Fed raises Rates – More to Come – Gold and Silver prices fall

Fed raises Rates  – More to Come –  Gold and Silver prices fall

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 14th December 2016 and
we are briefly commenting upon The FED ‘s decision to raise interest rates today and
the market’s reaction to it. We have been saying since March of this year that the FED
will raise rates in December by 0.25% and that is exactly what has happened.
Janet Yellen, the FED Chair stated: “Our decision to raise rates should certainly
be understood as a reflection of the confidence we have in the progress the economy has made
and our judgment that that progress will continue. It is a vote of confidence in the economy.”
She also went on to comment a little about the future Trump Presidency with the words:
“We are operating under a cloud of uncertainty at the moment.”
She pointed out that fiscal stimulus wasn’t required to improve the employment situation
as it was already on track, and suggested that no amendments to the FED’s policies
were particularly necessary – but all of us of course expected her to say that.
Janet Yellen also made it clear that she intends to remain FED Chair for at least another year
she added: “I do intend to serve out my four-year term.
I haven’t made any decision about the future. I recognize I might or might not be reappointed.
It’s a decision I don’t have to make and don’t have thoughts on at this time. As
you said I recognize too that I could stay on as a board member, and that’s a decision
for another day.” The FED now expects 3 interest rate rises
next year, thereby providing a more hawkish stance but admitted they were likely to be
modest rises. Well at the time of producing this video,
some 6 hours after the original decision, we can see that The Dow Jones is down 118
points at 19792, the S&P 500 down 18 points at 2253 and the Nasdaq down 27 points at 5436.
The dollar index is up 0.69 at 101.76 and gold fell $17 to $1140 and silver has fallen
12 cents to $16.80. We envisage the dollar strengthening even
further putting pressure on gold and silver prices, however it may take a few days for
the markets to adjust accordingly. We shall be commenting more fully on our weekly
update on Saturday and next week will provide our forecast for gold and silver prices for
2017. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. Thanks for the update. Always good to hear from you guys. So, do you think the Fed raises rates 3x next year? Here's my quick take on things: Inflation has arrived, but the inflation has been shoveled into the stock market. I believe we will see Dow 25,000+ by 2018. The question thus is, when will this inflation reverse and make it's way into the "real" economy? If/when it does, we will have inflation way above the Fed's target. Can the Fed respond with much higher interest rates? Remember, when Paul Volcker jacked up interest rates to double digits, the debt/gdp ratio was only at 34%, it's now at 107%. Wouldn't this crush US entitlement spending, among other things?

  2. Now that the Fed owns almost everything and everybody here in the US …..time to visit a town near you! ……Remember, you are what you eat…..

  3. I see inflation at my job when ordering parts. Sometimes as much as 300 percent on some items. food and energy have been kept low, so as not to alert the people to what is going on! I also think they are beta testing for a cashless society. India/Austrailia

  4. The strength of USD helped cause a nose dive for Industrial Production, announced today. Year over year, up only 0.1%, yet, Fed is "hopeful"? Most of the purchases made by our consumer economy is on credit. Mines and factories have lost about 140,000 jobs this year. A record 95M people out of work, rising rates, food and fuel to become more expensive, and housing prices are ridiculous. I think we have a train wreck up ahead. Trump plans to spend A LOT of OUR money, putting us more in debt, and I just don't see how all this can possibly be managed. I'm not a fan of Rickards, as like Schiff, he's been predicting the same thing for years, and it doesn't come to pass. However, it could be up ahead shortly. 2018 or so? Anyones' guess.

  5. more market fixing exposed has not yet sunk in. The fear factor will riegn King soon. The dollar will rise then pop and little silver and gold coins will fall out.

  6. Hi IL, what do you think about the BOE and their stance now, plus if a UK citizen earning £ and saving 10% for future/pension what would be the wisest places to put ones hard earned money now! Do you think the BOE will raise interest rates under pressure next year?

  7. Hey Guys. I didn't think the fed was this dumb enough to raise the interest rate. I believe they won't be up very long and will be coming back down in the near future. You guys were right this time and I was wrong . The next move will be for negative interest rates in the U. S. sooner or later. I still say gold will drop to $999.99 and Silver $1313. Good video. Out.

  8. I wonder how's precious metals will react over the long haul with steady and slow interest rate rises. I was otherwise wrong but will be welcoming lower prices in the metals

  9. interesting to see that your forecast and videos have increased in frequency. I have this weirdest feeling that something BIG is about to be unleashed by the Christmas Weekend that will Change the history/way the Financial world will operate…both sovereign wealth class asset will play the game changer. my personal call is for Gold to be at 1132 and Silver at 1510 range respectively, in the next 8 days of trade…but I'm eager to hear about your 2017 estimates for both assets. ( would your calculations include the "FULL" account/available of Gold physically available "on & off" the records that are currently being stored in Hawaii, Basile, Vatican city, City of London, SGE, North Korea, etc? as well as the latest Silver physical availability? what are your views pertaining Crypto Currency (especially bitcoin) what would happen to them (if there's the worst case scenario "Financial NUCLEAR MELTDOWN") occurs as per your last video presentation regarding the Total Financial services collapse? would there be any Internet network left? curiously mind boggling, especially since the Amerikkkans have handed over the ICAN (not sure if I got the acronym right) to the United Nation late September this year. it would be interesting to see what you think of it. (if you can squeeze all that into your next presentation)

  10. I keep buying silver my girlfriend wants a teddy bear for Christmas I run and buy her a bar of silver instead….

  11. One word to describe Yellen , befuddled . I have a hard time taking her serious . She just rambles on ,about as little as she can actually tell you ,wrapped in some kind of code ,only she understands . Serious buying op this morning ,or its going to 10.?? Gold……

  12. Janet Yellon is skittery!
    All will change when the new Treasury Secretary-In-Waiting is incumbent in the new Trump Administration. JY will be job-hunting. Possible professorship at an Ivy League university.

  13. It wasnt so much raising rates 25 points it was the fact she said theres 3 hikes next year wheras people were expecting 1 or 2.But they said 2016 would be the year of hikes but we only had 1. With debt approcahing $20 trillion i doubht we will ever see the intrest rates we once knew in the past.

  14. The general market is pretty much unchanged, only PMs got hammered down. Silver is starting to look attractive but still not back at late 2015 levels

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