day bout to catch some gold diggers boi’s Store and download NOx cleaner to boost its performance today so day bout to kick some as here boi so get the fuck ready this is click bait so unsubscribe to him Being a gold diggers is a crime and is not completely subjective term so I’m not gonna do shit guys What is up? You guys are welcome back to another episode of catching gold. Is it because you’re new here? My name is Sergio and so nice to meet you guys Apparently I did talk about so please try to keep out. Don’t get let be advised. Anyways today. I’m chilling here What the homie Tom me and we’re not placing this government to the task guys. Another Network. Blessing is boyfriend We’re blazing is Ex-coworkers slash friends to the test. It’s a crazy story guys. Are you ready for this Tommy? Yeah. Let’s fucking go my money bag who? Meet the homie Tommy today, we’re gonna replacing his ex friend George to the gold digger test Tommy and George met because they used to work together but after a couple of months Tommy find a better job and ended up leaving but about a month after Tommy left the job He received messages from George saying that he got fired had no money and was now homeless and to make a very long story Short Tommy out of the kindness of his heart one that I hope his old co-worker. Get back on his feet He began by offering him a place to stay However, surprisingly George said hell no to the offer because he didn’t want to be a hassle and instead only asked Tommy for $500 and so without hesitation Tommy ended up giving George 250 dollars up front and then the other $250 throughout the month for what he thought was going to be for George’s new clothes phone bill meals and more Tommy never Expected his money back and just wanted to see George thriving again But unfortunately, just four months later Tommy received another message from George saying that he needed more money this time Apparently George was behind on two months worth of rent and also on a bunch of bill Becoming a little bit too much for Tommy and he was a little hesitant about giving George money So instead he decided to loan him $400 and then he went the extra mile and even created a GoFundMe for George and charity online and this is where things get done Someone more specifically a girl show Tommy to stop helping George according to this girl George is just a con man, and he’s not homeless not behind on bills and not in need of any financial help Supposedly he just pretends to be homeless in order to get extra money and a people and she knows this because a long time ago She used to work with them and tried to help him also So if this girl is being a hundred percent honest and not just an internet troll I’m sure Tommy would want all of his money back at the moment Tommy doesn’t know the full truth, but that’s exactly what we’re hoping to find out with him today I really hope that he didn’t play me. Haha So we put him so this test we find out like he’s a Google digger essentially that he used you for your money and stuff What do you do? What do you want to get out of this? He’s trying to set up a payment plan or something I’m getting my money back a and then B, we’re gonna have to teach this girl lessons for playing that’s not going by that’s not gonna But our 24 hour retirement attest George has now officially begun. Alright guys before we start getting busy biggle thank you to our sponsor NOx cleaner max cleaner is a free app in the Google Play Store that will help clean and boost the Performance of your Android device and yes guys. I know I’m missing half my glasses, but that’s not the point We’re giving a shout out. Yeah, okay So if you guys have an Android device head to the Google Play Store and type in NOx cleaner hit install and as it starts Installing check out the ratings on the app. It has over 1 million downloads and a 4.9 out of 5 stars That is hella good and I mean with over a hundred thousand positive reviews the app pretty much speaks for itself I think this thing actually has more life than our episodes Anyways, once you’ve downloaded it, you’re gonna click on it and you’re gonna come to this screen right over here And this is where the magic happens guys notice how simple this is gonna be All you got to do is press scan and the app will start scanning your entire Device like this on my tablet Knox cleaner recommends me to clean almost a whole gigabyte Well jam it all cleans itself, but the app also has two more features the first one being deep clean Which allows you to scan individual apps and clean those? Individually and the second one being photo management which scans all of your photos and separates them into categories for you to much more easily Manage them and do things such as delete the duplicates blurry ones are oversized images So again, this app will make your device faster. It is a hundred percent cost free and Adam Okay, time to get back to work now So for this