First Camping Trip | Allstate Insurance

First Camping Trip | Allstate Insurance

Six lawn chairs circle a small outdoor campfire.
Two guys are seated but the remaining chairs are empty. One of the guys tends the fire,
gradually feeding it with sticks. Upbeat music plays. SUPER: NEVER LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED.
[Use the mouse to click and drag to spin the video frame toward the right.] Beneath a tall tree stands a girl and her
black dog. The dog is on a leash. She pets the dog and walks over to the right where
a tent is being set up. SUPER: KEEP PETS ON A LEASH.
[Spin toward the right.] Two more people work on securing tent poles.
In the sunny background, another tent is already set up. SUPER: MAKE SURE YOUR TENT IS UP BEFORE DARK.
[Spin toward the right.] To the right of both tents is a cluster of
trees that offer shelter from the sun. SUPER: CHOOSE A CAMPSITE WITH PLENTY OF SHADE
OPTIONS. [Spin toward the right.] This portion of the campsite includes a metal
grill and concrete picnic table. On the table is a scattering of recommended camping items,
including a first aid kit. SUPER: TAKE A WEATHER RADIO, MAP, FIRST AID
KIT AND FLASHLIGHT. [Spin toward the right.] On the right side of the picnic table, a girl
in a baseball cap is opening a blue cooler filled with food. She pulls out cold water
bottles, corncobs and hamburger patties. SUPER: STOCK THE COOLER WITH ICE AND BRING
A MEAT THERMOMETER. [Spin toward the right. This is a full 360-degree
circle, so we are back to the first frame.] SUPER: NEVER LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED.

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