Food Court Foods You Should Absolutely Never Touch

Food Court Foods You Should Absolutely Never Touch

Hunger strikes nearly everyone at the mall,
sooner or later. But the choices at the food court are not
all created equal. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on something
that didn’t taste half as good as you thought it would. These are the food court foods you should
never eat. At first, Orange Chicken tastes like one of
the greatest things ever cooked by man. Unfortunately, that first perfect bite of
piping hot, crispy, and fresh meat is as good as it’s going to get. Without fail, your orange chicken will cool
from 240 degrees to somewhere just south of room temperature, transforming your exotic
lunchtime treat into a soggy mass of gloppy, spongy, sugary goo. The sharp drop-off in deliciousness between
ordering and sitting down is truly remarkable, and makes this dish a tempting but ultimately
poor choice. For pizza chains desperate to crack the food
court puzzle, the solution seemed simple: Make pizza available, without making customers
wait to have the dough mixed to perfection, layered with cheese and toppings, and cooked
in a high-heat oven. After all, mall shoppers have a packed day
of shopping ahead of them; they can’t be expected to wait around while their fresh food cooks. Making a few pizzas ahead of time, keeping
them warm, and selling them by the slice must have made a lot of sense. The problem here is volume. If you’re hitting the food court during peak
mealtimes, these pizzas are turning over pretty quickly, and you’re able to get a fresh and
delicious slice. “I’m in love. I’m having a relationship with my pizza.” But hit the mall in the mid-afternoon, and
there’s no telling how long those slices have been sitting under the warmer. If you must resort to eating food court atrocities,
the least you can do is eat food that’s made to order. Basic food safety issues aside, gigantic steam
table trays of spaghetti and meatballs or eggplant Parmesan are also nutritional minefields. Look, we get it; you’ve had a tough day of
spending money. But unless you’re an Olympic athlete, you
don’t need to pile 1,200 calories worth of sugary carbohydrates down your gullet in one
sitting. These dishes aren’t going to energize you
for more shopping. Instead, they’ll probably make you want
to go home and crash. There are few things finer in this life than
a balanced, freshly-made, piping hot Philly cheesesteak. The thin-sliced ribeye steak, cut against
the grain so that your teeth neatly shear through each bite, sautéed with caramel-colored
diced onions, covered in a smooth layer of cheese is nothing more than fatty, greasy
perfection. But ordering this food court cuisine is a
mistake almost every time. With subpar ingredients and overcooked meat,
food court cheesesteaks never live up to the promise of the versions sold in Philadelphia. We understand how you can make the case for
battering and frying a hot dog in cornbread, and then serving it on a stick, since it’s
been scientifically proven that any food eaten from a stick is at least 140 percent more
awesome. But there’s no excuse for food court corn
dogs to be as bad as they are. Whether it’s old, sour, bitter fry oil, undercooked
batter that’s still wet and raw in the middle, or using the lowest possible quality hot dogs,
a corn dog is almost always a high-calorie snack that will leave you unsatisfied. Dippin’ Dots has promised since its invention
in the 1980s to be, quote, “the ice cream of the future.” Instead of the cool, creamy treat that Americans
have loved for generations, the tiny spherical beads are guaranteed by their very design
to give you an instantly crippling ice cream headache. Devoid of richness, flavor, or any of the
other elements that make us want ice cream in the first place, the Dippin’ Dots kiosk
is definitely one place to skip on any trip to the mall. Sushi can be a sophisticated work of fine
art. It can also be perfectly good when it’s rolled
clumsily into wads of gluey rice and topped with buckets of mayonnaise and wasabi. “Hey, my man. Wasabi. Lots.” But at both ends of the quality spectrum,
good sushi has to be just one thing: fresh. Now, we don’t know anything about the relative
skill or background of the sushi chef that finds himself pulling food court duty at the
local mall. But we can be pretty sure they aren’t trotting
down to the fish market at dawn every day to ensure the freshness and quality of their
product. You can play Russian roulette with your digestive
system, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Smoothies are arguably one of the healthier
choices for a quick, satisfying snack at the mall food court. Sure, many of them tend to be higher in calories
and sugar than one might expect from simple combinations of fruit, vegetables, juice,
and dairy. But at least they’re natural, right? The trouble is that because mall smoothie
shops have to compete with the sights and smells of the shops around them, some have
been augmenting their offerings with some decidedly unhealthy add-ins. Because sure, strawberries and yogurt may
make a good smoothie. But you know what makes it even better? Adding in a scoop of peanut butter, some dark
chocolate protein powder, a drizzle of caramel, an entire brownie, and 40 marshmallows. Before you know it, your healthy snack can
clock in at 1800 calories and leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic for the rest of the
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  1. Anything high in carbs, empty sugars and fats will get you to feel slow and letargic.