episode, we’re not using a very nice call or a mansion like we have in the past No, no, we’re just gonna be hiring Justin Bieber. Just kidding guys. We don’t have the budget for Justin Bieber This is fonti. But he’s playing her rich decoy for today. What do you guys think about the Scott situation? I mean personally if this was me, I think I would really be focused on like he hasn’t paid you back So like honestly like this is like I would be ready I would be honestly ready to go and like nail this bro. Like honestly, I’m not I would be What is this Miss America look at this Excuse my French it’s a little slow. Anyways guys except for this test I’ve actually already been set into motion a couple of these prior it all started when this guy made a phone call to George with the number that Tommy provided us with Yo, what’s up man, is this George Yeah Hey, man, you don’t know me my name is Ponte I’m actually a social-media influencer So FONSI is gonna be playing the role of a famous rich Instagrammer who wants to make a difference in the world and give money away I do a lot of brand deals with a lot of different companies like last month I did a brand deal with H&M and and I feel like I need to give back I feel like I need to change someone’s life So in order to make this thing really believable, we had to create voluntee a new Instagram account So we went online But I’m a lot of fake followers a lot of fake likes and a lot of fake comments and Jesus Christ That is the press for a million followers shout-out to Knox leader for sponsoring this episode. I’m the real deal, bro Like I’ll send you a picture of my Instagram my snapchat whatever you need to know just to let you know man Like I’m the real deal. I’m just really really really trying to impact your life Very tricky question But nonetheless were prepared for so sum this up guys Fonda basically told George that he posted on his Instagram story that if anyone knew anyone who needed some help to drop their name and their number in his DMS and thus that’s how he ended up getting George’s number and someone dropped your number I’m not naming who but none of that matters at all. Just focus on the blessing man Like I’m really trying to help you out And with that George takes her bait and agrees to meet up with fonti a couple days. Later Which happens to be today at this very location? Where’s my Ferrari? Where’s my man in real life? You are the Ferrari you are the man. No We have chosen this bench to be responsible meet George, so we set up our cameras around it We had one nearby and then one from far away as usual to capture every ingore 24-hour time it takes on so it’s now time to get George a call. Alright as everything is pretty much set up We know where our cameras are going. We’re just giving George a call right now to make sure that sees almost because i’m really cool cause my bro just slapped me hehe. Yo, George Hey man, it’s Ponte. I’m already here. Were you that a Major reason why we chose this part guys was because George meant it Stephan see that He didn’t have a car so he would have to walk to their meeting. He’s almost on his way Now when this park is only about 10 minutes from his house, which means we have to play it safe Make our way to the car to hide grab the headphones. I begin to listen in to everything that’s done and go damn Are you gonna have to throw these on sir? We have successfully linked up to a phone call with Fantine about 15 minutes later our cameraman sponsor Walking in phase 1 of this three-step test is about to begin Now that volunteers made contact with George’s now see for Tommy to step out of the car to listen in with us And now we have George exactly where we want him in line with our cameras So it’s now time to let you guys know the purpose of this face It’s simple we have drawn George in to try to help them exactly how Tommy has try to help them So we want to find out if the story that George told Tommy is the same exact story that he will tell font So I kind of want to get serious here. I want to know who George’s like why would your friend? Um, you know, put your number in my Dan’s Don’t even worry about that. Remember guys, we’re doing this to see if the story’s line up So apparently there was another co-worker who also helped him So we’re curious to see if George told that co-worker the same story that he told Tommy That’s what we’re gonna find out with the story that George tells to you. Ok That’s it. It’s kind of a long story I’ll try to keep it short and stuff like that. I don’t want to take too much of your time, but I’m sorry font so you got that all wrong You might have all the time in the world But our viewers don’t so for the purpose of keeping this short and blessing your lives. Let’s just highlight the key features of this conversation Now I’ve been in the foster system like since I was born Sorry two years ago my my foster father you got cancer and You had to go