Florida Travel: How to Do the Silver Spurs Rodeo, Kissimmee

Florida Travel: How to Do the Silver Spurs Rodeo, Kissimmee

– (fun rodeo music) – We’re here at the Silver Spurs Rodeo. Ah, here we go, here’s our
seats right here, guys. I’m here with my family to enjoy one of Florida’s great
original attractions. That’s right, long before
Florida’s resorts and theme parks the Silver Spurs Rodeo was the main attraction here in Central Florida. Starting way back in the 1940s, a group of Osceola County ranchers volunteered their time entertaining locals and raising money for
community organizations. The first Silver Spurs Rodeo
was during World War II and the only way to get
in was to buy a war bond. Today, Silver Spurs is
still run by volunteers. The non-profit organization regularly donates to the Florida community. Their arena holds over 8,000 seats and attracts fans from
all around the world with bull riding as one
of their major events. Silver Spurs Rodeo is located just a half hour south of Orlando. One thing about the rodeo, you
never know what you’ll see. – [Announcer] Make some noise
for Tyrone the Terrible. Unbelievable racing
action here on the finish. – Just watching a cowboy get
on the bull gave me a rush. (crowd cheering) Holy mackerel. I had to get behind the scenes
and check it out for myself and ride a bull, yep,
that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna be honest with
you, you know I’ve asked you to help me to get on this
bull but I tell you what I’m nervous and just looking at this bull right next to us here, probably
what 2,000 pound animal. – He’s pretty close to it. – It is an intimidating scene. – It’s a natural thing to
get a little bit nervous. I rode bulls for 23 years and still, if you don’t have that
little bit of nervous, something’s wrong with ya a little bit ’cause you’re fixin’ to
match moves with an animal that you have no idea what he’s gonna do. You’re in his territory. – Is that the lure of it, you don’t know what he’s going to do? – That’s it, that’s the adrenaline, that’s what brings people
to it and bull ridin’ is, at least 95% percent mental, 5% ability. – In bull riding half of the judging is based on the bull’s performance and half on the rider’s ability to match moves with the bull. Competitors must ride a bucking bull for a full eight seconds with no more than one hand holding a
rope tied to the bull. Okay, let’s do this
before I change my mind. This is a massive beast that I’m about to sit on and I can’t even imagine when that gate comes open
what’s going to happen. – You’re nervous right now. – My heart is just
pumpin’, I mean this animal is just massive, being, sitting right here you can feel its breath,
you can feel the animal, you get a sense of just how intimidating, how massive this thing is. Yeah, this is pretty freaky. What am I thinking? There’s no way I’m riding this bull. No, no no no no no no,
oh oh, I’m outta here. I don’t think I can do it, man. – No, uh-oh. – I think I’m as far
as I can go right here. Whew, oh my gosh, man, I’m shaking. – Yeah, I bet, I bet. That’s normal, man, that’s
just nerves kickin’ in. – Whew, I’ll leave it
to this guy to do this. And I’m up with Rockin’ Robbie Hodges. The Silver Spurs Barrelman. He’s going to show me all that goes in to this important job and the main tool of his trade, a custom-made aircraft aluminum barrel weighing in at 200 pounds. – All right, so what you do is you want to jump up here just like so,
walk up, put your knees in, take a beat, pick up forward,
lean forward a little bit and then I tote this
around and I walk with it. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk,
get there, holler “Hey”, just to get his attention
so he knows to look at me because if he’s rollin’
me that gives those guys safety to get up and get clear. – To get some perspective, we mounted a small camera to Robbie’s barrel. So, you’re kind of a
moving, mobile barrier. – I am a moving, mobile
barrier, I’m the tank commander. When I see it lookin’ like
it’s going south in a hurry – That’s when you come in. – That’s when I come in. It’s our job to make sure that he’s safe. All right, are you ready? – Hey, you know, we’re
gonna find out here. – Just jump up there with
your knees, you got it. – There we go. – All right, now put your foot in. – Oh yeah, it’s cozy in
here, okay yeah, I see those – Now feel your handles, you’re
gonna put them on your shins – Feel ’em, I got ’em, I’m going down. – Now just stand straight up. (fun rodeo music with
struggling noises from barrel) – Dadgumit. This is not the starting position. – No that is not the starting position, that’s usually the ending position. – This is the ending position. The Silver Spurs Rodeo is not just about riding bulls and cowboy hats this is truly one of
Florida’s finest family events and must be experienced
first-hand to appreciate all that goes in to keeping
this Florida tradition alive.

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