Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Warning This episode of film theory is not safe for work Oh, wait you thought I meant it was full of naked people Or violence or heavy swearing, right? No, no, no I mean, today we’re talking about Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory And no, When I say Chocolate Factory, That’s not meant to be some kind of weird innuendo. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! Hello Internet, welcome to Film Theory Your golden ticket to a ruined childhood Today’s video hits really close to home for me, Because we’re talking about one of my all time favorite childhood films; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Sure, as a kid, I thought Wonka’s factory was the most fanciful fantastic place to visit ever I mean, there are mushrooms where you can scoop out whipped cream And eat it in the main building. Knock down some of the candies from that tree Nom nom nom But now that I’m an adult and have people who work for me I see it as the horrendously unsafe sweatshop that it is. So unsafe In fact, that it would be literally illegal to produce a single bar of chocolate out of there. So get ready to melt down those childhood dreams And send them down the chocolaty river of disappointment Because not only does Mr. William Wonka have one of the most illegal factories on the entire planet But what’s worse I can prove to you that he actually knows it ‘There’s no earthly way of knowing’ Yes, there is Wonka You’ve been pulling the wool over our eyes for far too long, my friend And today I’m exposing the grand conspiracy of your golden ticket giveaway Like the nougaty inside of a scrumdiddlyumptious bar So loyal theorists get ready to Come with me And you’ll be In a world of OSHA violations In case you’re not up to speed with a super saccharine sweatshop That is Wonka’s chocolate factory Here’s the quick rundown: (*Deep breath*) Eccentric candy maker genius Willy Wonka Runs a Chocolate Factory with SpaceX levels of security ‘Nobody ever goes in, ‘Nobody ever comes out.’ To protect his candy making secrets from his sticky-fingered competitors Who for some reason can’t seem to figure out That all you need to do is mix cocoa powder Together with butter, sugar, and vanilla. I mean seriously Slugworth There just aren’t that many ingredients in chocolate Maybe sprinkle in some nuts or toffee If you’re feeling dangerous. In both versions of the movie The modern, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory As well as the vastly superior original version, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Which is the one I’m gonna be focused on for this theory Wonka opens his doors up to five lucky kids Who’ve begged, borrowed, and stolen To get their hands on one of his five golden tickets As they tour the factory We as the movie-going audience Get a first-hand look at the unbelievable wonders And hazards that Wonka has littered everywhere And these aren’t just some little issues that make life around the factory inconvenient These are Occupational Safety and Health Administration Violations Or OSHA Violations They’re illegal They’re life-threatening And they are everywhere And here’s the interesting thing about OSHA Violations They don’t just come with a little finger wag And a couple of demerits on your business owner report card They come with fines Huge fines And enough of them will totally be able to shut down your business for good. So let’s figure out how big of a legal tab That Willy Wonka’s racked up for himself. ‘The suspense is terrible..’ ‘I hope it’ll last.’ The first violation seemed pretty small But it’ll give you a sense of what real-world business owners face When they’re trying to create a safe work environment for their employees. See if you can spot it in this clip ‘Hey, the room is getting smaller!’ ‘No, it’s not, he’s getting bigger!’ Did you catch that one? ‘Inside this room,’ ‘All of my dreams become realities.’ You know what else is gonna become a reality for you? A big whopping fine. Code of Regulations 29 Part. 1910 Subpart E Point 37i OSHA says that all ceilings must be seven foot six inches or higher. This is specifically for fire safety, In the event that the exit needs to be used as an emergency exit. But just think This is where we are starting. If Wonka is getting a fine for the height of a measly hallway Then you know that old Willy is in for a long night. Or a long episode of film theory. Next, the chocolate room The centerpiece of my childhood dreams And my current dreams. And the horrific nightmares of an OSHA agent. In this scene You’ll see that Veruca Salt cuts herself on a rock in the room Well It turns out that that was real blood And that the actress who played her Julie Dawn Cole Still has a scar from that injury on set Which she got from one of the