Football – Ole Miss vs. Cal Highlights (9-21-19)

Football – Ole Miss vs. Cal Highlights (9-21-19)

A beautiful September morning
in Oxford, Mississippi! Folks got an early
start in the grove ahead of this one between
number 23, Cal, and Ole Miss. The Rebels hosting a Pac-12 team for the first time in history. [crowd cheering] Garbers play action, lobs is
to the end zone wide open! Trevon Clark! Touchdown, Bears! [crowd cheering] Corral on the keeper,
and he just walks in. Touchdown, Ole Miss. [crowd cheering] On second down, some
pressure coming! And Garbers is thrown
down for a big loss. That landshark defense,
led by Tariqious Tisdale, with the first sack of the day. He has hit everything
from inside 35 this year. This is good. And Logan puts Ole Miss in
front for the first time. So here’s another third down. Cal, two for three
on third down today. Christopher Brown, out of
the backfield, the catch! And a touchdown! [crowd cheering] Second down and nine. Garbers over the middle. And it’s intercepted! Deantre Prince! Brings it back to
the 34-yard line. [uproarious cheering] True freshman, and a rising star in
Mike MacIntyre’s defense, they talked a lot
about him yesterday. And he gets the first takeaway for Ole Miss here this morning. Throwing to the end
zone, back shoulder! [crowd shouting] That’s gotta be a touchdown! [crowd cheering] Jordan Duncan! With the catch! And that’s a touchdown for Cal! On a completion rate,
in the second half. And Ole Miss heats him
up in the backfield, he gets back, close to
the line of scrimmage, but Sam Williams is
gonna get the sack. Junior College
All-American last year out of northeast Mississippi. 324 have come through
the air for Cal. Garbers looking to throw again, and he is gonna be
sacked this time! [crowd cheering] John Rhys Plumlee,
true freshman. His first career snap,
and he’s gonna run it. The Hattiesburg, Mississippi
native busting loose! Inside the 20, and he’s down
inside the 15-yard line! John Rhys Plumlee! [marching band music] Breaks away for a big play. And now he’s Ealy
scoring quickly! Ole Miss is in the end zone! [crowd cheering] [marching band music] With close to four and
a half minutes left, Ole Miss still has life. John Rhys Plumlee, the
backup quarterback, trying to be the hero,
throwing it deep downfield, has the man, it is caught! DeMarcus Gregory going
up over the defender, Camryn Bynum, and hauls it
in, first down and goal! Plumlee is gonna throw! Caught, and they’re gonna mark Elijah Moore short
of the goal line! It’s fourth down,
they’ve gotta hurry up! Clock is moving! He better call a play
because he’s gotta throw it! [crowd cheering] Plumlee! No! Did he get in? It doesn’t look like it! Cal has held! A 28 to nothing, number 23 gets a big
win in SEC country.

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