Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

(peaceful instrumental music) – Hi. – So, we are pretty excited, finally out of all the
things people always ask us, people always ask us about
reviewing a cheap flute. We get a lot of, a lot of people have said in that video that we made. You know $300 isn’t cheap. – Yeah, and with that, well I thought there wasn’t really much cheaper than that for flutes.
– No. But then we see this.
– Then these people from Eastar, they message
us and we are kind of like. They’re like we are gonna
give you a free flute. And like a free flute, that’s cool. But then, you know, and then
again it’s a cheap flute. It’s a $70 flute. – And it’s new. It’s not like a used flute.
– No, this is a. This is a brand new flute,
you can get in Amazon. I don’t know what to expect and so yeah, I’ve only read like what it was. You didn’t check at all.
– No. – Okay, EFL-1. So I definitely have
some stats about that, that we’ll definitely talk about. So let’s… looks packaged pretty well. And nothing’s wrong about it. And this is crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever played
a flute this cheap before. – No, no, me neither. – Never, like never. I don’t know if it’s cheap at all, like I mean the price wise you know. That was a… That’s cool. That’s another cool part, that’s actually the,
– To put your flute in. – That’s a flute stand. – Oh, that’s so cool. – You get a flute stand in
this, that’s pretty cool. I actually need one for my office. – But how does it hold? – Okay, so this is the
great thing about this, there’s a little screw
driver at the bottom here. So then you go like that,
the legs come out, like that. So now you have the legs, like that. Now it’s just like three, four way thing. You flip it like that and
than now it goes on the floor and you can put your flute on it. – It’s beautiful, you play an orchestra and you play piccolo as well. – I don’t think a piccolo can fit on that. – No but what I mean is. – Ooh, When you are actually switching. – You can put your flute
or yeah, that’s cool. – Now comes in this plastic bag here. And take that away. – Wow, the case is nice. – Case is really okay. I know in high school, I never
got a case with my flute. I never got something like that from band. You just get the plastic case. – My first case was so bad, it was the type with the clips
and you would hold. But one day I was going
like this little kid, and the clips opened and
my flute went on the floor. And then I learnt to hold
it with my hand around the case. – So many horror stories like that. Okay, so when you open
up the front pocket, there’s actually a front pocket then there’s an actual case for the flute. You get white gloves which I’ve seen a lot on Amazon flutes, I don’t know why a pair of white gloves. Maybe people are Michael Jackson. – Maybe people put them
on and rub their flute with it.
– I don’t know about that. – There’s only four fingers. – No way, no there’s a thumb. – Where is it? – It’s right there, there’s a. – Because the thumb was inside,
so I was like that’s weird. – Oh and you get a.
– I think it’s probably a thing to rub you flute to clean it. – But you don’t need to clean
– I would not advice that. outside your flute. – I would throw that stuff away. – But they are meant for tiny hands, ’cause they fit me. Like if you have big hands,
forget putting those on. – Doesn’t smell great, like the gloves is not my thing, okay. – Yeah, they smell. – Yeah, so that goes away and there’s all the
instruction thing here. And there’s a finger table in here. So there’s like a flute chart thing here. – All the fingerings. – So all the fingering in
here, it’s a weird system. It’s like a one, two, three, four. – I think our poster is a better. – Get our poster. Then you get this thing here. So you get a cleaning cloth, a microfiber, and it comes with, that’s cool. That’s worth it in spanks right there. This is weighted at the bottom. I never got this stuff in high school. Like if I got some of this stuff then. – I never got this stuff in my whole life but that’s cool. – Yeah, that’s cool. – We clean the inside.
– Clean the inside. So this doesn’t really.
– It’s like a fishing. I’d be worried about this
thing scratching inside, there’s a little bit of like.
– The only thing is. – It’s not that bad. – I hope you still have a rug ’cause if you wanna do the head joint. – We’ll find out. And then there’s also
a strap for the case. – That’s cool. – So you got, yeah, there’s the case. And I’m just unzipping that so. You go like this and, well
this is the actual flute. Okay, so beware, the case
is actually the whole case, there’s no other case inside. – Oh, yeah. – There’s no other case
inside, so we open it. You don’t get another case inside, it’s actually one complete case. And this is like the case is all felt. Inside you get another one of these. Be careful there’s a screw. So you get a screw. So you get another, like cloth. You’re gonna open that up I guess. – Yeah. – There’s the flute itself,
it’s in a plastic wrap. – Yeah, you want me to take it out? – Yeah, you can take out a piece of it. There’s also a silicone gel thing. – It’s for the humidity. But I think after you
remove it you take it out. – So you could see.