jagged rocks That were used as props in the set. A workplace injury in the movies As well as a workplace injury in the factory. That’s fine number two There are a few other pedantic things in here to find, Including the stairs the Oompa-Loompas walked down Those are under the 22 inch minimum width required by building codes And they don’t have a vertical banister So that’s fines number three and four. But okay, I hear you, A little cut A little banister A little hallway Come on, that sort of stuff could be fixed in a day. So who cares? Well, first off Who should care is the business owner. Because all those things may be little to you But they result in big fines. Thousands of dollars for small infractions like that And we’re only just beginning. Let’s get to the big ones Like the chocolate river. First, you have food running through an open-air factory That is a huge strike there The workers around it also aren’t wearing any protective or sterile clothing And literally anyone who touches the chocolate contaminates the entire supply As Augustus so kindly demonstrates for us ‘Don’t do that!’ ‘You’re contaminating my entire river!’ Contaminating the entire river, Wonka says As he doesn’t shut his factory down to clean out The sweaty child floating in the chocolate So here we have no guardrails No protective clothing Working with contaminated food And failing to clean up those contaminations All of these are OSHA Violations for basic safety With the contamination issue Getting some nice extra scrutiny from the Food Drug Administration And as a fun fact If Augustus’s germ-ridden body Did in fact make someone sick from a chocolate bar on the other end Wonka would be responsible for fines of around 350,000 dollars at the time of the movie release Or about 1.5 million dollars In today’s terms, per person made sick Since we have no way of knowing the fallout from Augustus’s chocolate dip We can’t really count these But they would literally be enough to put the factory out of business If they happen to ship those contaminated chocolate bars out That being said, We’re still not done with the violations that we can count in this room Which include the fact that once someone actually falls into the chocolate river They get suctioned up into a huge unfiltered pipe ‘He’s at it,’ ‘Now, the suction’s gutter.’ Leading to them possibly drowning and suffocating. And if you survive all of that There’s still a good chance that you get boiled alive. ‘Look sharp,’ ‘Or her little boy’s able to get poured into the boiler.’ So strike for the unfiltered pipe An additional strike for no safety protocol. Moving further into the movie We survive a traumatizing boat ride Which is shockingly one of the safest things in this entire movie This is somehow actually okay. But don’t worry We’re about to hit Wonka’s secret inventing room The place where candy and lawsuits get made First of all, All those steaming vats are violations of OSHA’s rules around hot plates in the workplace. Reference number 1910.261(k)(11) “All exposed steam and hot water pipes within 7 feet of the floor Shall be covered with an insulating material or guarded” And you guessed it Each vat or pipe counts as a separate violation So, uh, let’s see here We have eight of those Oh and no guardrails again You think you’re slick, Willy? This is just laziness. Oh, and there are live bees in this room So yeah That counts too. And last up There also seems to be a complete lack of safety equipment anywhere Unless of course You count the oompa-loompa fabric Mickey Mouse style gloves ‘Shouldn’t you be wearing rubber gloves?’ ‘You love the Elton’s maked it up here.’ ‘You know that, oh yeah.’ Right you are, Mr. Salt You would have made a good film theorist OSHA code 1910.132(a) requires that “Protective equipment, including personal protective equipment For eyes, face, head, and extremities Is provided used and maintained” In any situation involving food or chemicals And we know plenty of chemicals being used in this room Are well To put it lightly ‘Hazardous’ ‘Violet!’ ‘You’re turning violet, Violet!’ The next workplace hazard is in the fizzy lifting drink room Where Charlie and Grandpa Joe float away And almost get themselves chopped to bits by the fan blades At the top of the room. Like he just said Now, here’s the thing A fan at the top of a room this tall isn’t a violation But OSHA would still be able to book Wonka for negligence In making the room with the deadly ceiling The same room with the soda that makes you float If you read the book the movie’s based on Wonka even mentions that a few Oompa-Loompas That they didn’t tie down Floated it off into the blue But we’re just gonna let those slide Because we’re focused on the on-screen versions But still You’re an awful person, Willy Wonka Moving right along We get to see Veruca shining moment