through a lot of different treatments and stuff like that. You didn’t make it My mom my heart could fell really soon. It’s been very hard for me. Really? I’m not really Hard for me to really do this like on my own. I mean I’m in like really like I was almost homeless again I’ve been trying to finesse but like no jobs and have always been coming in the right way and stuff like that Okay Let’s do a quick recap of George’s unfortunate story according to him He said that he was a foster child who was adopted but unfortunately his father passed away two years ago from cancer And his foster mother now suffers from heart failure on top of that He also said well, we already know that he was homeless and that he really really is struggling The question is do these stories match up. So what she just heard right now. Was that the same thing he told you Yeah, I mean over this – the part where his dad died. I didn’t know but so he didn’t tell you that No, maybe just cause he’s a little I don’t know. It’s hard incredibly the two unfortunate stories do match up We’ve needed to learn what we needed to learn. So phase one is now officially complete So it’s now time for Fonzie to lay the foundation for phase number two because this test is far from over so what I want to do is Punch these boys man way he’s really in his feels right now right now. I don’t currently have $5,000 on me right now I’m ready to change your life man. I’m ready to help you out. I’m ready to get you may ask you this Are you mad that? The story’s lined up or are you kind of like like, how do you feel the fact that these both stories? I know I definitely didn’t expect it. Uh-huh So so the first step for us to move on to phase 2 was fonti offering George $5,000 to change his life Which is really not gonna give him but we have to make George believe that he is So that’s why now Fantine will hand George real money. I got about three hundred and Forty dollars. I Want you to have that guys that money is real. I want you to go get you something nice to eat I want you to go by yourself and you share some clothes, whatever you want Now that fonti was given George’s a little taste of his suppose it well
Our hopes are that George or 100% believes that fonti will give him the $5,000 later when he pulls him out of the bank I think he believes it. I don’t know. I’m curious to see what font he thinks I think he believes that maybe maybe not. I don’t know So first things first brought about I call you an uber our second step for us to move on to Phase two is for Francis to call George and uber Remember FONSI still supposedly needs to go to the bank to pull out the $5,000 So in the meantime, he’s sending George off to do some shopping as I said I am playing the fake uber driver and I have an apartment in my Ferrari Perfect enough to hide a camera and record my ride with jour fontina begins to walk them to where I’m gonna pick him up But I wait a good ten minutes before actually getting there in order to make this whole thing more believable Yeah, what’s up in how are you Sergio? Yes. All right awesome I’m not actually gonna be getting in the car with you He is now The next step is for fun today asked me to cancer the uber and pay me $200 to become George’s personal driver for the next couple of hours so he can spoil himself with for 300 dollars that he gave Katsue the ride completely just be his driver today exactly Fonti says goodbye to George pronounce who’s supposedly going to take out the five thousand dollars and then George Hotz into the car to begin As shopping and yes, I am actually going to drive him wherever he wants to go But this is all a part of the plan I have shared my location on my phone with my team So they are able to follow behind me wherever I’m gonna be taking George Where do they want me to take you exactly? Where did you want to go? And it will be at one of these locations where I end up taking a more facetube will take place which I’ll explain When we get there So on our way to Chipotle it is the right is short no longer the ten minutes and we have arrived at her first destination You’re gonna dine in or take out I’m gonna be parked right here then waiting for you. Okay? No, I’m good no, no no, yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. All right Take take your time and everything minutes later, my team arrives in because George has already stepped foot into the restaurant We are free to communicate through our walkie talkies. Say yeah Time ticks on and George continues eating we’re taking a really long dump. We don’t really know exactly a Really good About 20 minutes have now passed and finally George steps out of the restaurant. He’s coming out guys. He’s coming out I gotta Pick him got damn long enough shithead ain’t got the time. I really don’t people got things to do It smells good man. How was it? With George in the backseat of my car the cat-and-mouse game begins Once again this time