FIXING BRACELET MISTAKES || Friendship Bracelets

FIXING BRACELET MISTAKES || Friendship Bracelets

Hi everyone my name is Masha Knots and
in this video I’m going to show you how to add a new string into the bracelet
and how to untie a knot that you accidentally made So I’m actually making
an alpha bracelet right now and I need to insert a new color into my bracelet
but you can also use this method when you run out of string so say a string
snapped or you didn’t cut enough of the string you can always insert more into
your bracelet whether that be a normal bracelet or an alpha bracelet so I’m
just gonna quickly show you I’m inserting this color so I’m just gonna
cut a little bit of it So the place where I need to insert my string is
onto this base string and I need to make a forward knot onto it with the green
string so that is exactly what I’m gonna do I’m gonna separate these so you have
a clear review of what I’m doing so since I’m making a forward knot I’m
going to put the green string into my left hand and I’m just gonna make a
forward knot with the green string onto the blue string here when I’m tying them together I’m
gonna be quite careful And there it is – I’ve tied the green string on to the
blue string but obviously it’s not in the position that I need it to be I
need it to be much higher so I’m just gonna push it up with my nail And there you have it I’ve successfully tied in the green string into my bracelet and I
can now use it to continue weaving and just use it in my bracelet so as I said
you can do this with normal patterns as well it’s pretty simple you just weave
the string into the bracelet. All right so now I’m gonna show you how to undo a
knot that you’ve made by accident I actually haven’t made a knot by accident
I’ve made all my knots correctly but I’m just gonna have to show you how to undo
a knot anyway so what I use is any safety pin and and I just pick at the
knot and I untie it that’s pretty much all I do. I try to insert the safety
pin in the middle between the two parts of the knot and sort of gently untie them and pull out the string and then do the
second part of the knot you want to make sure you’re doing it gently so that you
don’t fray the thread and there you go the knot is untied make sure to close
the safety pin because you don’t want to stab yourself but yeah that’s just a quick
little video to show you how to insert threads and how to untie knots that you
made by accident. I’m gonna link the pattern to this bracelet down below in case you
want to make it as you can see I’m in the process of making it and I’m gonna
be posting a video about this bracelet quite soon so subscribe for that if you
want to see some more thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in my next
video, bye!


  1. Really helpful, thanks!! I've been trying alpha bracelets a lot recently and this method of adding string is so much simpler than what I have been doing, I have no idea why I didn't just do this to begin with XD

  2. thanks for this! if you were to add the string into a normal bracelet would it create a separate string or continue as the same string? sorry if this doesn't make sense

  3. thank you so much!! it was really helpful❤ I love your videos. 🌸 can you please tell me if I can cut the old string after adding the new one?

  4. thanks for the video! i have a question tho. what do you do with the already existing blue string that you replaced with the green string? do you just pull it back so that it’s out of the way of the bracelet until your done? or do you cut it off?

  5. I still don't really understand how to tie the string on? I do what you're doing (I think) and it just slips from under neath the bracelet.

  6. oh wow thanks for the safety pin method because i’ve been using a pencil and it makes all the strings gray and it’s hard to wedge between the knots

  7. When you add the new string and you do the forward not do you cut of the extra string. This question probably does not make any sense

  8. Thank you, I sent a dm to your insta about my alpha bracelets being a mess and you replied 🙂 this video make alpha bracelets so much clearer and I’m going to start out with a teddy bear or a Dino!

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