Folge 9: Fake CARTIER Love ( bracelet) Armreif Love Ring. Fälschung erkennen! FAKE, Replica….

Folge 9: Fake CARTIER Love ( bracelet) Armreif Love Ring. Fälschung erkennen! FAKE, Replica….

I ordered two bangles and a ring on amazon which looked in my opinion very similar to the LOVE collection by CARTIER and…well..the parcel has arrived. because of the long delivery time which was indicated I had originally suspected that this package will come from China.but that was not the case In fact, it has been sent by airmail from England to Germany then we will open it, I’m curious what to expect in it secretly, I hope so that it is the CARTIER fakes that are circulating for some time. In the advertisement, you could not find a word about Cartier i will try to open it ..carefully…or not so carefully very exiting what will be inside? aha CARTIER Love bracelet number one, the Love ring and bracelet number two. I ordered from different seller accounts, but it was shipped by only one seller. Here we have the CARTIER Love Ring we will later take a closer look on it, I ordered it in size 58, I can wear it on my little finger. …can´t put it we have a CARTIER Love bracelet with a screwdriver, it should be whitegold. but I won´t say that because the price was to low for real gold. I would say it is stainless steel and we have another CARTIER Love bracelet in “yellow gold” colour with the matching screwdriver. my guess has been confirmed in the inside I can see the lettering CARTIER A couple of years ago, I bought a fake CARTIER Love bracelet on EBAY. Sold by a serious seller. Normally you can make an acid test to check gold but to check whitegold is more difficult because it mixed with palladium so it is not so easy to recognize if it is gold or not. The seller who sent me the fake Cartier bracelet, bought it from a good costumer who always brought authentic items. I paid €2000 for the Love bracelet. The CARTIER Love bracelet arrived and I took the Love bracelet to my goldsmith, this was my first fake bracelet, and pleased my goldsmith to check it. Acid test, …but no clear result. So what could we do? We calculated the specific weight of the bracelet in gold. The weight had to be higher than it was, the fake CARTIER Love bracelet had a weight about 24 gramm. If it is not a fake CARTIER Love bracelet, the weight has to be minimum 30 gramm, so we could recognize that it is not authentic Cartier, because it was not whitegold. I told it to the seller, and got my money back, I didn´t leave a negative feedback because he allready had 6000 positiv feedbacks and everybody can make a mistake…sometimes. It should not happen! As you can see, there is the lettering CARTIER a serialnumber In both fake bracelets the serialnumber is identical. If you have a CARTIER Love bracelet with this serialnumber, (IP6688) you can be shure that it is a fake. I think it is a matter of time, till they have different serialnumbers. What other differences we have between the fake and the original? The original hallmarks from the original CARTIER Love bracelet are smaller and the hallmark “750” is in the real Love bracelet not on first position. On first position is the size of the bracelet. In the original box, the fake CARTIER Love bracelet, looks like the real CARTIER Love bracelet. The original box was not in the package, it one of mine. The screw motiv The two delivered screwdriver…… with them you can open the bracelet it is also possible to use a real screwdriver. Before opening the bracelets, I want to tell you, that I didn´t buy the fake bracelets to sell them to anyone as authentic. I only bought them to show you, how to recognize a fake. This bracelets will never been sold, I would be ashamed to sell such a trash to my costumers, didn´t recognizing that the bracelets are fakes. complicated to open the screw… The same problem you have with the authentic bracelet Trying to open or close the bracelet produce scratches. First screw is open second screw on the other side and then we get two pieces…….again….one scratch more Try it again. Aha…o.k… The same we do withe whitegold fake Cartier Love bracelet I often hear that you need two people to close the bracelet. It is very difficult to close it alone. I will show you more details of the shutter. God to see now. and the other side. Now we check the weight…. fake CARTIER Love bracelets have a size of 21. which is very big, The first one has a weight about 26 gramm. And the “whitegold” bracelet has nearly the same weight. The authentic Cartier Love bracelets have a weight about minimum 30 30 gramm is the weight of a smaller size (16) the bigger ones are more heavy and the weight goes up to 40 gramm and not only 22-26 gramm If you have a CARTIER LOVE bracelet with less then 30 gramm weight it is probably a fake. The weight of the fake CARTIER Love ring is 4,89 gramm We compare it with a real Cartier Love ring 18 karat whitegold, size 52, with a weight of 6,88 gramm We take a look on the wide. The wide is nearly identical, the fake love ring is a little bit thinner than the original CARTIER Love ring The real Love ring has size 52 and the fake Love ring has size 58. The authentic ring with the smaller size is much more heavy then the fake Love Ring with the bigger size. The fake Cartier Love ring has as the authentic Love ring, 6 screw motivs arranged symmetrically around the ring. The medium Love ring has six screws, the mini Love ring has 8 screws arranged symmetrically around the ring. onthe left hand the original CARTIER LOVE ring on the right hand the fake love ring We take a look at the hallmarks now. Well made but still we can recognize that this is a fake. CARTIER enrgraves every ring with the ringsize I see for the first time a fake ring with a ringsize on the right, size #8 (laughing) It is wounderful that they engrave now the ringsize (ironic) but they forgot that CARTIER is a french company, the ringsize is the inner peripheral of the ring in millimeter The engraving has not to be “#8” it has to be “58” the older fake CARTIER LOVE rings that I´ve seen before had no ringsizes May notate the serialnumber to identify Cartier love ring fakes As we saw before with the fake yellow gold bracelets and the fake white gold bracelet, they had the same serialnumber, it maybe will be the same in with the fake Cartier Love rings For comparison here an original CARTIER Love ring with ringsize 52 The fake CARTIER LOVE ring has outside the lettering LOVE this I have never seen before on an original CARTIER Love ring. Here we have an other Love bracelet I won´t call it CARTIER Love bracelet, i will call it bracelet with screw motif At first I want to know the weight of the bracelet The weight is about 34 gramm As I told you before that you can recognize fake Cartier Love bracelets because they have a weight whis is under 30 grammm then they are fakes, so why is this bracelet that havy? We take a look at the hallmarks No CARTIER lettering, no size or serialnumber other side the same we only have one hallmark inside “14k” this means 14 karat gold (585) This bracelet is from real gold and not stainless steel or something like that gold plated It is real gold bracelet, i wouldn´t name it as fake bracelet it is a bracelet with screw motif I will open the bracelet It is difficult to open more scratches in the real gold bracelet I had to organize a real screwdriver to open the bracelet Now it works very easy the bracelet is open now As we can see the bracelet has hinge, which the original CARTIER Love bracelet has not. It will be shut with only one screw and can´t be devided in two parts. We take a closer look inside There are some white circles, here, here and there…on the opposite side of the screw motifs When the bracelet was sold, about 25 years ago… it was bicolor, white and yellow gold the screw motif were in white gold and the bracelet was yellow gold, but this is difficult to recognize now. A very nice bracelet not a real fake and no chance to sell it as “CARTIER”


  1. Also mir gefallen diese armreifen bzw ringe überhaupt nicht…cartier hin oder her…es gibt viel schöneren schmuck…
    Zb natur perlen…werden auch launen der natur genannt…meine oma hat unter anderem so ein Set…solche perlen hab ich und viele andere noch nie gesehn…sind total selten…und sowas von schön

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