FIRST GOLD!!! Metal Detecting Dry Lake 2018

FIRST GOLD!!! Metal Detecting Dry Lake 2018

Hey guys
it is that time of the year lake is empty
lets go! first eyeball find and the first metal detecting find in 2018 peace of junk metal sea glass
cool awesome
first silver nice junk earring nothing to brag about sticks to magnet wow
2.5$ us coin nice little silver but where is the necklace some junk something other in the hole coins look like this wow first gold 14k
9 stones in it wow
awesome great start
of 2018 gold! I am showing you
the end of the line it is depth of the lake
in some places 10 inches hey guys last man out


  1. is this place your Hunting the same place with all the people in the water .. imagine so right . if so its gotta be a gold mine .. there were tons of people in that water Park    Congrats Sinisha   sweet 14 K gold … heeeee haaaaaaa

  2. Wow, no wonder you find so much gold with all those people in the water during the warmer months – awesome site to hunt.

  3. nice digging man fantastic!! I got out for my first hunt of the year yesterday at a beach I have mercilessly hammered but never hunted out as they say! gold and silver in the hand for me as well woohoo! you are going to clean up there I suspect! best of luck to you and yours cheers Nathan

  4. Wow now that looks like a great location you got there and some amazing finds that gold ring was fantastic Great start to 2018 Gl&hh Thor ☺

  5. A great way to start the new year. Silver and gold. Nice place to hunt when there is no water. Thanks for sharing. GL and HH. Eric

  6. Hi Sinisha, great find mate, a really nice gold ring…all I can find is bloody RING pulls off cans…..LOL well done…!!!
    take care

  7. awesome video sin mate and what a start to 2018 with a gold mega :)) ..will that lake be filled again or is that it ?

  8. What s great way to start out 2018 with some Gold and Silver. Nice find Sinisha and Congrats on your finds. Let's hope that 2018 will be a GREAT year. Take care and HH. Jim

  9. Wow so many people go there, what a great condensed spot to hunt!  Super exciting!  How long do you get to hunt there before they fill it back up?

  10. Very cool dry lake bed dig! Gratz on the ring, charm & earring ! Great haul !!! 👍🇺🇲⛏️ Enjoyed the WHOLE vid !

  11. Hi Sinisha..
    Gold Fever 🤒 madness sets in..!!!..Got to have all the GOLD..More more more..!!
    That’s why I love Australian
    1 and 2 dollar GOLD COINS..
    Yeeee Haaaa…
    Fantastic gold ring finds.
    Great start to the year.
    I love that we get to see the man that use to hide behind the camera 📷.
    Cheers Tony.👍🍺⛏🇦🇺

  12. Wow,, an empty lake, how cool.
    I would sure like to find a hunt like that.
    Imagine just how many goodies are still there.
    Hope you get to hunt there some more.
    Good finds, Pirate, lol.
    Keep on having fun.

  13. Awesome hunt Sinisha and that dry lake is huge! You will be having some more great hunts from that lake I am sure and I cannot wait to see what you find. Very good idea with the magnet tied onto your shovel 👍 So many good items you found and then WOW! GOLD BABY. Well done Sinisha and a great start to 2018 my friend.

    ATB GL & HH
    Metal Detecting 🇬🇧

  14. Big Congrats on your Beautiful 14 Kt GOLD and Diamond Ring Sinisha 🙌👏🙌 Nice Silver Pieces too😀 Way to Go and Happy Hunting My Friend 😎

  15. What a great day you had! Beautiful Silver and Gold! Big congrats there Sinisha. I wish they would empty the lake here. But they don't anymore.
    Thanks so much for taking us along. Looks like you were having a great time out there.
    Wishing you all the best. Take care, good luck and happy hunting to you!

  16. A dried out swimming hole has to be one of the best places I've seen to detect. Hope you get back more and work that place to the bone!

  17. Nice spot you have there. It reminds me of the bottom of my fish tank. It's like I looked in the tank and saw you in there. Just kidding. That gold ring must have made me delirious. Nice video! Kyle

  18. Great video buddy!!! That first metal find you picked up and called trash metal-we call that "Costume Jewelry" LOL.
    You seem to find silver and gold like I find clad coins!!!!

  19. What a great hunt Sinisha.
    Grats on the silver and gold.
    Going to be another great year for you.
    GL brother and Awesome finds.

  20. That's a lot of little chunks of wire… damn!!!! BUT… silver and …. wait for it….wait for it…….GOLD!!!! Nice buddy!! GL&HH to you!!

  21. Hi buddy, knowledge is everything when detecting, wow what a great place to detect, well done on the gold, great find, to the next lol HH.👍 😃 ✔

  22. Hi, that lake bed must loaded,what a great site to hunt on.The g2 is one detector i couldnt part with! subbed a while bk,but hadnt managed many.hooked now! atb hh gl

  23. Hey Sinisha, nice to see you in front of the camera. It took me sometime to pluck up the courage but I wouldn't look back now! That was a great video and some superb finds! Well done on the gold ring and nicely edited video too! All the best, Steve (iFind)

  24. Awesome. Very interesting things have come out. Congratulations. I subscribe to your channel and I invite you to visit ours. Greetings from Spain.

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