George said he wanted to go to a storage in a shirt So I recommended we go to a mall But it was about half way before getting that I decided to make some small talk with George and learned this just just watch and listen to this So tell me about yourself, man Your name is George choice, cool, what do you do George You work for construction it’s like they do things that now they do things like really a lot of staff movements Really did you guys catch that? I know it’s very hard to hear but he just said he works for construction I hits dad’s company didn’t this guy just say his dad unfortunately passed away and he said he was also struggling but the thing is Construction workers make Bank. I honestly was just making small talk. This isn’t even phase 2, so I can’t believe what I’m hearing So I check my camera to check if it’s recording and thank God it is Which of you here can can you reiterate that you’re a supervisor and I supervise For your dad’s construction this guy is a supervisor at his dad’s construction Company, he doesn’t need any help at all construction workers make like $20 an hour, but he’s a supervisor So he makes more and his dad owns the company. So we must make even more to me this test is done This test is over But the thing that sucks is that Tommy didn’t hear this and yes I could just show him the recording but number one I wasn’t sure if it even captured a good audio and number two. I wanted him to hear it with his own ears So I continued to drive Jorge to the mall. I’m too big to be crouching like this. I’ll drop you off right here I’m gonna go park the car. I’m gonna go inside for a little bit show and everything probably get some Starbucks. Text me. Okay Let me get your number down first, though So I told George that I’m gonna go into the mall and look around this wall because I want to buy us as much time As possible in my head. I already think this test is over I think George is a liar and this is where I want Tommy to hear the truth And so I drop him off This guy’s so lazy enough to open the door that he instead pushes this button to get it open and I park my team finds Me parks right next to me We set up the cameras and I begin to tell them exactly what I heard on the car ride over here after Chipotle. I Asked him what do you do and he says he does construction and he says his dad owns the construction company Unless he was lying to me. That’s what he said. That’s what he literally said and it was so natural it was So Fonzie’s mad I’m assuming he feels betrayed because he actually believed his story and Tommy’s kind of just soaking everything in and being like yeah I knew this was coming. Maybe he said that because he was embarrassed about being homeless why is that it’s just like It’s just like he he had no reason to lie to me and no reason to principle reason to lie to you Yeah, because you’re gonna know money has a reason a lot of him because it’s given to money But he has no reason a lot of me. That’s not to let you guess The best thing 10z, what do you think you think you STOP DENYING WHAT THAT MAN IS DOING! You guys learn what’s gonna happen here? So in phase one We wanted to see if George’s story of needing help lines up with the one that he told Tommy and for the most part it Did so now I’m Phase two. We want to see how real that story actually is Jay’s gonna play a decoy this phase and his job is to get George to take a quick survey for a fake game show Kind of like Family Feud so we begin to move my car into position I then take out my tire jet because if Jay does not get George to take this survey before he reaches my car I’m gonna be like whoa. I mean you might as well take the sir because I still gotta change my tire man It’s kind of like our safety net. I guess you can say anyways, the mall is not closing So I now give George a call to let him know where I am and to see when he’s gonna be coming Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah, I’m gonna try to check. Are you are you gonna come right now right now? Are you gonna take some time or when would you be coming? You’re gonna come right now right now, okay sounds good George now being on his way We now all get into position and we wait guys. We are losing daylight a very very very quickly it looks like this confrontation or Phase three if there is a confrontation or Phase three might be happening in the nighttime because daylight is Disappearing. Finally George makes his way out of the malls main entrance and Jay intercepts it unfortunately Though some cars got in the way and our cameras have to readjust but that’s okay because I’m not gonna show you guys this whole Phase like how I initially intended to and that’s because given the conversation George and I had in the car We already know that there’s a huge possibility that George might not be telling the truth at all It looks like he’s gonna do it guys. I’m no longer needed. I’m gonna put the stuff away And