Feel the Thrills with Blair Witch, Control and The Walking Dead

Feel the Thrills with Blair Witch, Control and The Walking Dead

[MUSIC]>>In this week show, we’ve got
your latest Games with Gold. A sneak peek at new releases and new games available
with Xbox Game Pass. Let’s dive into This Week on Xbox. We have a bunch of new games
landing on Xbox Game Pass. In the single player Blair Witch, you’ll experience a new story-driven psychological horror adventure inspired by the movie. It’s available on Xbox Game
Pass, August 30th. Next, we have The Bard’s
Tale IV: Director’s Cut, which just launched
on console and PC. It’s an RPG dungeon crawler with
exceptional characters and music. It’s a play anywhere title
and you can start with The Bard’s Tale Trilogy,
available with Xbox Game Pass. In case you missed
last week’s Inside Xbox, Xbox Game Pass members can now play Devil May Cry 5 and Stellaris:
Console Edition on your Xbox One, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance
on both console and PC. Then for UPC folks, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and the indie hit Ape Out
are ready to play. You can also pre-install Age of
Empires II: Definitive Edition for its 20th anniversary that releases in gorgeous 4K
later this year. We don’t just add games to
the Xbox Game Pass library. We also keep things
fresh with updates too. The revolutionary MMORPG
Black Desert Online has updated the archer class and
added a new region to explore. Plus, Human Fall Flat has new puzzles to stumble through in
a free content update. Try them out today. That’s not all. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
members in the US can complete the Gears
5 Ultimate Quest for the chance to win a trip
to visit The Coalition to meet with the team behind Gears 5. All you have to do is
complete any achievement in any Gears of War title in
the Xbox Game Pass library before September 2nd. Check out the link below
for all the details. Zombie fans, you’re not
going to want to miss out on The Walking Dead:
The Telltale Definitive Series coming September 10th. It includes 23 episodes
across four seasons, remastered visuals, behind
the scenes content, and more. You can pre-order the collection now. There are more new games
to play this week. Control is out now. Here, you will find yourself as
the leader of a secretive agency invaded by an otherworldly threat in this mind-bending single
player action shooter. Next, The Dark Pictures anthology, Man of Medan is
launching August 30th. This branching cinematic horror game features unique online and
local multiplayer modes. All the playable characters
can live or die, and the choices you
make decide their fate. All aboard, the ghost ship. Hunt Showdown has launched. This indie has built
a strong following and game preview. Thanks to its unique PvPvE gameplay. Survive the other hunters to collect the bounty on
a nightmarish monster, and you’ll be rewarded with
bigger badder weapons. Fail, and you’ll lose your gear, and start over with a new character. It’s a free play week for two of
our biggest multiplayer games. First, is the FiveVFive fan favorite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. It’s full of intense
team-based tactical action and you can play it free
until September 3rd. Next, the Elder Scrolls Online is free to play until September 2nd. It’s never been
a better time to try out this award-winning MMORPG. Join over 13 million players on
an adventure unlike any other. For players who own the game, the Season of the Dragon rages on with The Elder Scrolls
Online: Scale Breaker. You’ll battle through
two new dungeons and fight for the upper hand in
the war against dragons. From now until September 3rd, you can say big on the Elder Scrolls:
Online elsewhere on Xbox One. Get ready for September’s
Gains with Gold. On September 1st, you can download Hitman: The Complete First Season, and try to earn your way
to silent assassin status in this collection of
episodic missions around the globe. Then, defend humanity once more in Earth Defense Force 2025. It’s simple. Big guns, destructible
environments, and giant bugs. Just what the major order. How about some bonus coverage? The Monster Hunter World:
Iceborne Beta will be available on Xbox One
starting Monday, September 2nd, and continue through
Wednesday, September 4th, right before the launch of
Iceborne on September 6th. You’ll be able to
pre-load the game shortly before the Beta and you don’t
need that base game to play. Also, ID at Xbox now has
its own channel on YouTube. If you’re a fan of indie games, you’ll want to check it out for
original programming and trailers. Visit the link below
to like and subscribe. That’s the latest news
from This Week on Xbox. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]


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  2. So 2 instead of 4 and the 2 games aren’t even that good for games for gold. Also everyone dislike this video they cut are games 4 gold in half and they are trying to hide it

  3. So in the first half of september we're gonna get Hitman and Earth Defense 2025 on Games With Gold… Pretty lame to the be honest

  4. I just bought season 4 walking dead last week wtf and now its on game pass? bs…i want my money back because i use game pass too

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