FNAF: Golden Freddy’s SECRET REVEALED! (FNAF 6 | Fourth Closet)

FNAF: Golden Freddy’s SECRET REVEALED! (FNAF 6 | Fourth Closet)

Wow.. just wow. Remember a few weeks ago when
we talked about the FNAF book leak and how it could turn into a really good thing for
Scott Cawthon if he played his cards right? Well hot dang did he play his cards right,
going back almost an entire year from now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,
let me explain. Despite a lot of the FNAF lore being solved or revealed through FNAF
6, there are still some things we just don’t know. And here’s the thing, FNAF 6 has different
endings, different certificates depending on what you do throughout the game. There’s
the insanity ending that is fairly well known but what we’re talking about today is the
Lorekeeper certificate you get when you find all the easter eggs within FNAF 6. Now in
retrospect maybe we should’ve paid a bit more attention to this screen considering
it is called the “LoreKeeper” certificate. Probably has some importance right? Yes, yes it does, because it reveals the names
of the children who first possessed the OG animatronics. But two of the gravestones are
obscured and that’s where the mystery begins. Now I don’t want to take any credit for
finding this out or anything, in fact this is much more of a news and update video than
an I’m gonna blow your dang mind and make you rethink life video. But it’s important
to get the news out there. A few days ago MatPat released a video about FNAF finally
stumping him while asking for the internets help to solve the mystery hidden within The
Five Nights At Freddy’s Survival Guide. This book was released last year and is essentially
a code completely created to crack the name on this gravestone on the right, the gravestone
of Golden Freddy. So today I’m going to go into this book, explain what Mat did, in
hopefully much less time, and fill you guys in with the new information thats come out.
Sound good? Great! Let’s hit it! Now Mat came extremely close to cracking this
code, a code which was made up of numbers either being in the wrong place or being highlighted.
For example, the first code pops up on page 29, …you can see the page number of 29 is
actually 52, hence a “mistake” or more realistically, the first key to the code.
The second key is also a wrongly titled page number, page 31 is shown as 39. And again
we get another page number completely out of place with page 15 being in the middle
of the book. So we have 52, 39, and 15 so far. Then the clues get… slightly more difficult?
Like you actually need to look at the page to see them instead of just looking at the
number at the bottom. Within the rating scale on how you felt about
Tonight’s Shift, (I appreciate the existential dread addition a lot Scott) you’ll see that
the hope row has a 7 and a 2 where 4 and 5 should be. So we add those to the pile of
clues. The next clue comes on the comic page where the chalkboard behind foxy has 5+4 and
3, so 9 cuz math and 3. Page 85 has two highlighted numbers, 10 and 11, and the last code is found
on the incident reports on page 108, where the incident report has the time 8:11. So
in total we have 5 and 2,3 and 9,1 and 5,7 and 2,9 and 3, 10 and 11, and finally 8 and
11. Now Mat was trying all sorts of ways to crack
this code, using cyphers, and the whole shabang, it was really quite impressive. If you haven’t
checked out his video on it I’ll link it below. But the issue was that he was using
the codes in the wrong place. He assumed this grid was the key to cracking it and unfortunately,
he was off by some pages. It’s understandable why he felt this grid was the moneymaker,
because hidden within the top three boxes were red letters A B and C. Now I don’t
think this was a red herring. I feel like this may be the grid for another code, something
else we might not have found yet, because there needs to be a reason for this to be
here. This grid isn’t for this code, but that’s for another video. We are supposed
to use these numbers within the word search, which should have been obvious considering
the word search has stuff like It’s Me and What’s My Name hidden within it. In addition
to those hints, the next page is a mirror and hidden underneath the mirror are the words
“What Do You See?”. So taking into account a mirror reflects, it would point to a hidden
message on the previous page. If we use the numbers given to us as coordinates
to the word search, we can find a name hidden within it. So if we go 5 across and 2 down
we get a C, 3 across and 9 down we get A, 1 across and 5 down we get S, and so on and
so forth until you eventually get the letters C-A-S-S-I-D-Y, Cassidy. And again, I don’t
want to take credit for this, this was found by reddit user Dpowerful1, and the post he
made is linked down below. So with a little help from Mat and Dpowerful1 it looks like
we’ve finally solved the mystery of Golden Freddy’s name. And it’s Cassidy. This
is further backed up by the name Cassidy appearing in The Fourth Closet’s preview pages. This
page, in fact, has not just Cassidy, but Susie and Fritz as well. Considering both those
names appear on gravestones in the Lorekeeper ending of FNAF 6, its pretty definitive proof
that we are indeed looking at Golden Freddy’s name here. Now I’ve seen some uncertainty about whether
or not Cassidy is Golden Freddy’s name or the Puppets name. Remember, there’s two
gravestones that we can’t see names on, one is the puppet, one is Golden Freddy. So
theoretically Cassidy could belong to either of them..but I firmly believe we’re looking
at Golden Freddy here and not the Puppet. Just look at the word search where we find
the name, as I said earlier it has “It’s Me”, Golden Freddy’s specific quote, hidden
within the word search. To me, this specifically points to Cassidy being Golden Freddy, and
not the Puppet. But here’s where things get truly interesting. Remember, we still
have this other grid right? Mat also mentioned the vast amount of tally marks throughout
the survival guide. These tally marks plus this grid with the hidden ABC tell me that
there’s not just one name hidden within this book, but two. I think Mat was unintentionally
trying to use the wrong grid with the wrong name, but in reality, the puppets name could
be revealed with the other grid. There’s obviously more information still hidden within
this book, we just need to find it! But to finish up this video I want to explain
the complete brilliance and luck that came from this code being cracked now instead of
(say) 3 months ago. Remember Scott just had a third of his last novel leaked on Amazon
a month ago and because of that we believed that Scott would either have the book released
early if possible, or it might not do as well as we would have hoped. But with the name
Cassidy being revealed in the preview pages, this book suddenly has a lot more meaning
than just finishing up the “separate not separate more like kinda extended universe”
FNAF books. This final book could be the key! The key to finding out the puppet’s name.
Since we know Golden Freddy’s name, we know it appears in the book, we know Susie and
Fritz also appear in the book, how surprising would it be to find every name on the tombstones
within the book? Every name but one. See I’m guessing Scott won’t have made it that easy.
You can’t just read the book and find the name, I think these tally marks we see in
the survival guide, they represent something within the upcoming FNAF novel, and we figure
it out on this grid that Mat was using. There are no coincidences, there’s still something
left to be found and these tally marks and this grid are going to be part of it. So if
the last name isn’t in the survival guide by itself, we’re going to need the final novel
to piece it together. And…that’s all from me today, some news,
some updates, and a bit of a mini analysis right at the end about the puppet. All condensed
down into a digestible piece for your mindhole. Let me know if you think I’m right about
the final book being a key to the final name, it seems likely to me. Heck, you could even
come tell me live during our Twitch streams! Every weekday at 3pm pacific time!! Twitch.tv/treesicle
is where you want to go. That way we can actually talk about instead of you just posting a comment
that will get buried in a sea of other comments! That’s all for today though, I’ll see
you guys in the next one, or hopefully even sooner on Twitch! Bye!


