FISHBONE CHEVRON || Friendship Bracelets

FISHBONE CHEVRON || Friendship Bracelets

Hi my name is Masha Knots and today I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful friendship bracelet So I actually made this bracelet a while ago and I’m gonna have the pattern linked to it below but I think it’s so beautiful it’s so simple and easy to make and then at
the same time it has a sort of unique effect to it, especially when you use
this many colors and you have these bright colors it turns out amazing and I
thought I would just show you how to make it. So what I’m gonna be using to
make it is a technique called segment knotting which is actually much easier
than it sounds. So segment knotting is actually quite different from the
regular type of knotting and the regular type is when you go row by row as it is
in the pattern and if you don’t know how to do that I actually have a video
specifically made on that topic which I’ll link as a card and down below in
the description, but segment knotting doesn’t use the row by row method it
still uses the same patterns but it doesn’t go row by row. I’m not gonna go
into extreme detail in this video of how to actually do segment knotting but I am
gonna show you how to make this particular bracelet in segment knotting
So as you can see this bracelet begins with a loop at the top which is this
beautiful teardrop and it also has the colors of the rainbow coming down, I’m
actually not going to be showing you how to make this specific loop in this video
but I’m going to be making a video on that separately very soon and once it’s
out it’s gonna be as a card and in the description down below so you can check
that out later. So the bracelet I already made begins with a red and goes down to
the pink and then starts again with the red. I don’t want to make the exact same
bracelet again so I’m gonna be doing inverted colors so I’m actually going to
start with the pink go down to the red and then start again. So first of course
you’re gonna start by choosing the colors that you would like so for this
friendship bracelet. As I said I want to start with the pink, I pretty much want
to use the same colors as in this one but I want to go the other direction so
I want to start with the pink then go to purple, blue and the other way. The only
thing is actually with this bracelet I think that this blue that I used is a
little bit too dark because you can see it very clearly as opposed to the other
ones that they sort of blend in so might not be using this particular
blue I might choose a different one or maybe replace another colour with it, I might just throw it out altogether basically what I’m trying to say is that
you can use whichever colours that you like however many colors that you like
just keep in mind that the more colors you use the thicker the bracelet is
going to be and vice versa the less colours you use the thinner it’s going to
be but you can do this pattern with you know with however many colours. So now
that we’ve chosen the colours it’s time to cut the string and I always recommend
to use quite a lot of string because it’s best to have some string leftover
rather than to run out of string mid bracelet. When you have string leftover
you can cut it off and then reuse it in a different bracelet. When you run out of
string there are still ways around that you can add extra string but it’s just
more of a hassle and it takes time and it’s annoying so it’s best to use quite
a lot of string. But whatever colour you choose for the loop, so for this bracelet
I chose the orange, you’re gonna have more of that string than of the others
because obviously you’re going to be using that one for the loop. So choose
however long you want your string to be and then double that because you’re
going to be folding the string in half because of the loop, right? So the string
is going to be folded in half at this point and so you’re essentially creating
two strings out of one so double the length of the string that you want to
use and cut them all in the same length except for the colour that you want for
the loop which in my case is going to be this one I’m going to use this colour to
create my loop again I’m not actually going to be showing you how to make the
loop in this video I’m just gonna show you a quick time-lapse of me doing that
but if you want a in-depth tutorial on how to make a loop like that then I’m
gonna be filming a video on that quite soon and once it’s out it’s gonna be in
a card and in the link in the description down below so you can check
that out and learn from there so now that I’m done with the base of the loop
which is you know the yellow thing on this bracelet and the purple thing on
this bracelet I’m actually going to be going into the rainbow part of it and
here in this bracelet I made the rainbow from red to pink but since in this
bracelet I want the rainbow to be inverted I’m actually gonna start with
the purple and then go down to the red please do keep in mind that actually
filming yourself making a bracelet is quite difficult because it is very
uncomfortable to actually make the bracelet while I’m filming this but you
got to do what you got to do to get a nice angle okay so now that the loop is finished
and the threads are in the order that I want them to be because I made them that
way when I was doing the loop it’s time to actually start making the bracelet
and what we start by doing is we make a regular V shape for the first row so
what we do is we take the outermost thread of our bracelet which for me is
this pinkish-purple colour and we make a forward knot onto each of the other
threads of the bracelet in the order that they are laid and then we take this
thread on the other side the pinkish purple one, the outermost thread of the
bracelet and we make a backward knot onto each of these threads. So I’m gonna
do that quickly and show you what to do next, by the way if you don’t know how to
make forward and backward knot I actually have a video on that so you can
check that out, it’s going to be in the card and in the description below so now that that step is finished we
have successfully moved the pink purple sort of colour threads from the outermost
side to the innermost side of the bracelet, now we make a forward or
backward knot whichever you’re most comfortable with between these two
threads, and yes as you can see because it is the first row of the bracelet it
sort of looks a bit wonky and not exactly as an arrow so what I’m gonna do
now is I’m actually going to make a few more rows for it to sort of normalize
and stabilize before I show you the next step
if you look at this bracelet the one that I made originally you can also see
that the first sort of row is a bit wonky but that is only because it is the
first one and then it becomes beautiful and lovely at the middle so I’m gonna do
a few rows and then show you the next step
okay so I’ve done a few rows and the pattern started to normalize so it’s
gonna be much easier to see what I’m actually doing. This bracelet consists of
repeating two rows, so two steps and the first one I’ve already shown is just the