yes, cuz remember I was the safety net but not that being said, let’s bless your lives Remember Jay is doing a survey on George for a show like Family Feud So he’s asking them silly questions like name the first color that comes to your minds or name something You haven’t done since high school But at the very end of all those questions Jamie’s to collect some personal information on George including his name age and occupation And this is where I’m gonna stop it and listen to his answer. Are you currently in a relationship? Man admitted it again and this type of Tommy and fonti. We’re listening so they hurt no fucking way I fucking told you no way. Would you guys believe me if I told you there’s more because there is what is your yearly eight? Forty thousand plus we already just say around there 40,000 plus yeah Benefits of my because you were for the construction. Yeah That’s it caught him. Are you kidding me making over forty thousand dollars a year and asking people for money I used to work at Subway made only twelve thousand dollars a year and still survive So now we know 110% everything that he told Sergio in the over was 110 percent, correct? And like I think I think I think we’re done here. I think we’re fucking done here Yo What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? How was your concert trip? You realize that they’re kids out there right now that don’t have parents you have yeah I see the fucking lie about it honestly This guy literally needs fucking out Psych ward some type of shit to help his mental disability. This is disgusting and Sick mind is me. I’m not as soulless So George and I went to a couple more places that he wanted to go and when he was done selecting locations I started using Locations because I wanted to give Tommy some time to cool off fahncy I texted me that they were super super pissed. So I figured it was only the right thing to do And so I tell my team to no longer follow me and just head back to the park because that’s where phase three was going to happen So a little more than an hour ticked by and now I texted Fonzie the okay to call George to ask him to tell me To come back to the park Yo, what’s up George? Hey, it’s Fonzie, bro. Where you at? Okay Man hey. Well, I’m at the park and it’s getting late and I’m getting tired so, you know kind of hurry up All right, I’ll see you when you get here I Don’t give a fuck. You just lied to my face. What do you wouldn’t want me to do if I can kiss his feet? No, but you’re like this is getting late. Good jazz. Give a fuck. He’s lucky. I’ll kick his ass through the fucking phone Kick me through the phone so as instructed by George I flipped my Ferrari around and I start making my way back to the park remember right now he thinks he’s meeting up vonti to receive the $5,000 but this times this money is fate However, again, we’re hoping George thinks it’s real because fontys already given him so much real money Our timer ticks later into the night everyone gets into position and finally about 20 minutes later I make it back to the park. Now. I know what you guys are probably thinking surgery Why are you guys even bothering with a Phase three you guys have all of this proof against George? Why not? Just confront him and that’s because we want to rule out any argument made that George is only lying in order to use that money to pay back Tommy Sup, buddy. How are you? Looking fresh looking fresh, bro. Thank you so much. Thank you so much I’m gonna park right over here just to I gotta jump on a quick phone call and stuff But if you need me, I’m there. Okay? Okay anything okay sounds good. Can I guys good night George. How was it? So as fonti catches up with george’s day, let me tell you guys what phase 3 is all about It’s simple we want to find out if George has any intention of paying Tommy back so you got you a nice shirt What all did you get? Is that all that you got? Because I’m always in hoodies no matter what I Successfully ninja my way over to Tommy and Jay and now we can listen in to Fantine George’s conversation Which for the most part is kind of them catching up? But that was totally okay with me because I also needed to catch up with what happened in phase number two And I’m gonna keep fast-forward into this thing because we need to get to the juicy stuff here’s what we instructed Fonzie to say we wanted Fonzie to tell George that he does want to give him the $5,000, but he also wants him to be financially responsible with it so he was gonna help George by first separating out the money that was going to his bills which George mentioned that he owe to At least $3,000 in then they would separate the money that was going to George’s debts Which here? we were hoping that he would bring up Tommy’s name and finally the rest of the money that would be left over from the 5,000 would be George’s to freely spent on clubs and strippers and drugs. No, I’m just kidding No, not that but yeah, you guys get the point five thousand dollars a lot of money and I’m pretty sure you as well I just want to make sure that it’s all going to the right spots Like you said, you got to pay rent right ten hundred each and you’re behind two months, correct? Okay, so we’ll go ahead and pay that off. Um, is there anyone that you’ve everlook money from? No, it’s just the rent. That’s all. I need to might really figure out. Oh hell no. See you soon So you’ve never alone. I don’t anything else anybody like I’ve literally been doing this by myself for like long Bro, this man owes me $900. That’s crazy. Look, I mean literally only been meal. I really like pretty hustling for this shit Why do you want to do it? well
