the paint Here are examples Silver Sand Primacol Decorative coloured using Colourant Sand Brown Black The effect of the sand scattered by the wind is obtained in the following way We prepare the substrate in the same way, after painting it twice with Paint Decobase Primacol Decorative or latex paint LuxDecor in the selected color and leave the wall to dry for 12 hours Then, using a brush, apply Silver Sand Primacol Decorative paint obliquely The final effect is ready after 24 hours


  1. czy jeśli mam ścianę pomalowana dwukrotnie biała lateksowa farba (pod spodem jest gładź)to czy muszę kłaść te wszystkie warstwy?

  2. Czy ściana pod silver sand musi być idealnie biała bez przeswitow? Czy w przypadku przeswitu można nanieść silver sand dwukrotnie?

  3. Zrobiłem ścianę silversand primakol ale za grubo nalozylem i nie podoba mi się struktura czy mogę teraz zmatowic ścianę papierem 150 i położyć jeszcze raz cienko czy po zmatowieniu od nowa biała farba i dopiero Silver sand

  4. Goowno nie farba.ktoś chce mieć dobrze położoną? zatem trzeba dokupić pistolet , folię i taśmy do oklejania (żeby nie pomalować niechcący całego pomieszczenia łącznie z tym co w środku i z parkietem).

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