  1. Henrys doughter is named charlotte of charlie and we know because of fnaf 6 that the puppet is posesed by the spirit of the doughter of henry…

  2. Golden Freddy has been there from the start, and he will never be able to end. Also, the anime cutscenes are painfull. Get the cops.

  3. I see ucn as cannon
    "the others are under my protection"
    The puppet who is obviously a little girl so Cassidy can't be her name.

  4. Tally mark can present as Mike (because somehow he can't remember his own name in MattPat's video) (maybe)

  5. You know, your voice and the way you speak sounds almost similar to the creator of AlternateHistoryHub -_^ Are you guys the same person?

  6. guys. the puppet is in lefty so henry's daughter is the puppet, and I remember a name being said (I'm just too dumb to remember)

  7. We already know the Puppet’s name! It’s Charlie! Since the Puppet is Henry’s daughter, we know it’s Charlie from the books! Remember! The timelines are different from the games and books!

  8. The puppet is Charlotte, Henry’s daughter, proof is because Henry said: My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well, IT’S IN YOUR NATURE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT. Also Charlotte is Henry’s daughter in the books.

  9. Wait, golden freddy says "it's me" but what does that really mean? Like we know it's golden freddy but why is he telling us? Here's what I think, He is calling out to the night guard who he possibly knows before he died, but there are two nightguards he called out… mike and jeremy, and on the grave stones we see susie, gabriel, fritz and jeremy possibly bonnie, freddy, chica and foxy! And the one next to them is golden freddy, But if jeremy was a nightguard, and is dead, then there is only mike left. Mike, the one who isn't dead.. Cassidy and mike could have some weird connection, Or mabye mike is puppet, But this is just my theory. If you figured anything out tell me about it!

