Foo Fighters – The Making of Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighters – The Making of Concrete and Gold

about four years ago I was driving in my car and the song came on the radio the band was called the bird and the bee the song was called again and again and it blew my mind it was like electronic jazz with this beautiful voice singing overtop of it but melodically it was so much more sophisticated than anything I’ve ever heard had elements and the Beach Boys and the Beatles but it seemed totally modern and I became obsessed then a few months later I was down in Hawaii and I was sitting at this restaurant and I look across the restaurant and I see the guy from the burden to be having been with his family I’m like oh my god that’s the guy from the burden to me so I run over to him totally interrupt his dinner and say I’m really sorry I’m such a huge fan and you’re a genius and he’s like hi my name is Greg I’m like hi I’m Dave what’s going on with the bird and the bee he’s like well we’re taking a break right now about to make another record but I have to finish working with SIA and Adele and pink as I okay I get it like he’s one he said he’s a huge producer you know so we make friends and every day we would stand like waist-high in the water and talk about music and we talked about the Beatles and we talked about the Bad Brains and we talked about the Beach Boys and we talked about Motorhead and we just talked about music all day long I realized this guy’s genius man he’s so talented it’s nuts so in the meantime we made sonic highways when out on the road I break my leg we finish touring now see is the biggest artists in the world starts to learn how to walk again Adele’s hello comes out greg is becoming the biggest producer in the world I can’t believe it I started thinking wow well maybe for our next record we got a switch left so I talked to my manager Jon like John maybe maybe we should make our record with Greg Kurstin Jon’s like good luck get in line you’ll never get him everybody wants Greg Kurstin he’s the busiest man on the 8 months wait just to do a song with them or whatever that okay never mind it’s not gonna happen next time I’m down in Hawaii we’re having dinner I get trashed and I drunkenly confess to him yeah I wanted you to make our record but our manager was like and the next day and the pool Greg says you know if you ever want to record stuff I’d really love to do it oh my god Greg wants to do the record now he’s never really made a heavy rock record so I come back to the guys in the band I’m like I think Greg Kurstin should do it like who’s Greg Kurstin well he’s the guy that didn’t like the Adele record and see a record okay how does that it really I was like yeah man he’s a genius so everybody says yes Greg says yes we decide this time to work in a studio called east west on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood which is this famous studio where everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Rolling Stones to ac/dc to the Beach Boys everybody is recorded in the studio that’s beautiful it sounds great so we start recording and our riffs go from being heavy to huge so a song like run where no no no no no now we’re on our way but with great producing it turns into it’s clear that these songs that we have are going from Foo Fighters songs to something bigger than we’d ever done before in our entire lives but it was crazy because every day somebody new would be in the studio as well one week Lady Gaga’s there another week Jason Bonham is there the place is legendary is unbelievable one day I was sitting outside writing the lyrics to a song called concrete and gold and here comes this guy Shawn who’s in the band boys 2 men the song that we were recording that day I thought would sound amazing with a choir and I said hey man do you want to sing on a Foo Fighters song he said absolutely I planned this song it’s super heavy and dark but then the chorus explodes into this huge like you listen to it he says what do you want me to do I said well I just want it to kind of sound like a choir he says okay I’m gonna sing a triad I’m gonna quadruple each track then I’m gonna sing a wandering track I was like all right dude whatever you got to do I didn’t understand anything that he was talking about and the chorus went from being to like totally blew my mind at this point I’m picking okay all bets are off let’s just get everybody to come in and play so I call my friend Dave Koz who’s kind of like the king of smooth jazz deep you want to come in and play on a Foo Fighters record absolutely and Allison from The Kills is in town I’m like come on down I’m sitting on the record so she comes down sings on la-dee-da makes it a thousand times cooler meanwhile Justin Timberlake is in the studio and on the last day that he’s there he says hey man can I sing on your record Greg and I look at each other early okay so the backup vocals on the song called make it right there’s a section that goes so we had him do all the lalala is in the background let’s make it a secret and see if they could figure it out we finally finished the record and melodically we managed to do the one thing I really wanted to do make this gigantic Foo Fighters record but with Greg Kurstin sense of jazz and Mel arrangement something that we’ve never done before and voila that’s an badass why didn’t we talk about poem Kearney [Music] [Music] [Applause] you


  1. Se esse processo todo explodiu a cabeça do Dave imagine a nossa depois de ver este vídeo. Espetacular! Cada dia sou mais fã! #foofighters

  2. 3:17 to 3:28. I played this a hundred times. And Run is one of my favourite songs on your album. Love you Dave!!!

  3. This is the album that got me obsessed with Foo Fighters. Just saw them in Austin. First concert. Was in the pit. Absolutely amazing

  4. He didn't talk about fucking Paul McCartney? I didn't know they had that kind of relationship. Although, that would be the most awesome celebrity wedding ever.

  5. I actually bought the record of concrete and gold, and it was my favorite record I had. It was, until my sister came down with a bunch of her friends while I was away and trashed all of our albums by leaving them on the floor and scratching them to hell and back.

  6. 5:47 "I didnt even talk about fucking paul mccartney" jeez dave i dont know what was happening in that studio but if you're having sex with a beatle it must have been pretty loose

    i bought the album n england for like 8 pounds, which is like 9,10 euros. And I was so fucking happy bc later when I looked it up, the record was still like 20 to 30 euros online!

  8. Epic!!! I want that to happen. My first show to music was life changing to my interest from Motley Crue to Bad Brains at 15 years old in 1989. I just want to jam with you guys. …. No cameras no popz.

  9. TBH, I didn't like this album because when I heard it on the radio I didn't recognize it and thought it was regular modern band. Idk to me it doesn't stand out and it just sounds, normal?(I can't find a word for it)

  10. Dave Grohl said "learn to walk again" and "nevermind" in the same conversation so I'm happy in a ridiculous kind of way.


  12. All this told me was that he opted for not making songs himself.

    All the more power to him as the work part can be used on caffeine and trips to the hospitals.
    Just so doctors can check the gray matter's existence on the right side, the dude is wired to self-construct obvious things into something obvious
    ( like any wired person can spot miles)
    Happy days living on easy street in the land of confusion, I would take him to the cleaners if I met him for what he's doing.
    Sic a vice versa, parabol

  13. A story about two of my favourite people in music. I genuinely wish I could be either one of them if I found a genie to grant me wishes.

  14. Weird since they've been around for a long time but this was the first Foo fighters record I bought. Absolutely blew my mind when I first heard eapecially since I had other songs from them but this was definitely another level. It's cool to hear about the changes and freedom of creativity that were put into making this great record.

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