If you broke I get it. Like I ain’t that type of a person like I literally like I’m not the type of person who really like Light will take like the handout I did I’m gonna kill this guy. I’m gonna kill this guy again. Alright, man, so Just so you know that I’m not lying I got the 5k right here. I really hope that it blesses you man I really really really do. What is your goal? We remember in the beginning when I asked you what’s your goal with this? What’s your goal with this? Are you just cussing him out? Are you just confronting? Like no like you got to be real man? Cuz okay, nope Number one violence like violence is not the key violence on the answer bro, of course, but like we’re just gonna go over there I’m gonna take as much bullshit as I can. So you understand can’t touch him. Don’t touch him No matter what He says no matter if he walks away no matter if he doesn’t give you money or whatever nothing like that Don’t do anything to him. You understand that if you look Think of it this way you punch him you lay a finger on him call the cops assault. Boom. You’re in jail You got more to lose man Ponty now. It takes a five thousand dollars and puts it in George’s pocket That way he never has a chance to touch it or take a close Look at phase three is officially complete by now our window to confront. George is closing because you can walk up at any moment I should have hired security for this episode. We’re starting a push-up string. I think yeah, me too. You’re gonna hold the Nexo dick I’m gonna talk to first Let me talk to him first and then I’ll scratch my head you come in with every single phase of this test We have proven that George is nothing but a lying using person who has zero intentions of paying Tommy back. Okay? I’m scared mainly for the cameras mainly for Leslie Leslie something happens back up. Okay So at this point in time if you guys do not have your talkies Did you not read the title of this episode I should have hired security I mean that I should have hired security because you guys already know This shit’s gonna be good Guys, we freaking made it to two million subscribers. I am so thankful I hope you guys are enjoying the special episode as a thank you for 2 million subscribers You guys can enjoy any two shirts for only 20 to 22, but hurry because it’s for only 22 hours only There’s absolutely no code necessary guys, but I can’t stress this enough hurry because supplies are limited and we do plan on selling out So head to UT merch calm or click on the link in the description or click on the I that will take you directly there That just popped up on your screen. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry hurry How are you guys brand-new Ponthieu? Good to see you again. Gotta see it said yeah, what’s up George? How are youse I need to explain something to you, please ab c– please I would just want explain something to you Okay, because they’re not as they seem. Okay, so please I just wanna talk to you live there. Okay, so Ever since meeting me ever since meeting Fonzie I should say and meeting Jay who was a guys last year 13 questions of all of that has all just been part of a huge giant elaborate test So I give George a very thorough rundown of exactly what was going on and who we are All the while Jay and Tommy are still waiting at a distance for my signal again Tommy wanted to place it to the stats and stuff and he’s actually here right now Tommy’s just gonna come in here and he’s just gonna have too many conversation with you Give him two minutes of his time three minutes of his time. I mean, come on, man. He deserves he lent you money He helped you out. You scanned him. You conned him. It’s been nine months. Now. He’s been asking for his money That’s least you could do Suck Okay, just two minutes three minutes of your time. Okay, just cuz he deserves a man I mean wouldn’t you agree he deserves and now I raise my arms and scratch my head Signaling to Tommy and Jay that they can now commit And also, you should know one thing that no one’s forcing you to stay here You can honestly leave at any time you want Like I said, man, just can we please just give them a heat is literally right over there? it’s just people two to three