Flush Cuting Copper Pipe: Dremel Multi-Max

Flush Cuting Copper Pipe: Dremel Multi-Max

Flush Cutting Copper Pipe In many remodeling projects old pipes often
get in a way and need to be flush cut to the wall. To demonstrate this we’ll fit the Dremel
Multi-Max oscillating tool with an MM 422 wood & metal cutting blade. Begin by inserting the wood & metal
cutting blade into the tool Tightened the screw with the allen
wrench to secure the blade in the holder. Plug the tool in and set the tool to its
maximum speed. Keeping the blade flat to the surface
it’s important not to force the tool during the plunge cut. If you experience a strong vibration in your hand during the plunge cut this indicates that you’re applying too
much pressure. Back the tool out and let the speed of the tool do the
work. Push the tool away from you in a
forward motion through the pipe until the cut is complete. Using the correct technique the Dremel
Multi-Max and the wood & metal cutting blade produces a true flush cut in
non-ferrous metals. I can cut a copper pipe up to three quarters of an inch in


  1. For in set or beveled connectors or something that you have to reduce would be my guess. but thats just a guess

  2. you would need to cut a copper pipe flush to the wall if you're repiping a house, apartment,or a building and you don't want to remove the old pipes; you can just cut it flush and patch the whole.

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