– We have this, I guess it’s, you don’t need to keep that. – That’s a cover. – You would keep it? – Id keep it. – So for now you just put it in there. – Put it in the case,
the case is all felt. Like it’s solid, it does
what it needs to do. – Well it’s $70, so. – So when you come to the flute, this is actually quite unique. There’s actually a
little, little cork things or little sponges that
are holding up the keys. They keep all the pads
closed, that’s a unique thing to come in package. I think it’s to probably keep it sealed, so that the seal is a bit better. – So it doesn’t get, it doesn’t
move during transportation. – Yeah, I think so. And that’s a,
– Can I try a song? – Yeah, do it. (flute sound) – And it’s pretty heavy, like. – Like I said there’s these,
(flute sound) It’s making a weird sound. Oh, because there is a
cleaning rod in here. – I thought so. – So you do get a
cleaning rod too in here, which is kinda interesting. – Yeah, because when you
wanna clean the head joint, you can’t use this, you have to use a. But you can get the cheese cloth. You know, and just. – So I’m gonna just, so I don’t know, I’ll zoom in when we can, but there’s like little sponges here that are holding up the keys, possibly because of transportation. I’m going to take all these
out, remove all of them. There’s a bunch. It has a.
– I never a bought a flute online, I always
get my flute from the store. – So I just wanna talk about
the mechanisms all beforehand because there is a
splitting mechanism on it, which I’ve never seen
on a $70 flute before. And the pads look like the. – You don’t usually cheap
flutes, you don’t have that. – No, exactly. Not even, yeah, not even an old flute. So all the pads are pretty cool though, like they look normal. There’s like a lot of cork used
here, in a couple of places. The felts are there. Mechanism, yeah, let’s here how it sounds. Hopeful the edge right now
also doesn’t stay there. (slow instrumental music) And that’s the thing with, so you see, that’s what happens when
you over tighten sometimes. SO you have to be, like
I said, be careful. Don’t over tighten because
you’ll have problems. – I guess once. – There it goes. So you see, I didn’t even over tighten it but it was slightly over tightened that now it was sealing but now it’s fine. – Yeah, cool. – So you have to be
careful wit those things. And yeah, so this is the $70 Amazon Flute. (flute playing) So what are your impressions so far? Okay, here you go, I got it. You gotta give it a good shake. You got to like twist the bottom
which I don’t advice to do. It’s cheap, like when you
try your regular flute, like switch back and forth,
the flutes right there. You should grab them and
switch back and forth. – Oh yeah. (flute playing) Yeah, of course if wanna
be a professional flutist you won’t do your career on that. – No, you definitely won’t. You get a lot of stuff. Honestly the accessories
are like at the same level as what the flute is. Like it’s great to have this things. I never had this things when I was a. I just had a crappy little
flute in high school that people poured water through. – Oh my God. Never put water in your flute. – Never put water in your flute, yeah. – You wanna have it dry ’cause the. – So there’s, you know you
– Can I try getting it out now that you screwed with it. You screw it. – Yeah, make sure the head joint’s all. (flute playing) – It’s better, it’s better now. (flute playing) I guess once the pads are worn out it’s not worth replacing them, you just. – I would say that’s a one time use flute. Not one time like one
time, you know, like play. But once the pads are going, to put all of them, it’s
not worth replacing. Unless you want to use it, like I said, as a flute to work on. – Yeah, if you wanna
learn how to replace pads. – Yeah, replace pads and stuff like that. You can use it to help a little bit. But the pads look good, the pads are actually quite surprising. (flute playing) – The higher register is
easy, it’s pretty easy. (flute playing) – So this is the Eastar. If you want to know anything about it, you definitely can check
down in the description, there’s two links: One for US Amazon store
and Canadian Amazon store, and then anywhere else in the world that you can look up those things. But definitely clicks those
down in the links below. Yeah, it helps us out tremendously. I think it’s an interesting, if you’re really
interested in trying flute, give it a shot. Check it out in the description below. If you guys liked this
video, be sure to like it. If you know anybody that’s
interested in the flute, be sure to send them to us
here on the Flute channel. You liked it? – I’m very surprised, yeah. (flute playing) – Yeah, cool. – I know, it plays. – So yeah, see you guys
next time for sure. – See you next time, thanks for watching. (slow instrumental music) – Cool, yeah. – I’m surprised. – Yeah, I’m surprised too. – I didn’t think it would be anything. – I thought it would
literally be… I thought it would disintegrate. Like as soon as we opened it. I thought just not even gonna play. I thought it was gonna just fail. ‘Cause I’ve seen Costco flute
and they are worse than this. That flute stand though, really good.