minutes every time I Guess we’re recording On YouTube, but it’s not it’s not to embarrass you I bro, first up. Let me get this out of my fucking way. You’re a fucking bitch No I’m telling you right now you Know C’mere bitch, okay, we’re here to thank you. Tommy’s not here to hurt you talk us out here anything he’s just upset Okay, you just used him Words okay, it’s just talk. You’re right. First off. Let me say that you’re a fucking bitch I broke I know you have knocking money. So I don’t like your to negotiate a fucking payment plan I want you to give my shit right back here in my head, buddy You talk to me, you know, what fucking money it’s all about. Don’t play games Oh, you suck right here you gave me cuz that’s a different story I didn’t give a shit. Oh shit. I didn’t give you shit. I gave that money to a fucking homeless friend That’s a play through your book and get a job. You must be fucking tripping I don’t know if you think you stole that shit or not, bro But I’m gonna mush it back right the phone now or what bro another one you my shit put it right back in my hand Bitch, bro, bro, we go to the bank. Let’s go to your house either way How about you go fuck yourself? Laughing? I got your shit right here my pocket dog Fuckin see I’m a fucking knock you the fuck out bro. Fucking do a pussy on boo it bro Do it. You are not worth my fucking dream, bro Time you’re not worth my fuck Your fucking shit. You’re an ignorant. Fuck. You are so fucking tiny, bro. You are a fucking nobody You’re the one who fucking called me at 3:00 a.m. Bitching and crying cuz you couldn’t fucking make rent who are you begging for you begging for my fucking money, bro my Fucking hand The middle speak that you have in your pocket that money’s not real that many speak this $5,000 Fucking in this guy’s life tonight bro. Oh my fucking god, bro. You can take that money out You can give it to me. You can put that shit back in my hand Just give me I already fucking over not gonna get no bro money. I’ll stick it down to your level Give a fuck about your fucking cameras. You never come over here and try to intimidate me, you know shit, bro We can do the same shit without the cameras. So I’m telling you right now These are the only thing saving your fucking life right now. I’m gonna tell you right now, bro You are not fucking shit you take money from people and fucking need people who need to buy food need to fucking pay off their Debts, bro, you take that shit cuz you feel happy being a selfish scumbag, don’t you rod? Course, you don’t give a fuck. You don’t care about know about yourself, bitch I don’t I know you don’t give a fuck. You never did. Give a fuck bro. Look at you Where the fuck is your life going? Huh? You’re not doing shit, bro. You’re just pitching in you’re scamming. You take him bro What the fuck about the rest? No one fucking like just gonna try to get fucking money at it You’ll sit right in my pocket. All you got to do is reach and fucking take bro You don’t know me bro, you know a fucking cape abroad bro. Wanna know you lock up, bro I don’t know you and I don’t wanna fucking know you bro. No one wants to fucking Pushing me back. You’re a fucking bitch Come here is over Go Rob Goodbye Fucking Fonzie, they’re Fucking Savage. Well, could there have been a better way of handing this? Probably. Yeah, but yeah our budgets too small to hire security


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    And that is my first time seeing jay being serious and strong and stopping the fight😂

  8. They way tommy pushed him on the floor so then fonti saved him and flawed him thooooooooo👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  9. Fonti: dadaddddddd shut the f—— up


  10. when i seen george was black i screamedddd lmaoo… mans were tryna pull a big flex. my conscience would never allow me to do this

  11. 🤣Can we not forget what densel said to Sergeo wen it finally reached the climax..
    Sergio: wat do u think
    Densel: About what🤔
    Sergio: Do you think…Lml WAT WERE WE TALKING ABOUUTT🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. – Good night George
    – Good night George
    – Good night George
    – Good night George
    – Good night George
    – Gets walloped in his face

  13. This…..was. BRUTAL.


    Flip that guy.


  14. Oké guys i just spend 8 hours binge watching this shit and we need more fonti or a comeback from George or Smt

  15. Fonti come thruuuuuu! No but for real, much respect to Fonti and Tommy. Tommy, I was waiting for you to get a moment in where you can knock his ass out, and you did and I’m so happy for you lol. That must have felt so good. Fonti, so much respect for your grappling skills. I’m a girl so please forgive me, but I think that you used some form of MMA? True fighter right there for keeping your cool and not punching him and also defending Tommy. Amazing episode

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