  10. I did foxes grid with the tally marks and used the alphabet and got cat/Catherine for the puppet

    10 down 5 across
    9 down 5 across
    5 down 5 across
    A B C D E F G H I J
    T U V W X Y Z A B C
    M N O P Q R S T U V
    F G H I J K L M N O
    Y Z A B C D E F G H
    R S T U V W X Y Z A
    K L M N O P Q R S T
    D E F G H I J K L M
    W X Y Z A B C D E F
    P Q R S T U V W X Y

  11. The Puppet name is Charlie because the girl that William Afton killed in the back allie and its also revealed by Game Thereoy and he told us and it was true so the Puppet's name is Charlie

  12. The puppets name is Charlotte daughter of Henry you can find it in the 2 novels of the silver eyes and the twisted animatronics

  13. cassidy is the puppet's name because from ultimate custom night, dont feeling like going over why we know but golden freddy is a little boy who was killed on his birthday. And im pretty sure cassidy is a girls name just saying.

  14. If you look closely at the word search you can see that the "its me" fraze is appearing litteraly every few letters

  15. I know they are different universes, and yada yada yada, BUT: If the Marionette is Henry's daughter, then she is Charlotte, but in a universe where Henry doesn't suicide and Charlotte lives, that explains the fact that there is no Marionette in the book.
    And Golden Freddy is Cassidy from the book, but in a universe where she is the 5th murdered child, and the Golden Freddy from The Silver Eyes (some mf named Micheal Brooks) is… idk, chilling on his house? Yeah, that's the way I see this all.

  16. Ok I dont have the book so I can't try this myself, but what if you took the page numbers of the pages with the clues to cassidy's name & used it on the grid? Like you'd use coordinates the same way you did to find cassidy's name only you take the corrected page numbers & used them as coordinates? If the grid really is used to find the name of the puppet it would make sense for everything to have to be corrected to get the right answer

  17. Shouldn't there be a grave for Michael Brookes though? I know it's not the puppet because he got stuffed in a Fredbear suit. I've read all 3 books trust me.

  18. Whoever Cassidy is, I firmly believe that the fnaf 4 child is either golden Freddy or shadow Freddy.
    -it would make the whole "it's me" line make a lot of sense given that Michael Afton aka Mike shmit is the older brother
    -golden Freddy is the fredbear animatronic that killed the child
    -in sister location, the animatronics supposedly represent the Afton family. Baby is Elizabeth, as confirmed by her saying "didnt you make her just for me" ballora is the mother, whatever the ennard mask was gonna be used for is William, fun time foxy is the older brother because he liked to wear the foxy mask, which leaves the fnaf 4 child which is represented by a Freddy animatronic. Not golden Freddy specifically, but as close as we're probably gonna get.
    -or if he's shadow Freddy which we know is the spirit of a springlock victim due to only shadow Bonnie and Freddy existing and shadow Freddy resembling golden Freddy anyways, it might make nightmare make sense. Nightmare shares a striking resemblance the a nightmare version of shadow Freddy and I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. On top of that, people say they see a brain inside of nightmare that supposedly has a bite in it, similarly to how the child got chomped by Fredbear.
    -also, shadow Freddy when he's just normal shadow Freddy is most often depicted as tinted purple as opposed to shadow Bonnie who's only ever been depicted as purple once in a minigame

  19. I think that golden Freddy is the bite of 87 victim because his signature line it's me id saying it to the player which is supposedly mike afton the crying child's brother that killed him accidentally him saying it's me is the crying child saying to his brother that he isn't dead and that he didn't kill him his soul was put into the golden Freddy suit so he's trying to relieve his brothers pain coz he thought he killed him in the bite of 87. But the player doesn't know this and proceeds trying to undo what purple guy has done

  20. On the cover of the book on the letter f it has u,s,x,v And on the letter c there is l,x,s dont knkw if this means any thing

  21. Scotty my friend you have earned a achievement giving me my first night mare in my whole life

    Running threw a mirror maze and getting chased by a giant white freddy

  22. I may be spit balling but isn’t Fritz a nightgaurd? Though not 100% sure though but I swear on one of the games he was one and not the child

  23. but why would "Cassidy" who is apparently Golden Freddy be in the same book as an other kid who hunts Golden Freddy. why have two golden freddys in one book

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