with the golden geese Where she wrecks up a jackpot of fines You see all those boxes crashing down on the Oompa-Loompas? Well, that’s right OSHA has regulations against stacking boxes too high In fact, anything stacked over five feet has to be secured So it doesn’t fall over Like, you see right here in the scene So we get ourselves a strike for every single tall stack That you see in the room conservatively Conservatively, I’m gonna say that’s about 13 Then of course We have the famous moment Where Veruca stands on the eggdicator And falls down the garbage chute into the furnace Yep, that’s another handful of safety violations No guardrails An open chute down into the furnace And again, a violation for each eggdicator So that’s at least four separate strikes right there But hey now, we’re down to just two kids So how many violations could be left in this movie, right? Oh so many Let’s start with what happens when you cover people in soap And send them through a car wash Exposing people to chemicals Including most soaps, like dishwashing detergent, is an OSHA Violation In the highest amounts And they’re also on a moving vehicle with no seat belts So that’s a strike for everyone Also as a fun side note These violations actually also happened in real life During the shooting of this very scene Where they covered everyone in soap The entire cast puffed up from all that detergent irritation It took days of medical treatment for the cast to return to normal And returned to set So yeah There are actually reasons for all these stupid rules being in place Go figure Last up on our tour We start mixing food violations with electricity What could possibly go wrong there Well, even though they do have safety equipment and no exposure to chemicals Unfortunately, Wonka’s still getting himself an infraction for violating the occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratory standard Reference 29 CFR 1910.1450 Which specifically covers labs where this sort of research and development takes place Allowing a small boy to be able to operate a massive ray gun with no safety protocol in place That’s a strike And seriously Wonka GUARD RAILS. Guardrails are gonna go a long way here. So are we done with this death trap yet? Almost. Even though our tour of the factory ends We get one more bonus strike thrown in for good measure With our visit to the great glass elevator ‘It’s an elevator.’ ‘It’s a Wonkavator.’ Which has nothing to stop it from crashing straight through the glass roof of the factory. So let’s just slap on an extra violation Or three for everyone in that elevator ‘WoNkAvAtOr.’ And with that our grand total comes to 60 OSHA Violations And that’s just what you can see in the movie 60 is very conservative Now, like I said at the beginning of this episode Wonka better be selling the heck out of those chocolate bars. Because every one of those violations comes with a fine But now of course we come to the real question How much are those fines gonna cost? Well According to OSHA “Any employer who willfully Or repeatedly violates the requirements of this Act May be assessed a civil penalty of not more Than 70,000 dollars for each violation But not less than 5,000 dollars for each willful violation” And it’s important to mention that these are the guidelines from 1971 When the original Wonka movie came out and was setI In today’s numbers That’s about 31,000 dollars to 436,000 dollars per individual violation At lowest, Wonka is looking at a 1.86 million dollar price tag And at highest he’s shelling out a whopping 26.1 million in today’s dollars Again, just from the 60 OSHA violations That we see in the like 6, 7, 8 rooms that he tours us through Now, obviously a range of 5,000 to 70,000 dollars Is huge. What determines Which end of the spectrum you fall on is your past history And whether it seems like you as a business owner just made a mistake Or whether you really don’t care about the safety of your workplace So would OSHA have pity on Willy Wonka? *MatPat laughs hysterically* The short answer is DEFINITELY NOT. They factor in things like the seriousness of the violation Which in our case includes violations like Child-sized pipes to a boiler room in the furnace As well as exposing children and workers to chemicals That turn them into blueberries Also a small business is likely to get off the hook much easier Than a multinational chocolate mega factory So Wonka has no case to plead here Because he ships to literally every continent We see it in the golden ticket coverage And when it comes to showing a good faith effort to keep things safe Well, let’s just say that Wonka has a bad track record there too He’s not even good at pretending ‘Stop, don’t, come back.’ ‘Hellen. please, ???’ In conclusion. Mr Wonka We, Film Theorists, OSHA Investigators Find you guilty on every count And let’s face it Probably dozens more that we don’t see in your 90-minute movie. You sir are looking squarely in the eye of that 26.1 million dollar fine Or 4.2 million dollars in 1971 terms. And if you all watching at home right now think that’s bad I’m not even done. You see the thing about Safety inspectors is that they don’t just show up once fine you and then leave When you get fined You’re also given an order to fix whatever issues the inspector discovered When the inspector returns If they find that you still haven’t fixed the problems Then you get fined again. This is called the failure to abate And that results in its own fine You pay the same fines again for every single day that your factory wasn’t in compliance So 4.2 million inflation-adjusted dollars isn’t just a one-time fee It’s how much Mr. Wonka would be paying per day For as long as all those issues go unfixed That’s 182 million inflation-adjusted dollars per week And 9.5 billion dollars for a year of non-compliance For comparison Hershey’s current revenues are about 7.421 billion dollars per year Which would put Willy Wonka’s factory in complete bankruptcy in a matter of months But and here’s the biggest butt of them all my friends This is no surprise to Willy Wonka. No, in fact He knows about all these violations better than anyone You see the Occupational Safety and Health Act The legislation that created OSHA in the first place Was passed in 1970 It took effect in 1971 The exact same year that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is set And the year that it hit theaters with the establishment of OSHA Laws in 1970 Willy Wonka realized pretty fast that his factory wasn’t long for this world Given the way he runs it and how dangerous it is to everyone inside. So Wonka’s decision to open his factory to five lucky children A decision that seems to come out of nowhere in the movie ‘Willy Wonka’s opening his factory, He’s gonna let people in!’ ‘You sure?’ He isn’t actually motivated by a desire to do good Or even pass his love of chocolate and candy making secrets On like a legacy No, it’s to offload this dumpster fire of a business Onto one poor vulnerable unsuspecting child Before Wonka himself is hit with all these fines Charlie who comes out of destitution And thinks he’s hit the lottery with his golden ticket Believes he’s inheriting Wonka’s fortune But the truth is That he’s actually inheriting Willy Wonka’s massive legal trouble And billions of dollars of debt He’s not the most pure of heart or the nicest or whatever He’s just the biggest chump And the child in the most desperate situation That Wonka can prey on to escape OSHA And a lifetime of corporate debt. But hey That’s just a theory; A film theory And I know that it’s a little disappointing That all our candy-coated dreams have been destroyed by this episode But if you’re looking for a much sweeter deal Than just five golden tickets Well, then check out our partner for today’s episode Dollar Shave Club Yes, I already use the razors You’ve heard me talk about them And you already know that those things are great But those are gonna keep your body from stinking up the great glass elevator Or they’re not gonna get your mouth clean After eating one too many scrumdiddlyumptious bars And that’s why Dollar Shave Club is no longer just the shave club They’ve expanded to everything from toothpaste to hairstyling products So, you know that you’re gonna be looking and feeling your best Whether you’re being blown up like a blueberry Or sucked away to a boiler room They should rebrand themselves as the dollar look good feel good Club Anyway Just imagine if these children had used one of their great products If Augustus had just used that smooth as silk shaving butter then shoom He’s not getting stuck in that pipe He’s shooting through that thing like a rocket Buttery smooth like a baby’s bottom And tell you what Veruca’s gonna have herself a mess down below After her brush with a boiler room of death Well, she can take care of that mess in one wipe With a Dollar Shave Club One white charlie butt wipes And here’s the best part You don’t need to be a spoiled rich kid to afford it So don’t be a Veruca Join the club for only 5 dollars at F I L M T H E O R Y Or you know Just save yourself the trouble and click the link on the top line of the description New members are getting their first month of the daily essential starter kit For only $5 So you can try out a lot of the new products That I just mentioned See how cool they are And decide which ones Are the ones that you want to keep showing up conveniently At your door every month If only everything in life were that sweet Remember, that’s Click the link below and you’ve got yourself a golden ticket to personal hygiene Click it


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