  1. As an experiment I would like to see a whole orchestra playing cheap instruments like this and see if anybody noticed….

  2. came to YouTube to find my sons marching band contest but this came up …and being that I played the flute in school, thought I’d watch. pretty interesting.

  3. … are you guys really using the word kaputt for outworn or damaged things? funny 🙂 I did not expect others than germans to use it 😀

  4. My 11 year old son just started band this year. The company that came to the school wanted $1300 for a Yamaha flute, $900 if you paid outright instead of payments. We got a $80 flute from amazon instead. For a beginner flute these are excellent. Most kids won’t keep playing after high school so it’s a cheap alternative for an instrument that will only be used for a few years. On the reviews a professional player compared the cheap one to his $3k silver flute and said he couldn’t really tell a difference.

  5. I know nothing on this subject
    .however I know something thanks to this video…was tryn to see what some certain notes sound like be cause its suppose to heal kidneys or something?

  6. Im a violinist but my mom has the "they look the same just because its expensive doesnt mean its better than this $50 one" attiude 😔

  7. I see its gone up a little in price… now it's $96. Still, doesn't seem like a bad deal at all for a true beginner to see if they like playing the flute. Heck, I'm even tempted to give it a try just to see how I like it!

  8. As a Trombonist, I was using a Jupiter Intermediate 636 (about $1700 new) for a number of years, until my son busted his pea-shooter in marching band and didn't have time to get him another, so I let him use mine. (Yes… I was praying he wouldn't drop it.) I purchased a Mendini f-attachment trombone off of Amazon for $289.00, and been using that for over a year now. The only problem I had was with the quality of the f-rotor, which needs a ton of lubrication to work correctly. Other than that…. Other people can't believe that I paid less than $300 for it. I can tell the differences since I've been playing trombone since 1983, but for the price? Heck yeah.

  9. lol why am I here? well, I was made aware of a controversy with sony and e3, I wanted to see what it was about, and wanted to know what the instrument sounded like, first video recomended was this, and i sat there thinking 'classical instruments can cost tens of thousands and even student ones can cost over a grand… let's do this. doesn't hurt that I would like to try playing a flute, nice to know there are relatively cheap options to try.

