Five nights at freddys song (FNAF): Silver Eyes

Five nights at freddys song (FNAF): Silver Eyes

You Always looking at me with your Silver Eyes We all know that it is a disguise For the true you Who? Is the truth that we cannot see? We would like to meet you please Ohhh, the true you Come on out to see that we are not that bad Come on out here, grab my hand Come on out to see, that we are not that bad Come on out here You You must be so afraid You didn’t want to play this game Nooo, of the true you. I Believe your heart is still in there Can you hear my deepest prayers? To see the true you Come on out, to see that we are not that bad Come on out here, grab my hand Come on out, to see that we are not that bad Come on out here You Always looking at me with your Silver Eyes We all know that it is a disguise Ohh, for the true you We all know that it is a disguise Ohh, for the true you


  1. wow I think the animatronics are not really evil there are just lost souls! why does everyone think that they are evil? even fnaf novel says they are NOT evil!!! the only animatronics are evil are springtrap the nightmare animatronics and funtime animatronics! now they are EVIL!!!

  2. hmm in the novel "the silver eyes" there were temporary costumes, thay were blue greed all sorts of colours. and thay were probably used at fred bears so that explains the withered state it's in. Also the shape of the animatronic looks very difrent. its jaw looks very big like the nightmares…kinda, so I think this was a temporary springlock costume that someone died in, and caused the bite in rage, maby the prple guy was the victim. anwway that explains why the police are there because it did the bite, but thay are saying it's afraid because the person is now an animatronic, but thay are reddy to fire just in case. let's call the animatronic… Hmmmm…how about…. silvereye.thats what I'm calling "it"

  3. this song is beautiful. …your so very talented…this song is probably my favorite fnaf song so far …yiu deserve more subscribers. ..I can tell you put alot of work into these videos and the songs…

  4. I just found out this song, and… It's beautiful as always!!!
    The lyrics, the way you sing the lyrics, my heart was like "please stop I can't handle all these feels" but my ears "go on, we want to listen to it again and again!!". The animations are special but amazing!!!!!! I'm so hyped for the next one, but you can't imagine how much 😀

  5. I don't get it
    What does the police have to do with anything and who is the person singing this and why is that their perspective and what does this have to do with the lore and I haven't read the book and akfmskdksk,ms,elsoqoqozkwmka

  6. hey this song was posted the day after my birthday which me and killer has the same birth date but not year also me and The Doctor (12th) (Doctor Who and Fnaf Rules!)  has the same birthday! 😀

  7. Lol the people are trying convince Bonnie to go out side but they all have guns. Also Bonnie looks retarded it is looking at them just staring

    i swear look at his nose
    his blue color
    but his eye color is not green..
    and araund his eyes is white
    Who is with me???
    am i right??…right….

  9. Ennard? No he had blue…. Golden Fredbear? Didn't he have brown or something? Not including the black with white…. Springtrap? Or the man inside? William? Michael?

  10. I absolutely love this song it's amazing and I love that guitar. I'm wondering if there will be a sequel named Twisted Ones

  11. this is a beautiful song with a dark image attach to it. my guess it would be toy bonnie due to the blue face and white rings around the eyes.I don't know who's exactly inside the suit, but I think it's Michael.

  12. True masterpiece… Beautiful, dark and have deep atmosphere… True beautifulness…People still don`t understand this. I hope the day will come.
    Who disliked it? I wish these people will suffer.

  13. So the guy inside the Bonnie suit is the kid from the prequel song right? And he's been like turned evil and stuff…

  14. Has anyone here in the comments actually read the book? I’m currently on the second one, “the twisted ones”. They are both really good if you want to give it a go.

  15. Hi there! I stumbled upon this song by accident but I'm glad I did, I really love this so much, it just reminds me of listening to those 2000's bands that I loved so much. Anyways, I am deeply in love with this song and I was wondering with your permission if I may be able to use this song for my audiobook reading of the silver eyes? I did an audio reading of the twisted ones and people are begging me to read the first book lol. And I needed a perfect song fitting for the ending of the book. It's okay if you don't want me to use this song I understand I'll look for another song. But anyways, keep up the great work!

  16. The eyes belong to foxy if youv read the book and were did the soliders come from it makes no senes this is not fnaf

  17. It’s been two years and I still love this song with all my heart. Such a unique and emotional voice. Love you Adam!

  18. How did the police bulive the call
    Oh a train hit a car and there was only one person alive and then some animatronics came out of Freddy fazbear’s and stuffed the person in a Spare character suit

  19. I wish there was a part 3 song so if you can do that please do that because I'm really enjoying it and I hope it's about that he gets out

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