Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet

My name is Lizzie. I’ll be showing you how to make my fishtail bracelet. Let’s get started. First, you need a hook, a loom, rubber bands, and a c clip. If you don’t have a rainbow loom, you can use these types of knitting looms. Same thing with the hook, if you don’t have a hook, you can use a crocheting hook. These have to be thin. Let’s get started. First, you grab a rubber band and you put it in a figure 8. Like this. And you put it on 2 pegs. You push down. You take one more rubber band, and you put on on top of… above the figure 8. Make sure it’s not twisted. You’re gonna get another rubber band and put it on top of the other rubber band. Make sure it’s not twisted. First, you take the bottom rubber band, put it on top. The same thing on the red rubber band. Then you push it down. The other rubber band, you put it on top. And you take the bottom, red rubber band, and you put it on top. Same thing on this side. (Push it down) Take this other rubber band, put it on top. Try not to twist it. You take the last rubber band (mumbles), and this side too. It’s kind of hard. To me, I do this. (mumbles) I take the c-clip. And you see those two rubber bands. And you pull it. Like this. Take a c-clip And you take it and clip it right here. And you push down. Excuse my dog, excuse my dog…he snorts, he sounds like a pig. You get another rubber band… and put it on top. Grab the bottom green band. (mumbles) This side too. Usually, my pattern is red, red, green. You can get any pattern you want. and… (mumbles) This side too. (mumbles) Keep pushing it down. And you see that it’s coming out great. It’s coming out great… This is for the Rapha House. Keep repeating your steps till it fits your wrist like this. You take your hook like this, and go to your last, your green rubber band. Over there. This one too. Push down. Then you loop this white one over the red one. Same thing as this side. This. Then you take it off. You take your c-clip. And you clip it on like this. It’s kind of hard. (mumbles) And there’s your fishtail bracelet.

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