    Fresh is fresh and bacteria thrive in moist, warm envyronments.

    And last, food sitting for too long is gonna be soggy, gooey and chewy.

  2. If your touching food at the food court you work there…. Customers cannot touch it …simply unsanitary… But eating it is great!

  3. The only non-restaurant sushi I'll touch is from my favorite farmer's market where they get the stuff delivered fresh every day. Mall such is a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. If people cared about these "criticisms" they wouldn't be eating at the mall. They'd carry trail mix or salad in a jar with them.

  5. This should have said everything to avoid in old American food courts!👏 Not all food courts are like this. Especially in other countries. Other food courts have market fresh foods ready to go! ☕

  6. The way people say 'piping hot' makes me cringe, and I used to live in paducah, KY. Where dip n dots was invented and its first store

  7. i am getting to the point that nothing on earth that you eat is healthy or good for the environment also food in a nursing home is alot worse than a food court (calories taste and environmental concerns)

  8. Its not real wasabi, its actually horseradish with colouring. If wasabi isn't eaten straight away, it loses all flavour

  9. For me it really just depends on what I am craving and what I can afford! It also depends on what you get! I love getting a smoothie and I get the strawberry and banana as one. But even if you consume a lot of calories then go shopping you tend to burn it off. If not all then most?

  10. Ummmm i would have to disagree with your thoughts of Dippin’ dots cuz they are amazing. I always buy them when I see them

  11. Hate the mall, I haven't been to a mall any kind of mall in 22 yrs…so mall food sucked back then too, nothing new. High prices at the mall, mixed with rude people, crappy food & parking is a nightmare. Why go?

  12. Is it me or does Mashed just hates everything? Everything in life isn't perfect it's gonna have a flaw or two or more in it the choice is up to you whether you want it or not.

  13. Our mall in London has multiple food courts on the lower ground floor is the fast food court so kfc, McDonald’s, subway and Pizza Hut. The ground floor which is the floor above has a outdoor restaurant court with places like shake shack. You then go back inside and take the escalator upstairs to the first floor where there is what they call the world food court which has fresh food cooked fast to order so you could have a rack of ribs, curry, chicken and waffles, fried chicken, sushi, Indian street food, salads, pho, West Indian food, tortillas, burritos, thai and wood fired sourdough pizza. And finally on the second floor is another restaurant court with Nando’s, TGI Fridays and a bowling alley with higher quality food and cocktails. There is also two prominent mid range Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Latin American restaurant and a five guys.

    So to summarise not all malls have shitty food courts with even more shitty food.

  14. They talk about fish being fresh, ignoring the cooked/processed Tuna which gets made every morning. Also mentioning, they’re basically saying don’t eat salmon at restaurants or buy it from the supermarket and eat it raw because it’s not fresh.
    Just because it wasn’t caught and cut that day doesn’t mean in not fresh.
    Eg- as long as lettuce leaves aren’t soggy it’s fresh

  15. Why do I watch this. It only makes me hungry while I have nothing to eat at home😭😭😭 we have to go grocery shopping

  16. The first time I had Dippin’ Dots was at Dollywood I still like them though Dolly no longer keeps them on hand

  17. This video is kind of lame. When you go to a food court you don’t expect a 5 start meal. You just want your food fast so you can continue to shop at the mall. I don’t have a hour to wait for perfection

  18. We can’t eat these because they aren’t unhealthy but because they’re not made by Gordon Ramsay

  19. You don't have to tell me not to eat Orange Chicken because I hate Panda Express. That's not even a real Chinese dish, in fact none of what they serve at Panda is really Chinese. And their portions are so fucking small and over-priced.If I want really delicious Chinese food, I go to a mom and pop fast food Chinese place or even better a family owned Chinese restaurant. And in this day and age, who in their right minds would even want to buy anything at a mall food court since it's so expensive now and terrible service and food. I prefer yesteryear when all shopping malls had food courts with mom and pop eateries and gave you a good amount of food for less money.

  20. Ok, this video isn't well thought out. Might as well not eat at all at the mall if you're trying to convince me.

  21. yo fuck this video its nonsense its like fucking opinions cause you are not explaining why, plus u are showing us videos of other good cheesesteaks and shit like wtf fuck off

  22. wat the hell?? you people run out of ideas?? these things are retarded and damn near nonsensical, this reminds me of other youtubers overextending their reach to become relevant again

  23. Mashed should do a video on stupid videos and make thenselves the only video. If you eat at a food court in a mall, you should expect crappy food
    Oh by the way i had enough of Mash, i unsubscribed and any future videos you tube suggests i will remove, will not respond to any replies on thus comment

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