  10. Wow! Well, I'm blind, so I wasn't sure when you did the swap over to the expensive flute. So, it's certainly good enough to impress someone who isn't a flute expert. But I thought on the first play of the cheap one, the only thing I thought was that the lower notes were not as pure. More harmonics getting through. And possibly a bit flat in pitch on the lower register. But as I know from playing cheaper instruments at school, when you get used to the instrument, with time you can learn how to compromise and compensate for things like that. TO a degree at least. I'm certainly impressed with the cheap flute. I play many instruments, but a flute is not one of them. I can never get a sound out of the damn things when I try. But for 70 dollars, I might just buy one to play about with now and again and see if I could make a break through. 🙂 Anyway, cool video. Cheers! 🙂

  11. How did I get here? I’ve never even played a band or orchestra instrument or searched it on youtube. However @ 2:58 “Maybe people put them on and rub their flute”. Worth it.😂

  12. some guy had a job as a piano humidifier and when people asked him what job does he have he always said "I water the pianos"

  13. I use an $80 Lazarro flute, and it sounds great if I play it well. Only problem with it is you have to tighten the screws kind of often but I dont mind. I guess price doesnt matter as much as people say it does.

  14. There is always a difference in quality between price points. The more expensive instruments will have a higher sound quality, higher quality material and longer lasting. In saying that, I've heard some amazing sounding budget instruments. I tell my students that buying a $2500-$4000 drum set won't make them a better player. One of my students bought a drum set on ebay for $150 and it's great! It does the same job as the $2500 one.

    A professional should invest in the higher quality gear for sure. Beginners and intermediates, not so much.

  15. I've been playing recorder for 1 year and I want to move into flute. Perhaps this flute is good for beginner? Or shud I find better one?

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  18. I like videos like this. Depending on what part of the World you are from you can play a game called 'count the double entendres'. I am living in Ireland and trust me I spotted a few including 'Flute'. OK, that is a party piece for expats LoL

  19. when i got my saxophone witch was cheap had gloves and it was slippery and i could not hold my sax i do not recommend using them to play fyi

  20. Buy the highest quality instrument within your budget if you plan to keep playing a long time…. with advice from a trusted instructor. You will learn more from the better flute and enjoy playing more. One exception is if the player is a child or an imbecile who is likely to damage the instrument or use it in a terrible 90's movie where a teenage girl has relations with her flute. (Not to worry. The actor was sentenced to many years hard labor, hard for the actor and viewer as well, in a bad sit-com after which she is likely to become a cult member and never again be seen. Have respect for your instrument, your music, and yourself. Don't do sitcoms, drugs, or play behind a pop musician unless it's a rare talent like Bjork, or you really need the money. That is all. You are now ready to flaut your way to virtuosity and artistic greatness! Flaut little one! Flaut away!

  21. I'm over here looking for a video on how to replace a rear main seal on a 92 Ford f150. Not what I was looking for but I'm definitely entertained.

  22. My first flute case also was one of the ones with the clips! One day, I talked to my teacher and told him they kept popping up, but it was never anything serious. So the day I told him, I was walking up the stairs to class and I was holding it by the handle (Also, since band just ended all my friends were with me when this happened, since we are all conveniently in band). So there's this fence underneath the stairs, so if anything were to fall it would fall on the other side of the fence (which we didn't have access to) you probably see where this is going. So as I was walking, but clips on my flute randomly popped open (there were spaces in between the stairs for anything to roll out) so my flute is like my child, I love my flute so badly. (I forgot to add I was renting this one and that was the rental case) So my best friend was right there and she was able to get, I think, the head join before it fell and I was able to get the end and I think my other friend behind us got the middle part. I'm so lucky it didn't fall through! (So I was late for class, so I just bolted and I didn't take a second glance) Then I was in class and I just sneaked a peek to see what my flute looked like, praying it didn't have any dents, and I realized something… my cleaning rod wasn't there (at least that's like the least important part) So I asked my teacher if I could go look for it and it was ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. When I tell you if my arm was just a LITTLE BIT LONGER I would've reach- I- I…. *big boi sigh*… Thank you for listening to my story. This was so traumatizing for me XD

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