regular v-shaped bracelet where you take the outermost string and you bring it to
the center by doing forward knots on the left side and backward knots on the
right side so then the second step is what I’m gonna show you now, so you take
the outermost strings again but you take two of them I’m gonna start with the
left side I’m gonna move the right side out of the way so it’s easy for me to
work with I take that outermost string which in my case is the sort of darkish
blue and I do a forward backward knot onto this other string
okay so now that that one is done I still hold this string but then I take
the second one, the next one I mean and I repeat this step, I do a
forward backward knot onto this string now again if you don’t know how to
make a forward backward knots I made a separate video on that which is why I’m
not showing you in-depth here. I continue doing this with the other strings, I take
the next string, take the previous string and do a forward backward knot onto that
one and then again I take the next string and with the previous string and
make a forward backward knot then I just continue doing that until I get to the
center right, so now that I’ve finished this row
I’m going to switch, I’m going to put these to the side and bring the right
side back and I’m going to do pretty much the exact same thing with the right
side except instead of a forward backward knot I’m gonna be doing a
backward forward knot, so again I take the two outermost strings takes me a while
to untangle them because they’re so long the struggles of knotting thick
bracelets you have long strings, anyway so I take the two outermost strings and
then I do a backward forward knot onto this string and then again I take the
next string I do a backward forward knot with the previous string onto this
one now and again and again until I get to the center which is where I’m going
to show you what to do next right so once you finish that and you
get all of your strings to the middle you are gonna make a forward or backward
or you know forward backward or backward or whatever knot you like between these
two strings and I’m saying whatever knot you like because they are the same color
so whatever knot you make it’s still gonna look the exact same so it really
doesn’t matter what you do, I’m just gonna make a forward knot because that’s
easier, so yeah that is pretty much the two steps that you need to do, yeah
basically that’s it: you make the v-shape which is the first row that you do and
then you do the forward backward on the left side and the backward forward on
the right side which you connect in the middle once you get to it and then you
continue doing the same thing, you do the v-shaped again and the same you know
forward backward backward forward thing see and then you continue doing these
steps until your bracelet reaches the lengths that you desire which for me is
about 14 centimeters on average so yeah that’s pretty much it, this is a very simple
bracelet, it looks extremely complicated right? When you look at it, it looks like
a very complicated pattern and when you look at the pattern it also looks
extremely complicated but in reality it’s just two steps that you need to
continue making until it reaches the length that you need, so let’s head into
the time-lapse of me finishing this bracelet. So I did readjust the camera
for this time-lapse because it is extremely uncomfortable to actually knot
a bracelet while there is a camera in front of your face so yeah, bear with me
with a different angle but I mean you can still hopefully see what I am doing
and how the bracelet is forming, I don’t know I just love time lapses in general
especially when I’m making something, I love to see how these tiny little knots
that I am making create this beautiful bracelet in the end and you know when
I’m making it myself it’s actually generally very slow but then when I see
a time lapse oh it’s like wow this is made so quickly and it’s so beautiful
and you can really see the result of your work which is I guess why I really
enjoy making bracelets in general is that you know it seems like such a
tedious task because you have to make these tiny little knots but then you see
the results of your work pretty much instantly and that’s what always
fascinated me about it and I love doing that I think that’s a problem with a lot
of workplaces but you know people are doing a job that
they’re being paid for right but they are completely unmotivated by their work
because they don’t see the results of what they are doing like they’re doing
this job that there’s been assigned from the management they don’t know why they
are doing this job because management doesn’t tell them the reasoning of what
you know to do they just tell them to do it they don’t know why they don’t know
what the outcome is and they’re just doing this job and you know they’re not
motivated to do it because they don’t see the results of their work. This got
quite deep very quickly I did not intend it to get you know deep on any level at
all, but that’s what I mean by you know making friendship bracelets I see
the results of my work and it makes me happy and plus you know it’s a great way
to spend my time I usually do it while I’m also doing something else so I’ll be
watching a TV show or something and I’ll be making a bracelet and it’s a great
way to express my creativity I love it it’s been something that I’ve been doing
for ages and I enjoy it a lot and hopefully you know some of my enthusiasm
for this will be translated into you and you’ll be inspired to create a new
bracelet today or maybe not even a bracelet to just create something today
so yeah I encourage you to do something creative today with your day or if you
know it’s you’re watching this at night or something tomorrow with your day with
your free time do something creative something that you enjoy doing something
that brings you some sort of happiness because you know that’s what’s most
important in life: happiness, but yeah hopefully you’re enjoying this
time-lapse as much as I am because I love time lapses. So there you have it
the finished bracelet, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you do end up
making this bracelet please take a picture and tag me on instagram because
I’d love to see your guys creations and you know follow me on Instagram because
there’s a lot more cool content coming up and I love connecting with all of you
and go ahead and hit that subscribe and like button down below because I’m gonna
come out with a lot more content for you guys I’ve been really enjoying making
friendship bracelets recently and I’m really excited to make more videos and
on that note if you do have any video suggestions that you want to see then
leave them down below as well I’m thinking of doing a video about my
bracelet collection because I have collected
few bracelets over the years so let me know if you’re interested in something
like that and if there are any other ideas also leave them down below thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you all next time bye


  1. Ok, so.. WOW this video got a lot of views fast! Thank you & I hope eveyone feels very welcome here! I though I would answer some FAQs & address some things.

    🔸 The strings I used in this video are called Craft Cord by Loops & Threads
    🔸 The strings were about 2 meters long (They then become 1 meter each when folded)
    🔸 I show you how to make the loop here:
    🔸 I teach you all about knot types & how to make them here:
    🔸 I teach you how to make the triangle end at the bottom of the bracelet here:

    I've seen people commenting that the video is too fast & difficult for them to understand and I just want to address that.
    The target audience for this video are people who are already somewhat experienced in making bracelets, which is why the process of me making the knots is sped up – it is literally the most basic part of making a bracelet.
    However, if you feel you need a tutorial on how to make these knots in-depth, I would again suggest you watch a different video of mine where I teach you just that (

    People also seem to be annoyed that I split the instructions in separate videos rather than showing everything in one video. To that I say that this video is already 15 mins long as is. If I had included tutorials on everything I mention in one video, it would have been well over an hour long. Plus, I run a whole channel & I use the same techniques in several of my videos. Making one video & referencing it is much easier & much more convenient for both me & the viewer than demonstrating the same thing over & over again in every single video.

    And finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love on this video & to everyone who has criticised/raised their concerns in a respectful manner. This was the first video I made in a very long time and it is your constructive criticism & my own self-reflection that has allowed me (and still allows me) to grow as a creator, so thank you. However,

    ❗❗ I do not tolerate any hate or verbal abuse on my channel ❗❗
    If you express your concers/criticisms in a hateful manner, with name-calling and verbal abuse, you will be blocked from commenting on my channel. Making bracelets is a relaxing hobby for me & many others and I created this channel to be a safe space for everyone who joins. Sending me hateful comments & messages over a bracelet tutorial is absolutely ridiculous and will not be tolerated.

    I do, however, want to leave this on a pleasant note, so here's a video I suggest you watch after this one
    WATCH NEXT: 40 String Mega Bracelet ⏩

  2. I remember making bracelets like this 25 years ago, we would pin the thread to our jeans and knot them during class, trying to avoid getting in trouble from the teachers. I didn’t know they were still a thing. Thanks for bringing back good memories!

  3. Зашибись использовать офисный зажим для бумаг и прикреплять фенечки к краю стола. Не ну а вдруг совет поможет))))

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  6. How long do you cut one string?btw. I love your channel because I always searched for something like that so thank you for doing this

  7. I realize that you’ve shown the knots in other videos but it would be helpful to be shown the knots needed to make the bracelet in the actual video. Found this to be less of a diy/tutorial and instead just a lot of talking & watching u make one.

  8. I must be dumb asf or something because these are so heckling hard to do and I do so many creative and artistic things, like I tried using so many videos and it’s not working so I give up

  9. Thank you for your clear and inspirational instructional videos, Ms. Masha. IMG_4045.jpeg How do I post a photo to show you what I've done with your instruction? 🙂

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  11. I tried to make it and it didn't look as nice… do you recommend to use a lot of colors for a thick bracelet in order to look nice ???

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  14. masha/maria,
    if you are uncomfortable filming like that don't do it. maybe find another way. you could possibly film it upside-down and flip it in editting. or film it from the side. something.
    i was just rewatching some tutorials and videos of yours and you have been saying its uncomfortable alot.
    ok bye

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